CNN Just Crossed a Major Line With This New “Story”

Undoubtedly, CNN is one of the key promoters of fake news.

In the past year, CNN has been caught openly manipulating news and creating false narratives that have cost them both their credibility as a news network and viewers.

But their latest “story” may be the worst one yet, as they crossed a major line by accusing President Trump of something awful.

CNN’s Don Lemon accused Trump of trying to incite another civil war in the United States.

Racial tensions in the United States are currently at an all-time high.

Anti-fascists and alt-left members are clashing with neo-Nazi groups, as was evident in the violent Charlottesville riots.

Trump came under fire by the political left for not responding to the violence in Virginia fast enough– but Trump did condemn all racist and violent tendencies.

CNN instead chose to focus on tearing the president down, despite his efforts to initiate peace between the two radical factions.

Breitbart previously reported:

(CNN) Public figures in Israel, Germany, the United Kingdom and elsewhere have condemned President Donald Trump’s latest remarks on the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which he laid blame on “both sides” for the deadly violence that erupted.


Such international criticism joined that of many lawmakers and commentators from both sides of the aisle in the United States.


A handful of voices from the far right offered veiled or open support for Trump’s remarks — reflecting his enduring appeal to a range of populist and anti-immigrant groups outside the United States.


But they were far outweighed by those expressing outrage.

But Trump undoubtedly denounced the violent and racist acts of those in Charlottesville, as well as anyone in the country who promoted those sorts of beliefs.

The Washington Post reports:

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides,” Trump said Saturday. “On many sides.”


The White House said in a statement Sunday that “of course” the president’s denunciation “includes white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazi and all extremist groups,”

Regardless, CNN still believes President Trump is to blame for the continual tensions in the United States– tensions that could fuel a second civil war.

Breitbart reports:

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” anchor Don Lemon argued that President Trump is trying to incite a civil war in the US.


Lemon said that while he has argued in the past that removing the president from office before he finishes his first term is absurd, Trump “has given oxygen to racists. He hasn’t really said anything that denounced the alt-right. He talked about the KKK and whatever. He hasn’t really done that. He is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country. He has not tamped down race. And I’m just going to say, if he was on my team, in this newsroom, and said those things, he would be escorted out of the building by security.”

Do you think a civil war may be in our future?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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