Chuck Schumer Told A Massive Lie That Led To This Humiliating Defeat

Chuck Schumer just made one of the biggest mistakes of his life.

The Democrat Senate leader thought he could pull a fast one on Donald Trump.

But he got caught telling this massive lie that led to one humiliating defeat.

Schumer and Congressional Democrats trekked to the White House to meet with Trump and Republican leadership about trying to resolve the government shutdown.

At one point in the meeting, Trump asked Pelosi if Democrats would make a deal on funding the border wall and reopen the government.

Pelosi said no.

Trump then reportedly said “bye bye” and ended the meeting.

That’s when the controversy began.

Schumer raced to a group of assembled reporters and claimed Trump threw a “temper tantrum.”

“Well, unfortunately, the president just got up and walked out,” Schumer told the reporters. “He just got up and he said, ‘Then we have nothing to discuss.’ And he just walked out. Again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn’t get his way.”

This was a lie.

Trump never stormed or slammed any doors.

Republican House Minority Leader later met with the same reporters and informed them Schumer was fibbing.

“I want to clarify a few things, as I just listened to Senator Schumer. I know he complained the time you had cameras in the meeting. I think we need to bring them back,” McCarthy explained. “Because what he described the meeting to be was totally different than what took place.”

McCarthy continued describing how Pelosi refused to even acknowledge there was a crisis on the Southern border.

The Republican House leader went on to recount how it was Schumer who acted rudely.

“She again argued whether we even have a crisis or whether facts are true. [Trump] turned to Schumer again who said, ‘We just have to open the government up,’” McCarthy said. “The president would go back and forth in a negotiation in a very respectful way. I saw Schumer continue to raise his voice.”

McCarthy told reporters that the meeting came to a close because events unfolded exactly how Trump described them.

“If we open the government up, in 30 days could we have border security?” the President asked Pelosi.

“She raised her hand and said, ‘Not at all,’” McCarthy told reporters Pelosi answered by jabbing her finger in the air and refusing the President’s offer.

“The president calmly said, ‘I guess you’re still not going to deal with the problem,’” McCarthy concluded by informing the press that Pelosi’s conduct led to Trump calmly wrapping up the meeting.

The next day, Trump backed up McCarthy’s version of events on social media.

“Cryin Chuck told his favorite lie when he used his standard sound bite that I “slammed the table & walked out of the room. He had a temper tantrum.” Because I knew he would say that, and after Nancy said no to proper Border Security, I politely said bye-bye and left, no slamming!” Trump tweeted.

Schumer thought that by trying to portray Trump as unreasonable it would ramp up media pressure for the President to cave in and end the shutdown.

But the New York Democrat badly miscalculated.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.



28 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer Told A Massive Lie That Led To This Humiliating Defeat

  1. Wimpy DaDem

    I cannot understand why the same government that keeps track of every keystroke of it’s citizens wants undocumented immigrants roaming inside its borders.

    1. Tom F

      Cheap labor (and holds down citizen wages) and cheap votes! Working Americans are switching to Trump – so import different voters.

      1. GomeznSA

        That “cheap labor” is a meme foisted by the left to ‘justify’ the overall lack of consistent enforcement of labor laws. Would you employ illegals in any capacity knowing the fines you would have to pay should you get caught? Yes, some folks do anyway but there is no viable proof that they are primarily republicans – as the dems claim.
        Add in the overall cost in additional services (schools, medical, welfare etc.) and any up front savings on wages disappear pretty fast.
        Now ‘extra’ votes is a whole different matter…………..

        1. Tom F

          I think you are missing some of the issues.
          1) Employers who hire illegals are rarely caught because the pols won’t pass mandatory E-Verify
          2) Those employers DON’T pay for “schools, medical, welfare etc.” Those costs ARE paid by the legal immigrants and citizens – the employers DO save, and rarely pay. The payers include the displaced citizens who were laid off for illegals.
          3) This ISN’T all a repub/Sem issue – there are sinners on both sides.
          4) And there are victims on both sides.

        1. Tom F

          Like too many politicians, they are there for personal gain, NOT to “serve.” Those ALL make me sick: Ryan, McCain, Flake, Corker, Pelosi, Hirono, Green, Lee and ALL those who made themselves millionaires as “public servants.”

    2. safari1024

      Yes, the same government that keeps track of all it’s citizens is the same government that Schumer wants to keep the cameras away from. I agree with McCarthy, the camera and mike need to be brought back into the meetings. It is lack of transparency that let’s these politicians spread their lies.

    3. Mar

      So they can vote for Democrats, of course! Keeping people on welfare is just another form of slavery. They need to vote for Dems to keep their benefits coming.

  2. Charles Gonzalez

    To begin with Pelosi an Shumer forget that the border security is the wish of the people.They are protected securely in their homes with the gates and personal security.But most of all they forget we The people are the benefactors of the monies we pay the government year after year.So for them to act like it’s their money is way out of line.

    1. bob

      Google a picture of Pelosi’s house. It has a 7′ wall around it. It believe the house Obama lives in in D.C. has a wall around it too. Not sure how high it is but it’s a wall.
      If so many politicians are against a wall or border barrier, why do so many live in gated communities which all have a fence , wall or some barrier, & the only way to get in ( legally ) is with a code if you live there, or you give that code to a friend you want to let in.
      Some gated communities have a phone which you call the people living inside,identify yourself & they press something that opens the gate. If, like Pelosi they think walls are immoral,take their down.

    2. Gilbert Scholtz

      You Are Absolutely Right!! It IS The Wish of The People- BUT Realize This- The Democratic Don’t Give a Damn About The People ! ONLY About themselves And That MAKES The DEMOCRATIC PARTY THE “MOST” DANGEROUS ENEMY OF THE U.S.A.

    3. steve

      If a poll comes out that determines 70+% of illegal aliens vote for Republicans they will authorize a fence and call the southern border the greatest crisis of the century!!!

  3. peter Pirzadeh

    It is absolutely disgusting that Schummer plays these amateurish games, infested with blatant lying, for media consumption only to gain favorable stance for their resistance to funding the wall. It just shows to what extent, both Schummer and newly powered Pelosi are willing to go to GET THEIR WAY while accusing the president to agree with them to leave the borders (areas between points of entry) open. These hypocrites should be nowhere near the positions of negotiation because they are obviously incapable or unwilling to do so, which is the first step in resolving any issue, let alone something as awesome as national security.

  4. Norman Fox

    ALL I SEE is hatred by the loser dum o rats Pelosi and Schumer They have lost and they know it. Guess they want to destroy whats left of the leftist liberals and any loyalty to the United States and its LEGAL CITIZENS. Again just goes to show that these elected officials are liars and do not stand behind their own integrity of telling the truth. They have broken their oath of office to defend and protect these United States and just like sworn military have committed TREASON BY LYING AND WORKING TO DESTROY THE COUNTRY

  5. Al

    Pelosi and Schumer are muslims in disguise I’m sure I saw prayer matts (outlines) under their shirts. ) performing their jihad against us.

  6. frank shea

    CRYING LYING CHUCK is on too many videos advocating for a border wall!
    He should shut his Pie-Hole and deal with that MUSLIM ANIMAL
    that called the President a MOTHER Frrrrr and Israel a piece of horse crap!!!!

    Chuckie! She is like Minister Farrakhan who thinks JEWS are Termites,
    YOU SISSY MARY! Afraid to disagree with that MOTHER Frrrrr!!!!

  7. Jay

    Nothing to discuss. Black is not black, white is not white, wall is not wall, boarder is not our boarder………is there anything that we can agree on? Everything is subject to someone else interpretation. In courts we have like theaters performances, TV does not offer news it provide a show, with the IRS, what you think is a gross income is not a gross income, with Supreme court “Obama care” is not unconstitutional because it actually is a new tax???? Crises is not a crises because it does not fit Democratic prerogative at this time. So, unless, something extraordinary is going to happen we have the end of days with the start of anarchy. Where, every branch of government and courts dictates, providing their own interpretations and different story that no one agrees on and confuses everybody else. It reminds me a Biblical story of the tower of Babel when God steeped in and mixed all of the languages. Finally, I understand. What we dealing with now is just the first step of this process. Thank you politicians. You did it.

  8. Alberta Williams

    Chuck Schumer did lie! I think our president got up and left so he wouldn’t throw a temper tantram! His was of keeping control.

  9. bob

    What Trump should do is this.
    Ask again if Pelosi ,Schumer & the Democrats are in favor of ” border security ” in public on TV so everyone could see their answer. Just that question with nothing about a wall , barrier or fence. If they say yes then offer to open the government again for $ 10 billion dollars. If & when they ask what it is for, he can tell them,
    ” 5 to 6 billion will be used to hire as many more border security agents it will take to ” secure the border “. The rest will be used to furnish vehicles,drones , barbed wire, dogs etc. to stop the flow of illegals coming through the border other than at border crossing stations, which will insure ” border security.”
    Lets see how they would react.

  10. Gilbert Scholtz

    Report: “Chuck Schumer Told A MASSIVE LIE That Led To This Humiliating Defeat!”

  11. Bill Mulholland

    This behavior by Chucky and Pelousy is no surprise, and is just another example of their very consistent whining and crying they have exhibited since Hillary LOST and Trump WON. Still, still, still, they just “can’t get over it”, that Trump WON. And can’t accept that “elections have consequences”. Yet, they are considered “intelligent” individuals. Their behaviors definitely contradict that. MAGA MAGA MAGA

  12. Junkki

    Figured it was not as Schumer tried to make it out to be. The only children in the room was Pelosi and Schumer. Not surprised one bit by these Socialists.



  14. Beverly Newsome

    Schemer’s been a liar for years. Just to get the focus on him and to then in private meetings, was different. What I just saw was a typical Schemer, ranting. He is losing his grip and his approval ratings are in the low 30’s. The Dems now have all the cards and it is well known that Crazy Nancy has lost her grip on reality. She thinks she’s a queen and wants the Reps and Trump to bow down and kiss her beloved gavel! This is going to blow up in the Dems faces. Trump has been sending different pages of changes. Crazy Nancy, only knows one word. ’no’’. She better wake up and smell the air. She’s worried when she retires that everyone will bow to her as the Queen (DESTROYER OF AM)

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