Clinton Gives Away Prize To Meet Proclaimed Drug Lord

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is giving away a chance to meet rapper “Pusha T,” a self- proclaimed drug lord.

The presidential candidate tweeted Wednesday that if one registers to vote, then one is automatically entered to win.

Pusha T has been a supporter of Hillary Clinton ever since she praised his efforts in promoting voter registration.

In July, Pusha T posted a photo of himself on social media wearing a Hillary Clinton t-shirt.

In an interview with Business Insider, Pusha T admitted that he didn’t think Clinton had actually listened to his music, but she was appreciative of his support.

Complex reports:

“I’m sure she was hip and briefed,” Pusha told BI. “But [the conversation] was simply about engaging, and being engaged, and making sure that I engage people to vote, and get my demographic to vote. Get people out to the polls, that was her main thing.”

Pusha T’s lyrics invoke a sense of racism towards the white population and rely heavily on drug related terms.

The Daily Caller reports:

For example, he has rapped, “Got more white in the hood than the KKK/ The grand wizard of that almighty blizzard…..”Reagan Era I ran contraband,” is another line of Pusha T’s.


Pusha T also frequently mentions in his lyrics that he does not need to rely on profits from his rap career because he makes money from other endeavors, possibly implying he is a drug dealer.


Furthermore, Pusha T’s manager had been sentenced to over 30 years in jail for taking part in a ten million dollar cocaine operation.

The fact that a presidential candidate thinks it’s okay to support this kind of negative role model is beyond comprehension.

Not only does Pusha T rap continuously about drug use and dealing, but he also makes references to the KKK, stereotypes white women, and even referred to himself as the “black Martha Stewart.”

The Daily Caller reports that other lyrics include, “the black Martha Stewart, let me show you how to do it! / Break down pies to pieces, make cocaine quiches.”


Furthermore, in his lyrics, the rapper uses childhood parallels for his cocaine use.


“Change came from cocaine I’ve measured/White was the treasure, comfort was the steel/I pedal to the corner like a child on a big wheel….I listen to the beat in the rhymer’s room/See, I was 16, eyes full of hope/Bagging up grams at the Hyatt, doe/ The news called it crack, I called it Diet Coke.”

Regardless of Hillary’s intentions, this man should not be endorsed as any kind of role model, let alone by a presidential candidate, especially when the rapper himself admitted she had most likely never even listened to his rap.

What are your thoughts? Are Clinton’s intentions with the giveaway harmless? Or is she out of line to promote such an inappropriate rapper? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • This just goes to show everyone how desperate this evil woman is to do anything to win votes. She is already promoting giving illegal aliens and felons the right to vote as well as not requiring photo ID. I have heard also that many dead people are registering to vote for her and most likely those who are already consigned to the lower regions of Hell willing to vote for their Luciferian Illuminati queen.