CNN Reports Of An “Underground Railroad” For Illegal Immigration

An absolutely absurd “news” segment produced by a fake news media outlet was aired in recent days and condoned illegal acts by prominent religious leaders in California.

California is considered to hold the biggest pushback against the immigration executive order that President Trump signed. The order was shot down by the judicial courts because they simply “disagree” with the laws the new administration will enforce – which is apparently a good enough reason for them.

CNN  has condoned these actions in a clear and favorable bias towards these “religious” leaders’ in sanctuary cities, where they are apparently preparing an “Underground Railroad” system to hide illegal immigrants.

In a segment on CNN that aired on Jake Tapper’s show entitled “New ‘Underground Railroad’”, they claimed there are homes being renovated to hide undocumented immigrants.

The video opened with the sanding and cutting of wood for pristine hardwood floors that subtly indicate something may be underneath those floors.

And a religious leader in Los Angeles, Pastor Ada Valiente, admits these houses are being revamped to hide illegal immigrants, saying they will be able to hold up to 3 undocumented immigrant families.

These “safe houses” are designed for immigrants to hide and run from immigration officers.

When asked by the CNN journalist about her specific intentions:

“Essentially what you’re doing… is you’re trying to hide people.  Is that right?”

Ada admitted:

“Well, that’s what we need to do as a community.”

Then CNN clarified this wasn’t the only safe house.  There are many others and many more unidentified.

And by doing this, CNN was clearly condoning these actions through lying-by-omission of their true identities and whereabouts.  Otherwise, why report on it?

This, of course, makes their bias painfully obvious.

According to the muffled voice of the “other” that spoke but was not identified:

“It’s hard as a Jew not to think about both all the people who did open their doors and their homes and take risks to safeguard Jews in moments where they were really vulnerable.


As well as those that didn’t.  We’d like to be the people who did.“

But private homes being invaded by federal agents is protected under the Fourth Amendmentand religious leaders are preparing a massive hiding with every disdain and disregard of the laws of the United States.

Reverend Zack Hoover reiterated that faith groups across California are planning to hide as many as 100 illegal immigrants each.

Hoover said:

“People will be moving into a place so that ICE can’t find them… So that they can stay with their families…  So that, ya know… be with their husbands…


So that they can avoid being detained and deported.”

CNN reporter:

“People may not agree with you but look at what you’re doing and say ‘you’re simply aiding and abetting the violation of federal laws.”

Hoover responded:

“Look I’ll speak for myself.  I feel really convicted that…. Ummm…. I answer to God at the end of the day because that’s who I’m going to see when I die.


And I hope that we can live up to our… I hope we can live up to who we are.”

The video ended on an ominous note by the muffled voice of an unnamed man saying this wasn’t an “easy” choice:

“There’s some element of we’re entering into territory that I don’t totally know exactly what the consequences are, but I think I know what the moral consequences are for me if we don’t act.  Like this isn’t a moment to be totally standing idly by.”

This “Underground Railroad” has less of a Harriet Tubman-1860’s-slavery-feel than an Anne Frank-1939-Poland-attic-feel – and that’s exactly the image CNN wants to paint here.

And all of this is in spite of the illegality of it all.



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