Clinton Email Investigation Details Finally Released

Over 100 pages of notes were recently released from the 46 interviews conducted during Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

Some of the more interesting information was finally released, as well as some of the questions and dark areas were clarified.

The notes also contained information pertaining to emails shared between President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

For example, it was discovered that President Barack Obama’s Iranian negotiator may have been hacked while emailing about a nuclear warhead negotiation with an unnamed party.

Another fact mentioned was that President Obama’s email used a pseudonym, which was not classified information.

Additionally, it was released that while Clinton’s server was unavailable during Hurricane Irene, she created another Gmail account to use, which was ultimately unsecured.

Furthermore, the information released provided insight into the actions of Clinton’s aides and computer technicians who worked on Clinton’s private email server.  It was suggested some of Clinton’s aides lied about knowing about her private email server.

Of great importance is the fact that it is suggested that Clinton’s top aid, Huma Abedin, lied to the FBI when asked if she had known about Clinton’s private server.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Abedin, Clinton’s closest and longest-serving aide, told the FBI that she did not know while she was at the State Department that Clinton used a private email server.
But that claim is questionable given publicly released emails and statements other witnesses gave the FBI.


Justin Cooper, a Bill Clinton aide who provided tech support on the Clinton server, told investigators that he and Abedin had conversations in early 2009 about Clinton’s Server System.”

Allegations were also made against the State Department for it’s potential interference in classified emails.

The Daily Caller reports:

“An official with the State Department told the FBI that State’s under secretary for management, Patrick Kennedy, “pointedly asked” the FBI not to classify an email that concerned counter-terrorism information…Kennedy pointedly asked [redacted] to change the FBI’s classification determination regarding one of Clinton’s emails, which the FBI considered classified,” the report states….The official also alleged that State’s office of the legal adviser routinely overrode career analysts’ decisions to classify emails.”

In addition, it was revealed that one of Clinton’s former aids was reportedly terrified Clinton would learn of the details from her interview with the FBI.

The Daily Caller reports:

“She wanted to know if she could tell Clinton and Clinton’s foreign policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, about the interview….Slaughter said she wanted to do so because she was “concerned” that Clinton and Sullivan would “be upset to learn she spoke with the FBI without telling them.”

What are your thoughts? Is this information incriminating in terms of Clinton’s investigation? Or is it just more allegations to add to the mounting evidence?

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One thought on “Clinton Email Investigation Details Finally Released

  1. Looey

    This entire situation with Clinton’s private server is disgraceful to the country. The decision not to prosecute her came from the top of the chain, and that is Obama. He has lied as much as Hillary. I had faith in James Comey. the FBI director, that he would do the right thing, but I was wrong. I no longer have faith or trust in any department of government except the military, and their hands have been tied by Obama.

    A young sailor recently was sent to jail for a year for taking pictures of the sub to which he was assigned. His mother was harassed by the government and accused of being a co-conspirator of selling secrets to the Russians. She laughed in their faces, and said her son only wanted to show his son where he worked. He should have known better, but if Hillary can get away with what she has done, then he should not have gone to jail.

    We have two sets of laws in this country: one for the Clintons and other elites, and the other one is for we poor slobs who pay the bills so that these people can live and mighty. I say enough is enough. Hillary Clinton is a criminal and should be prosecuted, and she should never be president of our country.

    I urge everyone to get out and vote for Donald Trump for president. He is our only hope of saving this country. He’s not perfect, but he certainly does not have the criminal history of Clinton.

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