Chilling Report Exposes Google’s Secret Company Working To Elect Hillary Clinton President

It’s no secret that many of the top tech corporations in the United States, including Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, have historically supported the Democrat candidate for President of the United States through large donations.

Employees of those companies have even left their employers to go work for Democrat campaigns and causes, such as Obama’s 2008 election and 2012 re-election campaigns.

But a chilling new report shows how Google is scheming behind closed doors to make Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States.

Eric Schmidt is the Chairman and Founder of Google, the world’s largest Internet search company worth billions of dollars.

And he just recently founded a little known company called “The Groundwork.”

The mainstream media, and even alternative media outlets, have failed to report on what “The Groundwork” is and why it was created.

Now we finally know.

“The Groundwork” was exclusively founded by Google billionaire Eric Schmidt to help elect Hillary Clinton.

It’s crony capitalism at its finest.

Help elect a candidate for political office and then receive political favors and handouts once that candidate wins office.

According to reports, “The Groundwork” is largely funded by Schmidt and has become one of the biggest vendors for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Democrat political operatives and technologists say that the effort is to ensure that Clinton has the tech talent needed to win the U.S. presidential race.

It’s one of a series of secretive investments purposefully made under the radar by Schmidt  to help Clinton with data analytics and digital outreach.

These revelations are just the beginning of exposing just how little distance remains between Google and the Democrat Party.

Ex-Googlers, such as former Google executive Stephanie Hannon, who is the Clinton campaign’s chief technology officer, and other former employees, are high-ranking staff in Obama’s White House.

In fact, Schmidt himself — who is worth at an estimated $10 billion — is one of the most powerful donors in Democrat Party circles.

What’s more revealing is the fact that at least 31 former Google executives have taken jobs in Obama’s White House or on federal advisory boards.

On top of that, at least 15 other Google employees have ended up at Obama’s regulatory agencies.

And 22 former Obama officials have ended up working at Google.

This goes to show how close the relationship between Google and the Democrat Party really is — and how America’s biggest tech company is in Obama and Hillary’s back pocket.

Overall, 258 employees between Obama and Google have changed jobs since Obama took office at the beginning of 2009.

This should raise obvious red flags among Google’s competitors and the American people in general, as Google could easily collude with the federal government to benefit themselves at the expense of others while the Democrat Party reaps the political rewards.

One example of unethical and potentially illegal behavior is how an Obama FTC attorney took a job with Google as Senior Policy counsel.  The FTC would then eventually settle with Google in an antitrust probe, arriving at the conclusion that Google did not manipulate search results for its own benefit.

While Google and Obama’s White House coordinate with each other, they’re actively both working hand over fist to elect Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States, and ensure they both retain power in 2016.

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