CNN Tried to Attack Trump, and His Response Was Ruthless

President Donald Trump has been under fire lately for comments made in a secret meeting in the Oval Office.

Democratic lawmakers felt it was necessary to leak Trump’s informal discussion of immigration, and establishment media is eating it up.

CNN in particular jumped at the chance to undermine the President once more—but Trump shut them down ruthlessly.

During a press conference briefing with the President himself, CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta followed the end of Trump’s speech with a slew of questions targeting the president.

Trump simply let Acosta know the conference was over, and to leave.

The Daily Caller reported:

Donald Trump opened himself to the White House press corps for the first time after Democratic lawmakers leaked his controversial “s***hole” comments to the media last week, and delivered yet another exchange with reporters in the process.

Trump held a brief avail with the press in the Oval Office Tuesday afternoon while meeting with President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan.

Trump touted economic achievement over the last couple months of his administration, noting the historically low black unemployment numbers and the return of manufacturing jobs.

After the comments, Trump thanked the press for being there. As staffers asked the press to leave the Oval Office, a barrage of questions were shouted at the president. Many were shouted by CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta. Acosta loudly asked about Norway and Steve Bannon, causing the White House staff to reprimand him with a quick” Jim, thank you. Please exit. Thanks, everyone.”

Trump, for his part, had a one word response to Acosta’s questioning:  “Out.”

Jim Acosta later tweeted about the experience, claiming he was outraged over his treatment:

As the deadline for a shutdown draws near, President Trump is focusing his efforts on immigration reform—not pleasing liberal reporters.

Do you believe Jim Acosta was treated fairly after his ambush of questions after the press briefing?

Do you believe President Trump will achieve the immigration reform he desires before the deadline?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Sorry to say that Jim Acosta is an Idiot and has no common sense or decorum. I understand he is trying to do his job but he has no class whatsoever in doing so and do not understand why CNN has him still on the air.

    • cathy

      WHY is CNN still on the air?

      • mbnick

        Good question as the Cartoon Network now has a higher rating than CNN.

        • furd

          well the cartoon network is better TV anytime of day

    • furd

      A true marxist democrat doing what he must think is in the rules for radicals play book

  • Bob

    President Trump should pull a President Bush Sr. and ban Acostas from any further press meetings. Talk about Presidential disrespect.

    • Kika68

      absolutely! Or at least ban him to the rear of the rear of the press briefing room. Why does he have a seat right up front?

  • Allen

    Saw the video he was NOT thrown out like he said. He is a poor excuse (and I use this term extremely loose) for a journalist. More a web chaser, who is too lazy to look into anything.

  • Showtime

    Aww poor Jim got his feelings hurt boohoo grow up and be a man

  • Linda

    Call 1-800-who-givesaflip…dang crybaby adults

  • temporary guest

    Who says this isn’t the best country in the world. Jim Acosta is proof that, if you’re really good at it, you can make a great living just by being a professional twit.

  • AFG

    It’s just a matter of time before CNN will have to change their underwear and ALL the news correspondents that tell only junk without any traceable sources of true witness. If Jim is the best they have……CLOSE UP SHOP CNN!!!!! Hillary WILL go to jail! So will O’bunion! Many others by probably April may or so……it’s getting there!

  • Scott Dillard

    Acosta is an axxhole. He should be barred from the White House.

  • Harlan

    Acosta is traveling on the same road M Kelly took and the results will be the same. His faithful watcher group gets smaller each day because what he tries so hard to sell, so often is proven to be incorrect. Soon he will be used up and turned out to pasture by his boss. Then a new wannabe will take his place. Talent means nothing if you don’t know how to use it.

  • lark2

    The media is out of control and unprofessional. When I become aware of the things that have occurred,c. I am speechless. What these people have done is unspeakable in the United States of America. We are becoming a banana republic. Stunning.

  • Allen

    CNN is the Communist Nut Network

    • cathy

      PERFECT! Along with MSM Mentally Stupid Moron. I forgot the guy’s name who wrote that. I’ll remember yours though.

  • Ted Duke

    “Jim Acosta later tweeted about the experience, claiming he was outraged over his treatment:”

    Well, it was an outrageous act that triggered the President’s appropriate response.

    • furd

      deport him back to Haiti where he belongs, he is probably an illegal to start with. Has anyone checked his status?

  • MASR53

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Acosta; many other journalists along with a bunch of high level FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA leaders receive a monthly pay check from George Soros.

  • Robert Walters

    Jim Acosta should be banned from the White Hours and any Presidential briefings. He’s a rude, lying bastard.
    Senator Dick Durbin has said, maybe was mistaken over the Shit Hole comment he linked to the press. He’s done this before. He should be Impeached by the people of Illinois.
    CNN continues to report the lie with their Fake News, never the truth. BOYCOTT THE LYING CNN & MSNBC. America deserves and demands the truth from the media.

  • Raquel Salientes

    Jim Acosta = George Looney – the over-acting fake news reporter

  • mbnick

    The haters are LIVID about all the minority employment. Their CORE mission is make and keep them Government dependent slaves.

  • Bill Krueger

    Good for the President. He is surrounded by enemies yet he stands tall. If ‘we the people’ would just ban together and speak up we could end all of this mud slinging and hate mongering and force our so called leaders to actually buckle down and lead. Term limits would do wonders for America. Let’s get rid of the career politicians once and for all.

    • mrpoohead

      How? Only 25% of the electorate voted for the idiot!
      Internet usage should be restricted for buffoons. That’s you!

  • Jeff Witt

    “Chuckie Cheese”, has been the worst example of a liberal with power in DC in history. He is worst than “Bend a Dick Arnold”. America’s worst corruption machine.
    Obama, the secret Muslim & DC’s support of him is a demonstration of just how bad inside the Belt Way culture is!
    Beware, Obama is using his home in DC to house the worst terrorist he let go from Gitmo. He is planning the destruction of the US per the mandates of the Koran!

    • Robert Walters

      When this Russian conspiracy starts to fall apart and people within the FBI, DOJ, NSA and what’s left of the Dem/Lib Party start talking. Watch the Murder/Suicide Hit Team go to work. We will see who has the real power Hillary or Obama. Follow the bodies and time will tell. I hope they all self eliminate each other, the President Trump can continue to Drain the Corrupt Washington Swamp.

  • mike

    Jim Acosta is a complete ass