Chuck Schumer Is In Hot Water After This Document Was Released

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer recently requested an investigation be opened by Capitol Police.

Schumer claimed he was the victim of fraud, as a document was released claiming he was harassing his interns and aides.

The Democratic Leader is scrambling to uncover the truth— but is facing some serious repercussions if he does not clear his name.

A document was released implicating Chuck Schumer on several sexual harassment charges.

The release of this document is just the latest scandal overtaking Democrats in Congress, as many are being uncovered as predators.

Though no motivation has been found as to why the document would be forged, it is almost certainly a fake according to local authorities.

The Daily Caller reported:

The forged Schumer document comes amid a flurry of sexual harassment accusations against members of Congress, as well as media figures who have lost their jobs following the allegations.

The 13 page document sent to Axios and other media outlets was dated from 2012 with the file name “Schumer Complaint.” Although the document had the look of an official lawsuit filed in in the District of Columbia, no attorney is named.

Additionally, the allegation claims one incident happened in Washington D.C. on a day when Schumer was actually in New York City and another incident happened in D.C. when he was in France.

The former staffer, now a career employee in the federal government, told Axios none of the charges listed were true and her signature was forged. The former staffer, after being informed by Axios of the document, said she plans to go to law enforcement to follow up.

“The document is a forged document and every allegation is false. We have turned it over to the Capitol Police and asked them to investigate and pursue criminal charges because it is clear the law has been broken,” Matt House, Schumer’s communications director said.

He added, “We believe the individual responsible for forging the document should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to prevent other malicious actors from doing the same.”

Regardless of whether the document holds any facet of the truth, there is currently a major issue in the Democratic Party, concerning sexual predators abusing their money and power to take advantage of their employees while they hypocritically push Republicans under the bus.

After allegations against Harvey Weinstein were released, a domino effect occurred, and dozens of perpetrators were named.

Among them, Al Franken of Minnesota, and John Conyers of Michigan.

Do you think Democrats have a problem with sexual harassment?

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24 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer Is In Hot Water After This Document Was Released

  1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    Aside from the asinine sexual harassment complaints being lodged in epidemic manner, I would like to know why this site (Conservative Revival) keeps showing those very unflattering pictures of Tiffany. She is a nice looking girl and doesn’t deserve this portrayal of her. Any one of us have our unflattering moments that should not be spread across the nation as what we normally look like.

    1. Roger

      Tiffany Trump is pretty, educated and as sweet as honey!

      President Trump has done more for America and the American people in less than a year than the previous three presidents did in 24 years!
      Donald Trump is my AMAZING PRESIDENT and like he promised, president for all AMERICANS! President Trump is the best president ever and the most brilliant leader in the history of the world! Make America Great Again, greater than ever before! AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST!

      1. pianobill

        You are absolutely right. He is smarter than all the Congressmen combined. Most are so jealous of him, including republicans.

  2. Joe Wommack

    The whole bunch in Washington has hidden such actions for years,by using money(tax payer) to buy off people.Although I really think some politicians are scum bags/liars/thieves/sexual perverts.Not all ther fall into this scheme of things.They are among the GREAT PRETENDERS,in other words PHONIES!!!!!!!

  3. Roger

    I believe the allegations against Schumer are true and the woman in question is denying the accusations because she was paid off from the democrat, taxpayer money slush fund!


  4. Larry5469

    I think democruds have a problem with life as we know it. They have such a skewed view of this country that it simply amazes me. They obey NO LAWS that are pushed on the true American peoples. They gave themselves a “golden parachute” retirement plan (funded totally by taxpayers) that you or I could NEVER be able to afford. They break the law and then use OUR money to bail themselves out. They enter government with little to nothing and in a short period of time become MILLIONAIRES! We pay for everything they do and they look down on us as the “unwashed” and beneath their notice. They have occupied their “IVORY TOWER” lifestyle for so long they have less than no idea of what we have to go through just to survive day to day.

  5. barbarakelly

    I hope they find something to shut this man mouth. I’m getting sick and tired of him barking negativity about the GOP. Tell me how man damn years have we heard the tax relief for the rich. —for the last 20yrs and its all a lie.

  6. Daniel Spickard

    I think every last Democrat should be put under the microscope not just for sexual harassment, but for any miss use of tax payer dollars for paying off defendants! Let’s see how they like it! I bet we uncover a myriad of evidence, enough to either put them behind bars or at least make them resign!

  7. Steve

    DemoRats are immoral, dishonest, scheming, conniving, Untruthful, greedy,vile, vulgar, unfaithful, perverted, thieves and overall not very nice people. And those are the DemoRats good points.

  8. Seldena

    What do you expect from the party that founded the KKK and Planned Parenthood? ALL EVIL. Always has been and always will be!! They are always for what is wrong! They have no morals, ethics, or principles and they show this everyday. If a DEM ever gets back in the WH–We will lose our country–period!!

  9. Bob Rainer

    As much as I dislike Chuck Shumer, and I REALLY don’t like him, this is getting very unfair for anyone to be convicted before a trial or hearing. If found to be true, I think he owes a lot of monetary compensation to the accusers and should be thrown out of office, but an immediate hearing should be done before he is crucified.

    1. pianobill

      He probably has already paid the women from the $15M
      slush fund. Congress should release the names of those that paid their mistresses with taxpayer money.

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