Congress Wants To Go After A Special Part Of Clinton’s Team

Congress wants the Department of Justice to press charges against a certain part of Hillary Clinton’s team, the IT management company Platte River Networks.

Platte River had the most involvement in her email scandal and has gotten by without consequences so far.

Now a House Committee is pushing to press charges for obstruction of justice, false testimony, and lying to federal officials.

The CEO of Platte River, Treve Suazo, will also face possible charges due to his direct involvement in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

The Daily Caller reports:

Texas Rep. Lamar Smith, the chairman of the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, issued the referral for Treve Suazo, the CEO of Platte River Networks.


“With a new administration in place, I am hopeful that the Department of Justice will appropriately respond to the referral. We cannot allow companies with valuable information to stonewall us in our oversight efforts,” Smith said in a statement.


Platte River, which is based in Denver, took over management of Clinton’s server in June 2013, several months after Clinton left the State Department. Prior to that, the email system, which housed thousands of classified documents, was managed by State Department IT worker Bryan Pagliano.

House Committee aids reported that Suazo refused to comply with two subpoenas issued to his company regarding information needed from Hillary Clinton’s server for the federal investigation.

The same House aides reported that the two smaller companies which worked with Hillary Clinton’s private email server did comply with the requests set forth by federal investigators.

Furthermore, it seems as if Platte River ignored various warnings of attempted hijackings and other potential internet threats, all while Hillary Clinton continued to use a private email server.

The Daily Caller reports:

The aides said that two other companies who managed parts of the system, Datto and SECNAP, complied with documents requests. And information provided by Datto, a cloud computing company, “raised serious concerns about the vulnerability” of the information stored on Clinton’s server, the aides said.


According to the aides, Datto asked Platte River to take steps to encrypt the information on the server, which was stored at a data center in New Jersey.


“We didn’t see any evidence that those encryption measures were taken,” the aides said.

The aides also said that a Platte River technician, Paul Combetta, received at least 50 alerts about hacking attempts on Clinton’s server originating from Korea, Germany, France and the U.S.”

In connection to the federal investigation, many employees at Platte River were also called for testimony for their involvement.

The Daily Caller reports:

But several of the employees either refused to testify, or pleaded their fifth amendment rights.


Combetta was one of two Platte River Networks employees who pleaded the Fifth during a House hearing last September. Bill Thornton, another technician, refused to testify at a House Oversight Committee hearing about their work on Clinton’s server.


Combetta also lied to the FBI during one of his interviews about his work on Clinton’s server. Despite that, he was granted immunity from the Justice Department in order to cooperate with the investigation.

As a result of both their lack of cooperation and their dishonesty involving information, Platte River should be called for investigation.

The Daily Caller reports:

“As a result, the Committee is referring Mr. Treve Suazo, CEO of Platte River Networks, to the Department of Justice for prosecution under federal laws pertaining to failing to produce subpoenaed documents, making false statements to Congress regarding possession of documents, and obstructing Congress.”

  • draftsman69

    It will be hard to believe it will really happen. I have been really sick of seeing Hillary Clinton and others like her getting by with such lawless corruption, in our faces, with no consequence to their misdeeds. It will be sweet to see them held accountable.