Can You Believe Who Is Really Behind The Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats?

In recent weeks, terror has struck the Jewish community.

Not only have sacred burial sites been damaged and vandalized, but a series of bomb threats have been initiated at Jewish community centers across the country.

Now, it has finally been revealed who is behind the threats – and the source is shocking.

An anti-Trump, self-proclaimed communist has been behind the bomb threats at Jewish community centers.

The perpetrator, Jaun Thompson, is also a disgraced ex-reporter and was recently arrested by the FBI.

The Daily Caller reported:

Juan Thompson, 31, was arrested in St. Louis by the FBI for making at least eight bomb threats and the cyberstalking of an ex-girlfriend. Thompson was a former reporter for The Intercept and was fired after it was discovered that he made up sources and stories, including one about Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.

The bomb threats were made both my email and phone call.

Thompson claimed, as his defense, that his ex-girlfriend was making the threats in his name.

However, Thompson’s Twitter account was riddled with communist propaganda and anti-Trump slams.

Many of his tweets were used against him in the hearing of his case.

The Twitter account has since been deactivated from use.

The Daily Caller reported:

The criminal complaint references a tweet from Thompson that said, “Know any good lawyers? Need to stop this nasty/racist [white girl] I dated who sent a bomb threat in my name & wants me to be raped in jail.”

“I’m been tormenting by an anti-Semite named Francesca Rossi,” the account also tweeted. “She works for [Housing and Services inc]. She sent an anti-Jewish bomb threat in my name. Help.”

The ex-reporter even referenced the bomb threats in a tweet.

Thompson also tweeted about the Jewish Community Center threats as recently as this past week. “Another week, another round of threats against Jewish ppl. In the middle of the day, you know who’s at a JCC? Kids. KIDS,” the former reporter wrote Monday.

He had written many anti-Trump tweets and communist propaganda tweets as well.

During his presidential address, President Trump condemned the threats and promised to support the Jewish community in their hour of need.

The Hill reported:

“Anti-Semitism is horrible and it’s going to stop and it has to stop,” Trump said in an interview with MSNBC during a visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Since the beginning of the year, many Jewish community centers in cities across the country have received bomb threats. Last weekend, headstones at a Jewish cemetery in Philadelphia were knocked over and damaged.

What are your thoughts?

Can you believe that an anti-Trump leftist is behind the threats of Jewish community centers?

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