CNN Silences Critique of Hillary’s Political Past

A CNN reporter’s live feed mysteriously failed when she wandered into “anti-Hillary” territory.

The reporter, Brianna Keilar, opened her segment by recapping Hillary Clinton’s comments regarding the recent police shootings and the attack on Dallas officers just a few days later.

Hillary sells herself as a “Criminal Justice Reformer”, a platform meant to endear her to the Black community and secure much of their vote – and her allies at CNN are backing this image 100%.

So you can imagine CNN’s shock when Brianna Keilar’s train of thought led her to dredge up a part of Hillary’s political past the left would prefer to leave buried.

Reporting on CNN, Brianna Keilar said:

And remember, Hillary Clinton have some vulnerabilities herself, even if she calls for Criminal Justice Reform, because of her support in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out again(st?) ….[live feed drops]

That’s right.

The Clinton’s Crime Bill (Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act) was a pet project of Hillary’s.  And among the left, this bill is often credited with the mass incarcerations of today.

CNN can’t have their liberal audience reminded that Hillary Clinton once argued for extra punishment for so-called “super-predators” — many of whom were African-Americans.

But, as fortune would have it, Ms. Keilar’s feed mysteriously failed right before she could finish her critique of Hillary. The CNN host was then quick to disregard her previous comments and go back to the topics of race relations and Donald Trump.

Was the dropped feed a distraction tactic?

CNN would never admit they cut the feed to protect their favored candidate, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do it.

This is a story the Clinton power-block needs to keep out of the limelight.  This is the story many people claim could derail Hillary’s presidential campaign.

Do you think the newsfeed was cut to keep Hillary’s past from reaching the surface?  Watch below and decide for yourself.



  • Howie Subnick


    • Eleanor Cummings

      Liberal “useful idiots”

      • Howie Subnick


  • BestefarJohn

    Seems fairly transparent censorship on the part of CNN. Shame on you guys!

  • Jack

    if clinton is involved in any way….you know it’s corrupt!

  • keithbreedlove

    Now, if she were to mention Comey’s indictment of HRC, and then maybe lighten the mood when she points out that no indictment will be forthcoming with a “well, what were they thinking?” IF that drops, then we’ll know for sure. But, like they say, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and “there are no coincidences.” Media corruption at its best. Yeah, CNN!

  • Marie

    All I can say is “TYPICAL”!!!

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    Of course it was!

  • Guest

    CNN: communist news network!

    • cal3301

      I like the hand written one that was held behind the CNN reporters that read “Clinton News Network.”

  • Richard Bagenstose

    just like she is using children in her commercials now, against trump , when all trump has to do is run and add with hillarys picture and says , i support killing a million babies a year

  • Cynic from the Midwest

    Journalism is reporting facts to let intelligent people form their own conclusions. CNN is just a MSNBC wannabe. As you enter their studios, kindly leave your brains and integrity at the door.

  • Frederick Kithcart

    Of course it was cut on purpose. Theres nothing truthful about the American media anymore. The media is controlled by a board who cares nothing for thruth. Not if it interfears with advertising sales.

    • Eleanor Cummings

      Yes, we know our liberal mainstream media lies and manufacture news to suit their agenda. There are those out there who don’t believe me when I say there are Six Mega Corporations that control 90% of want we read, watch, or listen to (GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS). WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW THE NAMES OF THE CEO’s? WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW THE NAMES OF THE FILM STUDIOS, MAGAZINES, RADIO STATIONS, ETC that each of these corporations own? I have them on file. How often do you monitor what your little ones are learning on TV besides A B, C, & 1, 2, 3? Here’s some links to get you smelling the coffee!

  • government watchdog

    CNN is the home of the democrat party. They along with MSNBC are 100% behind Hillary. And what a behind they support. Shrillary will lose because she has so much campaign money that you see her face every 15 minutes and want to puke.

  • InWonder

    pretty obvious to me that it was intentionally cut!

  • Eleanor Cummings


    This is the second time you’ve blocked me from my account. I am an 81 year old disabled widow lady who uses a computer daily to do research on everything from politics to cooking, plus keeping up with my family who live far from me. The first time, you blocked me for 30 days – NO EXPLANATION. I figured it was either because of my assessment of Frankie the pope, or what I found out about Cruz and posted. I am a proud republican, and never race bait, I support law enforcement, also the1st and 2nd amendments, never use foul language, etc, but you’ve “boycotted” me again, I guess, but this time you say I have Malware on my computer and sent me this.

    Your Computer Needs to Be Cleaned

    It looks like your computer is being affected by malware. We’ll help you fix the problem to keep your account secure and prevent malware from spreading to friends. Malware is software that tries to steal personal information and causes problems when you use Facebook. Clicking or sharing links that contain spam can give your computer malware.

    Get Started

    I have Bitdefender Total Security 2016, so I scanned my computer – twice! Both times tested clean. Bitdefender Total Security 2016 lets their customers know when NOT to open a program by showing a big red page so that you can click back to safety. You never open those pages. Plus I had a computer man heck my computer, and has HouseCall scan it – all say my computer is clean!! And it’s next to impossible to contact Facebook. If you post to customer service, they tell you to reset your password, which they disallow by kicking you back into Malware warning. In other words, you go around in a circle. This is just one file.

    But I AM accessing many other sites, as long as the site isn’t linked to FB. . Please check your own program now. Do I send my bill to you direct for the cost of the computer man?? It IS your mistake, not mine. Now that I have proved there is no Malware on my computer, WHAT EXCUSE WILL YOU USE TO DENY ME ACCESS TO MY ACCOUNT??

    All the information that I’ve dug up pertinent to this election I’ve been posting on my FB Timeline, along with source and links so everyone can check out the facts for themselves. Lots of stuff on Clintons, Obama’s, the Bush family etc. Someone must have taken exception to some of my postings, maybe? But I can still post on other sites, no problems, as long as they don’t link back to FB. Perhaps, if I post this problem on a lot of other sites I frequent, you’ll get the message and get back to me, since you reroute every attempt to contact you direct? (A copy of this letter has been posted to my files)

    • paradoc2

      Zuck the Schmuck has a problem with the second amendment – won’t allow stuff about guns in his little empire.
      It would be great to see everyone boycott Facebook and maybe start an alternative without Zuck’s censorship.

      • Eleanor Cummings

        I think it has to do with anything conservative! I never race bait, I support law enforcement, also the1st and 2nd amendments, never use foul language, etc, but they’ve “boycotted” me, I guess. If you’ve read my Timeline, you can probably guess why. Too much information dug up on the liberals which I post so everyone can open the links and judge for themselves. But I can still access programs not linked to FB, so will just go to them to keep up with happenings. I have FB friends who still send me articles to check out. Can’t notify the rest of them how to reach me nor can I access many of my family members that live far fro me. Thanks, Mark Zuckerberg..

        • paradoc2

          You are most likely correct on that – here’s a little snippet from a related article by league of regarding Facebook censorship of conservative memes…and I’m sure anything you may post whether memes or text that doesn’t fawn over progressives:
          A meme is essentially a high-tech cartoon. In this case, the wording laid over the imagery is extremely vague and nonspecific; there are no quotation marks, and in the picture, Clinton’s mouth is closed — there’s no confusion that this might have been a direct quote.
          The idea of the meme is to imply that Clinton was thinking the words, but you can’t sue someone for libel based on their accusing someone of thinking.
          In the wake of Facebook’s action, Liberty Memes released a screenshot showing the alert it received from the company regarding the image, reading simply, “We Removed Something Your Page Posted.”
          It doesn’t offer a reason or any other information specific to this case. The group claims that this is far from the first instance of Facebook blocking or removing materials from its page that the company didn’t like.
          One of Liberty Memes’ managers claimed, “Our page has two admins, and both of our accounts are currently on suspensions of varied duration… I’m currently on my second 30-day ban from my Facebook account.”
          In response to a query, the same manager said he believes Facebook removes offending memes as soon as they receive more than 10 million views in a week.
          In particular, memes critical of Hillary Clinton have been removed from Liberty Memes’ page often, even when those memes have been equally critical of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.
          Facebook Is Now Censoring Conservative Memes.

          The picture was Hillary staring with her trademark smarmy scowl with words to the effect of ‘Laws are for poor people’ or something equally witty yet harmless – like you said, no profanity, quotation marks – nothing Facebook should really be concerned with other than Zuckboy thinks he’s the Big Guy there.
          They should be boycotted but most won’t bother – I avoid it as much as possible – email gets the job done fine. I very rarely use it – the only reason I even signed up was because a lot of sites wouldn’t take comments anymore unless they could verify you were genuine that way – ‘Facebook verified’ I suppose you could say. Disqus is much better when it’s an option as far as I can see. Definitely not the ‘word police’ Zuckboy’s site has become.

          • Eleanor Cummings

            I’ve seen some of the memes – but hadn’t found one to post. I mostly SHARE although I would TEXT in the “What’s on Your Mind box Maybe someone took exception to some of the stuff I put there?? I’m not too computer wise, but I DO know how to cut and paste, so I post the link, plus the headline and a short (sometimes)note what that particular article about. I’ve done links for The Mena Cover Up, The Six Corporations that own the MSM, both Clinton’s and Obama’s “unexplained deaths” during their terms, etc., and etc. Yes, I’ve researched a lot of our professional politicians, and it sure is appallingly mind boggling and disgusting the cesspool of corruption (in both parties) that is running our government. And darn tootin’ I posted it, even when I hated to (like on Cruz). It’s the right of the people to know. (And a friend of mine just got blocked from posting on my Timeline or any other Timeline but his own!!! He was posting in support of our cops, and the1st and 2nd amendments!!)

  • crockett

    Another CNN coverup to protect the sow from arkansas .

    • Eleanor Cummings

      She established residence in Arkansas awhile, long to get Slick Willie in as governor. The people of Arkansas do not claim her or Willie. Read:

      Look up The Clintons/Mena, AR. Oh, yeah, the Bushes and the CIA too.

      I’d say we are neck-deep in a cesspool of corruption. Now we know why the Bushes decided to vote for Hillary when they couldn’t get Jebbie in as nominee No wonder they’re fighting so hard to keep Trump out. Yes, trillions of $$$ at stake here. And every time you research allegation they make against Trump the more slime you uncover about them – but not Trump. There’s lots and lots of links to open. You’ll find much more than you bargained for

      The Mena Connection: Bush, Clinton, and CIA Drug Smuggling (1995) Full Length

      Mena Cover up

  • Evy

    This She Devil has a history of scandal, corruption and cronyism. CNN (Clinton Network News) looks out for this She Devil and that’s no surprise. Pay attention to the Clinton Foundation. It turns out that donated money to their Foundation were approved by the State Department to received $1.65 BILLION in weapons from the untied states. And did you hear Hillary today? She is going after the NRA.

    • paradoc2

      True that…she doesn’t like Americans having the ability to squelch tyranny – the whole intent of the second amendment. Most NRA members and like-minded Americans that value their inalienable right to keep and bear arms tend to realize that the Democrat party is the antithesis to that so the Democrats don’t usually get their votes. Weapons to criminals and terrorists don’t seem to faze her a bit…she simply doesn’t like actual American citizens having the ability to stand up to them.
      Screw Hillary, a more liberal SCOTUS, and all the gun limitation / registration sophistry. Trump this November in a landslide!

      • Evy

        Hi There Paradoc2. Greetings from Benton, Pa. You make sense to me. I also believe there will be a landslide for Trump. Why waste time let’s call him President Trump right now. Go, Trump!

  • coconuisse

    So how much of the Clinton Foundation $$$ got diverted into the pockets of the movers at CNN?

  • jim jones

    The most ignorant ghetto fool can’t be stupid enough to buy her shit.

  • daveveselenak

    State-run, fifth column propagandists – Hitler would have been proud! No free press = no free country, that is where we are now! Sheeple only think that they are still free because they can vote in third world banana Republic pseudo-elections with the outcome already known and they can take legal drugs, worship their sports thugs and watch “Hollow-wood” propaganda films – just wait until they disarm “US” and the hardcore tyranny commences; it will as more false flags which are meant to PC bully and brainwash the dumb-(m)asses will be carried out by our EVIL, homo and lezbo commie regime! mInr, NSA!

  • Casey Bartnik

    They don’t call it the Clinton News Network for nothing! Comey’s 12-minute indictment of her said it all, just before he remembered that he didn’t want to be another unexplained fatality and went with the program. Just found an awesome database on these criminals that everyone should visit before starting any discussion or article: It documents the entire career of the Clinton crime family from Whitewater up to the present. And drag all your friends and relatives, especially the liberal ones, to see Dinesh’s masterpiece: No one should be allowed to vote without seeing it first!

  • Donnie Buchanan

    When any of the major news networks report the poll numbers, you can bet that they are skewed. When they report “they are even in the polls”, I personally believe that it translates to ‘Trump is leading by a wide majority’. I may be wrong, but with the liberal slant in the media, I’d bet I’m not far off.

  • Casey Bartnik

    Ignore the MSM–they are all in the tank for the witch. I rely on Rasmussen, which last week had Trump leading Clinton by 44% to 37%–never mentioned in prime time! The poll taken Tues night will not reflect his convention bump, but has Trump ahead at 44% to 43%. At the same time in their contest, the national polls had Carter kicking Reagans’s butt right up to election day. We all know how that turned out!

  • MichaelB

    Yes. I believe CNN dropped the feed on purpose.

  • MichaelB

    Remember, no one commented in 2007-2008 on Obama’s political past. If Obama had applied to the FBI for employment in 2007, he wouldn’t have gotten to the first interview! His affiliations for years were pretty radical.

  • Robin Brodowsky

    of course they

    shut her down and mainstream media wont show it there cowards. They refuse to ever see the truth and we have so many people out there in such crazy denial its such a shame and its the people they keep uninformed, same goes all the way down the line as keeping them on welfare, food stamps, medical even goes as far as TV, all these games on all devices. Think about it there keeping the large part of our population busy and distracted to be able to over come them and tell them how to live. Actuality I believe it started in the mid 1940’s in the schools taking out history or just plain rewriting it. But mankind as a whole wont listen to the sound truth, someone else said that many years ago. Please read and inform yourselves as much as possible so you may never be told how to live. Live free or die , I believe were the words.

  • M J

    The old Soviet version was a non-editorial version being read, with someone just off camera pointing a gun at their head if they went off the planned agenda!

  • paradoc2

    No doubt it was on purpose…that Teflon Queen has toadies everywhere covering for her 24/7 including the media.
    Nixon and Watergate…one and done. Hillary debacles…hard to keep an accurate count they’re so numerous yet she keeps on going. It has to be way more than luck…think?

  • awestdawn1

    Someone tripped on the power cord!

  • No-Mo-BO

    Granny Goodwitch needs to ‘reform’ her attitude and her mouth:

  • No-Mo-BO

    Probably the same weasels who blurred the hero ex-cop’s Trump T-shirt…