Carly Fiorina Humiliates MSNBC Host After He Scolds Her on TV

Fiorina Matthews

Following a spectacular performance in the early Republican debate, Carly Fiorina was on fire and there was no putting her out. Something MSNBC host Chris Matthews learned, much to his chagrin.

Matthews began his interview with Fiorina by scolding her on why she called Hillary Clinton a liar during the debate.

Matthews said:

“You really think that’s a way to engage in a debate, to call your opponent a liar. I’m astounded by that judgment of yours.”

Fiorina didn’t miss a beat. She pointed out how she hates how politicians talk in “sanitized soundbites” and told Matthews she said what she said, “Because it’s the truth.”

Matthews began to ramp up his shock and outrage and demanded to know what, specifically Clinton lied about — hoping to catch Fiorina off guard. But she stood her ground and shot back, “Benghazi, emails, and server.”

Moments later, Matthews continued his combative stance and demanded to know specifics. Unruffled and calm, Fiorina laid it out for Matthews.

Watch as Carly Fiorina Embarrasses Chris Matthews:

What do you think of Carly’s performance? Did she knock it out of the park?