Censorship Is The Next Big Issue To Hit Social Media

A problem is growing at an alarming rate in the social media world — and not surprisingly, a liberal agenda is fueling the fire.

With major social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook under fire in recent months for the invasion of privacy of their users, this growing issue has been overlooked.

But now it is being blown wide open as Twitter is facing major backlash for their latest issue — censorship.

After a Vice News investigation last week, Twitter was proven to have omitted several Republicans from their search engine — leading to a drop in followers.

Those affected by Twitter’s censorship includes four prominent House of Representatives members: Devin Nunes of California, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mark Meadows of North Carolina.

All of whom are ironically members of the House Freedom Caucus.

Vice found that Democrats were not affected in the same way, leaving the Congressmen to consider taking legal actions against Twitter.

In an interview with Fox News, Nunes claimed, “It sure looks to me like they are censoring people and they ought to stop it,” the California Republican said. “We are looking at any legal remedies to go through.

Meanwhile, Gaetz remarked that he is filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission, arguing that Twitter is making an illegal “in-kind donation” to his opponents by suppressing his account.

Twitter claims their censorship is a means toward out any individuals who will oppose “healthy conversation.”

They also stated the social media platform did not censor the Republicans because of anything they did or said, but by their associations with certain accounts.

Amidst the backlash, Twitter has since restored the Republican Congressmen’s accounts.

Despite this, the company is still denouncing “bad faith” actors whom they feel will cause issues with their users — but only Twitter gets to decide.

Twitter once described itself as the “free speech platform for the free speech party”, but is now an active participant in an ongoing issue with censorship brought forth by liberal outrage.

These four Republicans are not the only casualties of this new censorship plan by Twitter.

Twitters’ crackdown on “internet trolls” has led to the banning of several other Republicans as well.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas recently released a report with direct claims from Twitter employees stating that conservative accounts and individuals are, in fact, censored or banned outright.

Twitter employees make the decision in a procedure called “shadow banning,” where conservatives are banned from using their Twitter accounts.

But here’s the kicker — users are not even notified of any action taken on their accounts.  They instead are left to believe that no one is engaging with their posted content, when in reality, it is not being posted.

The same procedures are admittedly not taken for left-wing organizations or individuals in a blatant case of biased censorship and violation of freedom of speech for conservatives.

Employees stated that accounts are shadow banned for their political views, such as being pro-Trump, completely at the discretion of the employees — who are typically liberally-biased anyway.

The employees interviewed for O’Keefe’s report stated that it is an unwritten rule at Twitter, but completely understood by all employees — liberal content slips through uncensored while conservative content may be blocked altogether, whether you’re a regular citizen or a high-ranking government official.

The company is apparently also working on an automated form of censoring conservative content, where keywords would be flagged via “machine learning.”

Others downplay Twitter’s policies saying they are just trying to prevent confrontation on the platform, but one thing is certain.

The First Amendment rights of conservative Americans are completely disregarded at the discretion of Twitter employees out to control the narrative seen by the American people and spread liberal propaganda.

Do you have a Twitter account that has been flagged for conservative content — or “disappeared” altogether?  Leave us your comments.





5 thoughts on “Censorship Is The Next Big Issue To Hit Social Media

  1. R Morgan Burrow Jr.

    For years (until Reagan), the airwaves had a Fairness Doctrine which worked. Sounds like social media is overdue for fairness regulation…

  2. gardeauxandrew

    Beware the anti-American democrats, liberals, snowflakes and Hollywood and especially the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES for they are the party and people for anti-American agendas and of Hate!

  3. MakeAmericaHonestAgain

    Twitter, Facebook & Google are all part of the new “Town Square”; they need to be regulated as such. Remember the Hari Chrishnas in the airports and shopping malls? Same law, same circumstance.

  4. MakeAmericaHonestAgain

    Conservative talk radio had so dominated FM in the liberals minds 15 years ago that this is the backlash from that. Remember…conservative radio was in response to commie TV…like Walter Cronkite & Ted Turner.

    They don’t consider rap music, liberal comics and announcers hosting liberal music programs or NPR as balancing off they effects of Conservatives like LImbaugh, Hannity, Levine, etc.

    This is a payback of sorts in new media where wholesome conservatives instantly began making ground immediately on the platforms….the Huffington Post was started by a conservative….then taken over by liberal money…..the TEA Party was launched and gained great traction through conservative leaning housewives on Facebook…..and on.

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