CNN Clearly Did Not Expect This Response From Gun Owners Who Watched The President’s Town Hall

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 3.34.53 PMCNN has been called many derogatory names by conservatives (‘communist news network’, ‘clinton’s news network’, et al), so they were clearly disturbed that the Commander-in-Chief failed to sway the minds of gun-owners they assembled to watch the recent town hall. If anything, these patriots are even more decided against government intrusion into our right to keep and bear arms. According to The Blaze:

CNN gathered a group of Florida gun owners to watch President Barack Obama’s town hall on firearms Thursday — and not one of them had their views changed by what the president said.


“I think he is just lying to the nation to allow for his agenda,” Ken Lemoine told the cable news network while watching the town hall at Okeechobee Shooting Sports.

“And what do you think his agenda is?” the CNN reporter asked.


“To keep on infringing on our Second Amendment rights,” Lemoine replied.

Others chimed in.


“I don’t believe by taking executive action and being a bully over the existing legislative process is going to provide any resolution like he seeks,” Loral Suever said.CNN reported that the more Obama spoke, the more the group’s feelings toward him “stiffened” — especially when the president said that those who believe he wants to confiscate guns are buying into a “conspiracy.”


“Well, how could you get fewer guns without confiscation?” asked Jeff Wait, owner of the gun store where the gun enthusiasts had gathered.


“So when he says he doesn’t want to confiscate, you don’t agree with that?” the CNN reporter asked.


“How else are you going to get fewer guns? They don’t evaporate,” Wait quipped.

It’s interesting that CNN hosts play so naive about a topic that has so much written about it. And the best liberals can do is use a logical fallacy to explain why certain guns shouldn’t be allowed as there’s no need to use them for hunting.

It’s not about hunting, or even sport shooting. It’s about keeping and bearing arms to protect citizens against tyrannical government. And anyone paying attention to developments understands that our government is a threat.

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You can watch their comments here: