Clinton Worker Claims He “Wasn’t Surprised” When FBI Came Calling

A former foreign aid officer who had worked closely with Hillary Clinton recently came out in an interview saying he “wasn’t surprised” when the FBI came knocking.

The Daily Caller Reports:

“Knowing what I knew, I guess I wasn’t really surprised to be contacted by the FBI,” the source said in an interview for this book. “I’m a Democrat and supporter of Hillary for president, but I was deeply resentful that she carried out her family foundation business so openly when she was at state.”

The source admits he had seen Clinton handle personal affairs related to her foundation when she was supposed to be handling department matters as Secretary of State.

He also admits to seeing Clinton work on both foundation work and her Clinton Global Initiative projects from Air Force Two.

The Daily Caller Reports:

“It was as though being secretary of state was her part-time job, while her first priorities were raising money for her presidential run, which she was planning from day one, and raising money for the Clinton Foundation”

The bewildering part is Clinton seemed unconcerned about handling her personal matters in her work setting.

While many were working around her to protect the state of the country, Clinton was unembarrassed to work on her private projects and ignore her work that was ultimately important to the state of the union.

Clinton claimed the work she was doing was related to her State Department business; which is how she explained her unacceptable habits.

The Daily Caller Reports:

“The amazing thing about how she behaved was that she was completely unembarrassed that the people who worked with her knew what she was doing,” the source continued.”

It’s almost incomprehensible how Clinton’s private money schemes could be related to crucial government work, but the former Secretary of State stands by her claim as she too is being investigated by the FBI for matters relating to her use of a private email server while in office.

The unnamed source reported he was given a “heads up” from legal consultation before the FBI interview and investigation took place.

The source admits he was curious to see what happened due to Clinton’s sketchy behavior

He also realized he was picked for the interview process due to his close proximity to the former Secretary of State, as well as his knowledge of foreign affairs relating to the position.

The Daily Caller Reports:

“I got a heads-up from my attorney that the FBI wanted to interview me about Hillary, and specifically about her conflict of interest handling Clinton Foundation business while she was running the nation’s foreign policy.”

What are your thoughts? Was Clinton’s behavior while in office unacceptable? Or do you believe her excuses that her work was related to government work?

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