Clinton Uses Encrypted App With Staff To Communicate About Trump

With the recent unprecedented email hacks against the Democratic National Committee — where conspiracies to force former presidential Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders off the campaign trail unfolded — it is understandable why Democrats are presently on high-alert and deeply concerned with how they communicate information.

The Clinton campaign is now using an encrypted messaging app called ‘Signal’ to communicate any information about the Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump.

Signal is an app for Android and iPhone which is considered by leading security experts to be the gold standard for end-to-end encrypted communications.

Signal is so effective it even donned the approval from the infamous NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, and is now called a “Snowden-approved” app.

According to Nick Bolton, a writer at Vanity Fair:

“In the intervening weeks, staffers were told, according to a person who works with the committee, that if anyone was going to communicate about Donald Trump over e-mail or text message, especially if those missives were even remotely contentious or disparaging, it was imperative that they do so using an application called Signal.


Signal, staffers in the meeting were told, was ‘Snowden-approved.  A week after the meeting at the campaign headquarters, according to two people who have worked with the D.N.C. and the Clinton campaign, an e-mail was sent out instructing staffers where to download the app and how to use it.”


Edward Snowden himself hilariously commented on this recent news on Twitter, “2015: Even if he revealed unlawful government surveillance, put him in jail!  2016: wait what apps does he use?”

To be crystal clear, Clinton argued against Snowden’s actions and verified the essence of what he referred to over Twitter, when during the October 2015 Democratic debate, she said:

“[Snowden should] Face the music.  He broke the laws of the United States. He could have been a whistle-blower.  He could have gotten all of the protections of being a whistle-blower.


He could have raised all the issues that he has raised.  And I think there would have been a positive response to that.”

There would have been a positive response by whom?  The American people?

There already was a “positive response” towards Snowden’s actions by the American people.  They are in post-production on a movie about Snowden’s life that hits theaters later this year starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It was the Obama administration who was quick to accuse Snowden of treason and being a traitor.  And now we have a possible future President who is proudly using an app that a “traitor” used so she can slander her opposing candidate behind his back.

The Daily Dot’s Patrick Howell O’Neill noted on the hypocrisy regarding Clinton’s current stance on encryption:

“It’s impossible to know where she stands.  Today she backs a congressional ‘encryption commission’ to examine the question (even though virtually every technologist has already offered an answer).


In 2015, Clinton was for a ‘Manhattan-like project’ to break encryption.  Further back, in 2011, she was the world’s most vocal and powerful proponent for funding encryption technology development.”

What do you think of Clinton’s hypocrisy?

One thing is quite likely though: Donald Trump would never need to use an app to denigrate Hillary Clinton — he would just say it to her face.



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  1. combdyn

    Haven’t we endured enough of a bumbling, inept President ??
    Obama only knows how to spend, Hillary only knows how to steal.

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