Comey Is Accusing Trump Of A Cover-up

The nation was surprised to say the least when President Trump decided to FBI Director James Comey go.

And while liberal members initially wanted Comey gone, they were quick to jump on the chance to verbally attack President Trump for his much-needed decision to fire Comey.

Now Comey and his associates are trying to cause another disturbance in the political spectrum, as they are accusing Trump of firing him as part of an elaborate cover-up.

Comey is claiming that President Trump told him to back off of the investigation of former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn.

The memo was leaked to the press, and while Trump does apparently show his support for Mike Flynn, it doesn’t outright say to drop the investigation as Comey has claimed.

Breitbart News reports:

Former FBI Director James Comey associates are leaking more information about his conversations with President Donald Trump, asserting that the president asked Comey to let his former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn go.


“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” Trump told Comey, according to parts of the memo read to the New York Times. “He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

The matter was later discussed by White House aides during a press briefing, ensuring the memo released was not an accurate portrayal of what the President said.

Breitbart News writes:

At the White House Tuesday afternoon, White House aides denied the story.


“This is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president and Mr. Comey,” they said, assuring reporters that Trump never asked Comey to shut down the investigation.

Furthermore, it has been addressed several times in the press that President Trump never impeded any sort of investigation conducted by former FBI Director Comey, including that of Mike Flynn.

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe confirmed the statement.

Breitbart News continues:

They also pointed to a statement from acting F.B.I. director Andrew G. McCabe saying a week ago that there had been no effort to impede the Russian investigation.

Ultimately, Comey is acting on a vengeful note and trying to discredit the President since he was let go.

There has been no evidence to prove President Trump was attempting to cover-up the closing of the Mike Flynn investigation, nor has there been any interference by Trump in other federal investigations, including those of Russian investigations.

Do you think Comey is simply trying to discredit Trump as President?

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4 thoughts on “Comey Is Accusing Trump Of A Cover-up

  1. drbhelthi

    James Comey was a Clinton Foundation associate, was recommended to the alias, Barack H. Obama by Hitlary Clinton and appointed by alias, Obama, due to his stooge status. He remains a stooge – that has been identified – and has openly begun to contribute to the MSM-sponsored, defamation of president Trump. Due to his various, conflict-of-interest affiliations, he is well-qualified to be investigated by genuine FBI agents – or the USCongress – which will lead to an indictment.

  2. milmac

    There is nothing honorable about James B. Comey, Jr., so the title on his name place should just read James B. Comey, Jr., Liar

  3. Bev Schewanick

    James Comey is NOT to be trusted. He will back the Clinton’s forever, and lie to protect them.

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