Carly Fiorina Decimates Hillary’s Acceptance Speech In Eight Brutal Tweets

While Hillary Clinton outlined her vision for the country and ripped Donald Trump during her “historic” acceptance speech at the Democrat National Convention, a former female competitor of Trump’s decided to jump in the ring and throw down against the Democrat presidential nominee.

In an epic, late-night, tweet storm, former Republican presidential candidate, Carly Fiorina, flat out laid into Hillary Clinton.

And she didn’t mince words.

Fiorina’s message was loud and clear: Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted.  Plain and simple.

Fiorina’s message echoes the current feelings of the American people.  Poll after poll shows the distrust toward Hillary Clinton among the electorate is at record-high levels.

Of course, this isn’t surprising.  Hillary has been caught in lie after lie.

And hilariously enough, Fiorina launched the attack using Hillary’s own words and lies against her, words Hillary had said during – what was supposed to be – a historic moment for the Democrat presidential nominee.

Fiorina’s unapologetic Twitter assault shredded Hillary’s past, from her lies about not handling classified material on her private email server (which was debunked by FBI Director James Comey) to landing under sniper fire in Bosnia (debunked by the media as a lie).

While Democrats and the mainstream media flip-out over the idea of Trump having access to the nuclear codes – arguing that he is a walking, talking, national security hazard – real evidence already exists that proves Hillary has severely damaged national security.

Which is exactly what Fiorina was trying to make known in her attack on Clinton.

Hillary Clinton handled hundreds – if not thousands – of highly classified emails on her private server – which was not secure.  Any professional hacker or known enemy of the United States could have accessed the information.

At the time, Hillary publicly promised, “I never received nor sent any material that was marked classified.”

After FBI Director James Comey investigated the issue and showed evidence Hillary had handled material marked as ‘Classified’, her public statement was confirmed to be a lie.

Of course, the mainstream media has reported in favor of Hillary’s campaign since day one.  And they refused to report on the truth-bomb Fiorina dropped on Clinton.  The mainstream media rarely reports on Republican women running for office, unless it’s a chance to knock them down.

Read Carly Fiorina’s eight epic tweets below: