CNN Just Crossed a Major Line With This New “Story”

Undoubtedly, CNN is one of the key promoters of fake news.

In the past year, CNN has been caught openly manipulating news and creating false narratives that have cost them both their credibility as a news network and viewers.

But their latest “story” may be the worst one yet, as they crossed a major line by accusing President Trump of something awful.

CNN’s Don Lemon accused Trump of trying to incite another civil war in the United States.

Racial tensions in the United States are currently at an all-time high.

Anti-fascists and alt-left members are clashing with neo-Nazi groups, as was evident in the violent Charlottesville riots.

Trump came under fire by the political left for not responding to the violence in Virginia fast enough– but Trump did condemn all racist and violent tendencies.

CNN instead chose to focus on tearing the president down, despite his efforts to initiate peace between the two radical factions.

Breitbart previously reported:

(CNN) Public figures in Israel, Germany, the United Kingdom and elsewhere have condemned President Donald Trump’s latest remarks on the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in which he laid blame on “both sides” for the deadly violence that erupted.


Such international criticism joined that of many lawmakers and commentators from both sides of the aisle in the United States.


A handful of voices from the far right offered veiled or open support for Trump’s remarks — reflecting his enduring appeal to a range of populist and anti-immigrant groups outside the United States.


But they were far outweighed by those expressing outrage.

But Trump undoubtedly denounced the violent and racist acts of those in Charlottesville, as well as anyone in the country who promoted those sorts of beliefs.

The Washington Post reports:

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides,” Trump said Saturday. “On many sides.”


The White House said in a statement Sunday that “of course” the president’s denunciation “includes white supremacists, KKK, neo-Nazi and all extremist groups,”

Regardless, CNN still believes President Trump is to blame for the continual tensions in the United States– tensions that could fuel a second civil war.

Breitbart reports:

On Tuesday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” anchor Don Lemon argued that President Trump is trying to incite a civil war in the US.


Lemon said that while he has argued in the past that removing the president from office before he finishes his first term is absurd, Trump “has given oxygen to racists. He hasn’t really said anything that denounced the alt-right. He talked about the KKK and whatever. He hasn’t really done that. He is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country. He has not tamped down race. And I’m just going to say, if he was on my team, in this newsroom, and said those things, he would be escorted out of the building by security.”

Do you think a civil war may be in our future?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



34 thoughts on “CNN Just Crossed a Major Line With This New “Story”

  1. John M

    The lemmings are being led to the edge of the cliff. Real lemmings do this because there is something inside them, which they cannot resist, causing them to self destruct.
    These “peaceful activists” may not have enough smarts to see that they are being led down the path of self-destruction.
    Time will tell.

  2. Cav16

    Well Donnie if a Civil War does come I would highly suggest you consider moving back to your tribe in Africa. I’m sure they will be glad to have you NOT.

  3. SouthernPatriot

    Corrupt News Network is vile and unwatchable. We have programmed CNN out of our TVs, and convinced our physician’s clinic, dentist clinic, banker, and others to do the same. So tired of Trump bashing. None of these idiots could have accomplished even 1% of what President Donald J. Trump has done in his first seven months. All they know to do is to lie.

    1. scout finch

      I too, an a southern Patriot…
      I told my doctor that CNN is nothing but liars and I gave him many examples of proven CNN fake news (even down to astors and project veritas). So, my doctor and his family no longers watch CNN at all. My neighbors are on the train now, also. We’re moving forward people!! Educate all that you meet; then let them make up their own minds. If they don’t subscribe to loony-left-logic, they may listen to you –at the very least. You might even win them over! Trump to MAGA–and we’ll vote out anyone (ALL RINSO) that doesn’t attend Trump’s AMERICA FIRST agenda!

      1. scout finch

        A Don Lemon twist…
        He’s the one that THINKS he wants a war (since he’s the one agitating like Frederick Douglass)! Believe me, no one wants a civil war. That’s not to say that we WILL get so tired of their BS that we will give then one that they certainly will not win.

  4. Chuck Finley

    “But they were far outweighed by those expressing outrage.” Should read “out-shouted” rather than “outweighed”.

  5. Chuck Finley

    I wonder if the FBI has any information on who is paying for these twits (BLM,AF) to start violence at conservative events. I know where they should start looking and his initials are George Soros and his wunderkind. Not to mention Communist Party USA, and whatever the hell Obama is calling his community organizing these days. Mass arrests need to happen. There needs to be a penalty for stupidity. 90 days in solitary with 9 months straight prison time, with automatic 5 year add on if you are caught planning more mischief or consorting with muslims.

    1. Alicia Cervera

      DEEP STATE OBAMA and ILK: are fomenting all this violence, chaos and anarchy. They want Trump down so they can take over. Aint gonna happen!!”!”

      1. kjenkinsaf

        I guess I’m just old fashioned. I expected the FBI to live up to he “Investigation” in its title. I know Soros’ fingerprints are on this and DNC Staffers. I’m just wondering what they (FBI) are waiting on. When will they send an indictment package to Justice? Or if the Deep State (Comey’s bunch too?) are truly that ingrained, will they?

        1. Alicia Cervera

          I have waited for FBI & co. to intervene in this matter and investigate, such thing we havent yet witnessed and dont know if it will happen. I think the system is so corrupt and every gov. entity is so filled with obama leftovers, i just dont trust it anymore and counfounded as to what will happen. We havent seen any actions against Hillary, Lynch, Rice Comey, Wasserman Schulz, etc. Obama will never be touched of course for the same reasons he wasnt even criticized during 8 yrs;, the race card! So I, like you, ask myself where is our country headed. Meullers team & the Donkeys are looking to destroy our President. Soros is powerful and known to destabilize governments around the world but the US is his PRIZE target. And if it werent enough Republicans who should be offering ALL their support to Pres. Trump also give him their back. I have never seen ANYTHING like it before. One thing I am sure of is that all these tactics are Marxist tactics, I know them, my family suffered them,and fled from them as our country turned communist. I pray all the time for a peacefull and lawful country. May God help us!

        2. cathy floyd

          They will do nothing because they too have been corrupted,it seems that today,there is no agency that can’t be bought if the price is right.

  6. scout finch

    He wishes he could toss anybody “out of the building”! it would make him feel big…make him feel like people might actually give a damn what a CNN moron such as he would or wouldn’t do!

    As if!

  7. Kirk Kahler

    why would any one watch CNN ? we all know they are he attack dog of the corrupt left and will say and do what ever they are told by there masters !! this will come out in the open as more and more of the left are brought out in the open for there corrupt ways and the fact that they have been able to do as much as they have is just damn blind luck ! they are failing they have lost a lot of there viewers and soon the companys running adds will stop ! CNN has be come just like a soap there is no truth at all to most of there news and people are sick of being fed lies !!

  8. The_Squiller

    The Crapshoot News Network always manages to shoot itself on the foot. They never learn. Must be profitable spreading toxic garbage in the airwaves.

  9. Alicia Cervera

    Communist Network News. They are FAKe and MARXISTS! They REEK! I cant stand LIES; CORRUPTION AND PANDERING and thats alll they do for the left.
    I boycotted long ago. Fed up with them.

  10. Joseph Techiera

    The only way a civil war would start in this country is if CNN started it they are son full of snowflake reporting it’s scary why don’t they report on all the shit Obama did while he was in his eight year lie as president or all the shit Hillary and Bill Clinton caused and committed and all the other snowflake people in power Lynch, Comey,
    Podesta, Rice, and the list goes on and on. CNN reports what they feel like fake or real I will never be leave anything CNN report.

    1. scout finch

      Amen. Can’t ever believe them or the Washington Post and especially the NY Times! Never again. The Times was a reputable paper (we thought) for years. Now it’s tabloid rag. II will always be grateful to Trump for calling out the propaganda media so we are no longer brainwashed by them. I think most of us knew this day was coming but I’m pretty sure most of us had no idea how bad the media was (with the lies to America and the fake reporting)! Civil War may not happen (I think it will); either way, I’m prepared and I’m almost positive the military would fall in with our side of the issue(s)! Thank God for Trump! VOTE IN 2018 to keep our hold on the 3 branches (1st time in over 80 years we’ve been so blessed). I just wish the McCains and the Ryan’s wouldn’t mess up a good thing that comes along maybe once every 100 years)! They’re fools and the GOP will get nowhere as long as these types are in. Just VOTE in 2018 like we did in 2016 and we can hold on and replace the traitors!

  11. Jim Siler

    If anybody needs to be held accountable for the race relations going on in this country right now it is not and I repeat not president Trump’s fault it is the fault of the previous president Obama he is the one that let this fester for the last two years And I’m damn sick and tired of the mainstream news especially this worthless channel CNN stirring up trouble one of these days people are going to get fed up and tired of it and guess what’s gonna start happening to reporters and news people they may not make it to another day because people are fed up with their lies

    1. scout finch

      We can pray Sessions has some secret investigations of his own going on (I think he probably does) against A LOT of the Odumba administration! He’s already got on the Wassermann-Schultz traitor activity. they start from the lower levels to get to the top dog, or rather, in Odumba case–the top Islam monkeys!!

  12. Kika68

    Don Lemon of CNN is the biggest scumbag @ CNN and there are a lot of them there. He needs to be fired or sued for his slanderous talk. Who the hell does he think he is? His boss needs to get rid of him, but then, his boss has gotta be a scumbag to for not reigning him in

  13. donna

    Some one should put CNN out of business — some politician wanted to by Twitter so she could keep Trump from tweeting — Why doesn’t someone buy CNN and make it an honest news reporting agency. I don’t know how they stay up and running, because no one I knows watches it because it not honest news reporting.

  14. Thomas Hart

    The current state of race relations in America are largely due to 8 years of Obama and idenity politics. Starting nearly from day one and Obama famour “beer Summit” Obama took sides in the tension. What will start a new civil war is if Trump is removed from office for any reason other than being CLEARLY GUILTY of high crimes or misdemeanors as called for in the Constitution.

  15. dragonfire777

    The only ones inciting a civil war is CNN. They should be pulled from the major media a denigrated to UTube,

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