CNN’s Reputation Just Took A Major Hit After This Story Came Out

CNN’s reputation was already at an all-time low after their consistent attacks against President Trump.

But now, their newest story just critically injured their reputation once and for all.

CNN was just fact-checked by Breitbart News, and the truth may shock you.

During their coverage of the recent shootings in Maryland’s Great Mills High School, CNN falsely reported that there has been one school shooting per week on average in 2018.

They claim the total number of school shootings for this year sits at 17.

Though to reach that number, CNN explained that they included violence of any sort as a “school shooting”, which allowed them to include random incidents which truly should not count in any category.

Breitbart reported:

To reach 17, CNN explained that they counted “gang violence,” “domestic violence,” and an “accidental discharge” of a firearm on school grounds, as school shootings. This criteria allowed them to count incidents like the alleged March 2 murder of two parents by their son at Central Michigan University as a school shooting, even though the parents were not students at the university and no one, other than the parents, was targeted or injured.

It also allowed CNN to count the March 13 accidental discharge of a firearm in a Seaside, California, classroom as a school shooting. KSBW reported that a reserve police officer, who is also a teacher, accidentally discharged a firearm and a male student received “moderate injuries” from bullet fragments that “ricocheted off the ceiling.”

Other similar incidents were counted as school shootings by CNN as well, making actual school shootings like the February 14 Parkland Florida shooting or the March 20 Great Mills High School shooting seem legion.

Ironically, on the day of the Parkland shooting Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety tweeted that there had been 18 school shootings in 2018. That claim was quickly spread by pro-gun control liberals then debunked after Breitbart News did a fact check.

The audit showed that Everytown had reached the number “18” by counting suicides, in which no one other than the deceased were targeted, and eight non-suicide firearm-related incidents in which there no injuries or fatalities. Everytown also counted accidental discharges, a “shooting…outside a Louisiana high school resulting in a 14-year-old receiving an ‘superficial’ wound, and another [that] resulted in a 15-year-old girl being wounded by a 16-year-old boy.”

When suicides, accidental discharges, and firearm-related incidents with no injuries or fatalities are counted as “school shootings,” alongside heinous attacks like those on Parkland or Great Mills, we have reached point where the phrase “school shootings” no longer communicates anything.

CNN has been caught blatantly lying in yet another story.

Their ratings continue to fall as the American populace turns to more reliable news sources, yet CNN continues to manipulate their stories any way they wish to fit their agenda.

Despite this critical error, CNN continues to publish this story.

Do you trust any news that comes from CNN?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



11 thoughts on “CNN’s Reputation Just Took A Major Hit After This Story Came Out

  1. Richard Menius

    Why would anybody watch CNN? It has been lying to it’s audience for years. When Hillary and Obama started lying, they new they were safe to lie. A lie is a lie is a lie, whoever says it. But you have to know the truth to know it’s a lie and most people don’t look or read enough to know when a lie is a lie. It’s sad. There is a lot of ignorant people in this country and there are some that are just stupid.

  2. John

    I know someone who has a bumper sticker that reads, “Want to know how to silence the voices in your head? Turn off Faux News.” Each and every time I see that, I roll my eyes because all too often, the background noise that is violating my ears is CNN. If people would realize that they could get more real news out of the latest episode of the midday soap operas or reruns of Three’s Company than they do from the likes of CNN, maybe we would start having more dramatic change back to common sense and a unified society working toward the common goal of having our country be the best once again.

  3. Jacob

    I am sure CNN is fooling the masses, most of whom do not have the time or inclination to check whether a Network is honest or dishonest. They are truly the Socialist Network in this country. Socialism came within a few votes in 2016 of taking over this country as the Media, Public Universities, and many Churches have sold their collective Souls to Socialism. If guns are outlawed only Outlaws will have guns, and how long can a 71 year old President keep holding his finger in the dam. The only real Hope for this country is the Lords return to earth in the rapture of the church. Maranatha. Otherwise, I firmly believe that in this Country my children will live to see Death Camps similar to those of the Nazis. And with guns confiscated by then, the masses will meekly be marched off to these camps, ala the Jews and others deemed undesirable in Nazi Germany. I tell you folks, why do you think the Socialists are so hysterical about guns? Think about and you will figure it out.

  4. CNKIV

    Nope, do not watch it anymore. All Lies and Liberal propaganda. Man, how sad to see a once proud organization turn into a mouthpiece for lying, hypocitical Libs. Disgusting.

  5. cathylovesyou

    To me CNN is the unwatched network. Someone is making an offer to buy them and they should take whatever the offer and get out of Town.

  6. Ardee0123

    CNN is a mindset. One must be looking for fantasy and false stories to ever wish to watch or listen to such. My Grandfather used to sit and listen to each radio news and commentary each evening. I asked him why did he listen to those who he didn’t agree with their skew on ideology and he said it gave him better perspective for his own view. He never complained that even the commentaries were false, just slanted to show individual view points. He would remove the ability to receive CNN from his news access as it doesn’t give a slant, it reports bald fantasy! Totally void of truth!

  7. Beverly Newsome

    CNN is a disgrace. Jeff Tucker needs to clean house if CNN is to stay on the air. Their stories are full of falsehoods but they don’t care. All they care about is ratings and keeping their jobs. So they will do whatever it takes to bring a story to their watchers. They are corrupt from the top on down. Grow up and tell the truth.

    1. furd

      this is one reason to modify the first amendment to allow for prosecution of the individuals who write or telecast blatently fake made up CNN style “news” long and perminate prosecution as national security violations

    2. Richard

      If they are doing this for rating they are failing bigly. They are close to the bottom, in rating, for cable news outlets.

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