Clinton Shows Cowardice As She Refuses To Show For Election Speech

Even before her humiliating defeat, Hillary Clinton was too emotionally distraught to make an appearance at her own election speech.

Instead, she sent long-time friend and Chairman of her Foundation’s board, John Podesta.

Podesta informed the crowd that the race was “too close to call” and that they “didn’t have anything more to say tonight.”

Instead of facing her supporters with the news of her impending defeat, Clinton showed cowardice and sent someone else to do the deed.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Several states are too close to call so we aren’t going to have anything more to say tonight,” Podesta told the crowd. “Everybody should head home and get some sleep. We’ll have more to say tomorrow.”


“I want every person in this hall, and across the country, to know that your voices and your enthusiasm means so much,” he continued.

Podesta went on saying how proud America should be of how hard Clinton worked during her campaign.

He also lent the notion that Clinton “wasn’t done yet” no matter the outcome of the election.

The Daily Caller reports:

“We are so proud of you, and we are so proud of her. She’s done an amazing job and she is not done yet. So thank you for being with her — she has always been with you.”

Podesta ended his version of Hillary’s speech essentially telling all her supporters to “go home” for the night and “see what happens tomorrow”.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Goodnight. We will be back we will have more to say. Let’s get those votes counted and let’s bring this home.”

After a historic defeat by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton was too emotional to face her supporters, who were equally just as emotional.

Many of her supporters filmed themselves crying and posted their furious rants on social media, claiming the election was rigged.

Though the Presidential race was too close to call sometimes, it seems Clinton could tell she was defeated early-on Election night.

Many of her campaigners and supporters scrambled to social media in a last-ditch effort to gain more votes for the Democratic nominee.

The crushing defeat was not received well by her fans, but Clinton herself seems to be the one who could not handle the thought of her own defeat.

Time will tell how the loss of the election will affect Clinton, but considering all of her health concerns and scandals currently under federal investigation, she is more than likely finished in the political world.

What are your thoughts? Do you think it is unacceptable to send someone to deliver a campaign speech due to being too emotional?

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36 thoughts on “Clinton Shows Cowardice As She Refuses To Show For Election Speech

      1. NannyB

        You know, I don’t like this woman but you are hitting below the belt. People get ill, people need certain things to live a life, people make mistakes and that is what she is…a huge mistake. I agree we do not like her but I do not agree on this kind of attack. Try to join the more gentle side of society!! You will feel better for it.

        1. daveveselenak

          Take your sorry touchy, feely ass over to “Bluffington Boast” with the other mentally disordered Leftist useful idiots – IDIOT!

          1. NannyB

            Well well! You certainly are not a people person and have no heart. Hope you do not work with kids either. YOU get a life…on Mars maybe.

          2. bobgalardi

            oh so she had another breakdown . to bad ,, you gotta be tough for this job ,, and she is only a crook when your not looking .. please don’t confront her like Lazio did ..she couldnt handle Lazio but we were goig to put her up agaist PUTIN ?

  1. Doni609

    Anyone that didn’t see this coming way back last summer was on drugs. Hillary is a crook, certainly guilty of treason against the USA, a pathological liar, a thief, and just plain white trash; both her and Billy-Bob. Much to the disappointment of the Dems, the electorate isn’t as stupid as the Clinton’s thought. Had it not been for Obozo and his arrogant tactics, flawed as she was, she may have had a chance. However, bad candidate coupled to a race-baiting POTUS with about zero common sense, no new ideas of her own, a personality like a case of AIDS, and a rapist husband…..well her goose was just waiting for the proverbial ‘sauce’. Finally, a end to every American’s misery….the Clinton’s!

    1. NannyB

      There is something I just do not get. Consider Hillary’s reputation and the nonsense she has been involved with…her language in the White House when her husband was POTUS…her husband’s obvious sick sexual habits and her obvious desire to draw and quarter these women….how is that she tried to get away with calling Trump all those names? They fit her to a tee. I just don’t get it. But she did not win and that shows America that you cannot campaign that way. We won and they lost. Thank God!! How come the Democrats can’t see this???

      1. nicholsda

        It’s called projection. She blames others for what she is guilty of. The Dems in 2008 said that Bush would cause riots after the election to try to block 0bama from becoming President even to the point of using Martial Law to succeed. Now we see the Dems doing just that so you have to wonder if the other shoe is about to drop.

  2. Doni609

    I guess the ‘glass ceiling’ is still intact at the Jacob Javits Center, eh? Hilarious! And what about the fireworks show that she cancelled two days before the election. Ha, seems to me that the writing was already on the wall!

    1. NannyB

      How magnanimous it would have been of her to NOT cancel the fireworks and claim that they were set out for whomever won to celebrate a new beginning in America. Oh…guess I was dreaming huh?

      1. S. Wicks Jr

        Hitlery is too self centered to do something like that. She ONLY cares about one thing; HERSELF. NOT “We the People”. It was a SAD day when the democratic party choose Hitlery to run…..!

  3. Rich Olmsted

    If it had won the election, it would rarely have been seen, instead operating as part of a shadow government with others doing most of the work of the president. Hell, it may have been dead for a few months before anyone even knew it. Our long national nightmare (or at least one of them) is finally over.

  4. dgrant589

    President Trump stated on 60 minutes that he doesn’t want to those people ( hurt Bill and Hillary..) The problem is that if he doesn’t hire special prosecutor as he said then he will be sending message that its ok to break the law and that you wont be indicted.. So many things are were said by Trump that will not come to pass… He will come to the center on so many issues that to his mind will be terrific… He will only be adding to the regrouping of the Communist Democrats.. He must realize that they and along with Mitch McConnell are not his friendly group hug groupies .. Its our only hope that The Mr. trump have the balls to stand up to them..
    and take their putrid rhetoric and shovel back to them… There is no unity folks when your battling the Communists in Congress. They are the most insincere and violent people that this country has ever given birth to… They are not the old democrats that my fathers generation nor myself have come to accept…it was an given concept that Democrats were the defenders of blue collar workers and the middle class but for the lasts 50 years they have taken their mission to more than that.. their end game is Totalitarianism or a Communist State like that of the former USSR.. Folks wake up and realize that you all are being duped but the word Democrat –its nothing but a cover… I had to come to terms that I was being dupe as well and so I can no longer ignore the facts… Please wake up if you love your freedom. Because I can guarantee you will eventually lose them thru the Communists Democrats…

  5. MarineWife

    She deserved to lose! She’s corrupt to the bone. Good riddance. I hope she crawls away to her putrid hole and disappears.

    1. Robert F

      She should crawl away to prison for all the illegal things she and Bill have done in their political “life”. Semper Fi

  6. Frank

    She was this close to fundamentally transforming this Great Country from a Democracy/Republic into the hands of the few Elitist Rich, who paid her handsomely to do it. My guess is, she’ll have to pay back all that money they gave to her. She was the only one who would be willing to sell out her Country for a few(Million) dollars. That’s why Bernie had no chance. He was a Loose Cannon who couldn’t be bought. She(along with that Idiot Husband of hers) on the other hand, was a Whore. And they took advantage of that. We REALLY dodged a bullet. Good thing there was just enough “smart” people in this Country to offset the really Stupid ones. As the saying goes: “You can’t fix Stupid” but you can outvote them.

  7. proudvet

    Hillary a coward, BS. The real coward is Trump who bragged in his book “I was out chasing women while other FOOLS enlisted or were drafted during Vietnam.” There’s a real lowlife draft dodging, bankruptcy loving, child rapist, no federal taxes paid COWARD.

  8. Bobseeks

    From what I just read, shillary skankles clinton was drunk and attacking people. No wonder she didn’t want to give a speech.

  9. Richard Bagenstose

    rumor has it ,she was drunk and having a fit, verbaly and pyshicly wacking people ,like trump said , what a nasty women

  10. murielmcgrann

    her past action finaly caught up to her and she had to pay the price of insulting the American people with her willful and selfish conduct as first Lady and Secretary of State.The system out minipulated her this time but she cant wait to repeal the Electoral Collage voting system so she can announce she is the winner. Typical of Liberal Progressive Socialistic Democratic thought precess…..if it does not agree with your desires, cancel it and change it to what you want and the hell to what is the law or the principled right……..go and enjoy being a Grandmother………

  11. Gabby

    Does what she wants, she thinks she is above the law, and gets away with illegal activities, shadey deals. She couldn’t run the State Department. Missing emails that her staff and Attorneys destroy. What happened when Bill had his meeting with Loretta Lynch? Lynch applied pressure on Comey in early July. Obama and Bill did not want any charges filed. (interfering, telling the Attorney General Lynch what to do?)
    Anthony Wiener more alligations, too many to lists, trips to sex island with Bill, human traffic, misuse of money for Hatie’s eathquake relief fun. Hillary has no one to blame but herself. If she was honest and didn’t play games, the F.B.I. and Congressional Hearings, she wouldn’t be in this mess. Before becoming Secretary of State, you were told to keep Clinton Foundation separate. Middle East Countries made large donations to both the foundation and Presidential campaign. Cheating at Primaries, and elections, DNC voter fraud and tampering, paid protesters $1500 to be violent at Trump Rallies and Now after elections, Protesters the results of Trump elect president. If you and Obama are leaders, tell the protesters to stop. Everyone needs to work together for America. Stop blaming others for your lost. Go look in the mirror. The person you see in the mirror. HILLARY, you are to blame for your loss. No one else. God bless America.

  12. bobgalardi

    this article is so stupid .. like a parrot your just repeating over and over what we had already heard the next day after she was undergoing her normal nervous breakdown because she actually believed the BS that its a w omen’s turn !
    So now we know how Secy Clinton would have handled any controversy or push back from a foreign leader .. yeah like Putin ..she probably would go up to her bedroom and cry at the slightest shouting from some foreign leader … so not cricket ..

  13. 2nd amendment vs evil govt

    Germany’s Brown Shirts of the 1930’s fought tooth and nail with the Global Bolshevik Communists……..they beat them to a pulp-pushed them out of the country or they were jailed. there is no going along, to get along with the marxists…..they must be purged from USA… will be dirty, nasty, bloody, but it must be done. that is my correct opinion!

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