Comey Just Got Busted For This Big Problem

Former FBI Director James Comey may have just been busted for lying under oath.

Comey testified in front of Congress on May 3 for his potential media involvement in the Russia investigation.

He claimed to the Senate Intelligence Committee that he never gave any anonymous leaks to a media source – but his friends say otherwise.

According to Benjamin Wittes, an editor-in-chief at Lawfare and former editorial writer for The Washington Post, Comey had discussed his private talks with President Trump.

Breitbart reported:

Wittes wrote in a piece on May 18, only nine days after Comey was fired, that the former FBI director had shared those conversations “over the previous few months.”


He wrote:


Comey never told me the details of the dinner meeting; I don’t think I even knew that there had been a meeting over dinner until I learned it from the Times story. But he did tell me in general terms that early on, Trump had ‘asked for loyalty’ and that Comey had promised him only honesty. He also told me that Trump was perceptibly uncomfortable with this answer.


Wittes also wrote that he had lunch with Comey on March 27 and that they discussed a phone call that Trump had made to him earlier in the day.


Wittes denied those conversations were leaks but were “just conversations between friends, the contents of which one friend is now disclosing.”

While both parties are denying the information shared by Comey could be considered a leak, by definition, it certainly constitutes as one.

And despite Comey’s claim that he never leaked information to the media, Wittes is a member of the news media.

Wittes wrote several articles from the information shared by Comey, publishing it across several news sites.

Breitbart reported:

Wittes not only wrote about the “loyalty” conversation with Trump in his May 18 blog post titled “What James Comey Told Me About Donald Trump,” but he wrote about contacting the New York Times as a source to share what Comey had told him. In a BuzzFeed interview, he also discussed contacting the New York Times.

Wittes was not the only one Comey leaked information to.

He also gave friend Daniel Richman memos of his conversations with Trump, for the sole purpose it could be leaked to the media later.

And now Comey has been caught lying under oath about his endeavors as FBI Director, despite his arguments against the fact.

Breitbart News reported:

From those reports, it appears that Comey told both Wittes and Richman about the conversations while he was FBI director, potentially for the purpose of later leaking to the media.


Despite the leaking, Comey told the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3, six days before he was fired, that he had “never” been an anonymous news source on “matters relating to” the investigation on the Trump campaign.

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8 thoughts on “Comey Just Got Busted For This Big Problem

  1. Glanda Widger

    He leaked confidential information and he lied about it. 2 of his ” friends” have confessed they got info from him about Trump conversations before and after he was fired. Even though he back tracked and used the excuse the conversations made him uncomfortable( his claim) he is guilty and needs to be jailed. No speculation on why he felt uncomfortable other than he was Hillary’s bot until he outed her.

  2. Frank

    Any person with half a brain is going to expect Comey to lie sooner or later for revenge against the President for being fired (he believes he was in office as head of the FBI for his full term no matter what he did or didn’t do) so just charge him with perjury ( under oath) fire Mueller & his crew then we can move on

    1. BOC

      Maybe, but I seriously doubt it. One thing for sure, we don’t need a mainstream media operation helping a conspiracy along. Credibility should mean everything to 21 Century Entertainment; but it’s obvious with Ailes gone (rest-in-peace) the culture hasn’t really changed.

      Mueller stays, UNTIL THE JOB GETS DONE. We want the Racists and Russians, out.

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