Conservatives Sent A Jaw-Dropping Message To Paul Ryan And The Establishment

The media gleefully reported that establishment Republicans were running away from Donald Trump after the release of an eleven-year-old clip of Trump talking with Access Hollywood co-host, Billy Bush.

Speaker Paul Ryan denounced Trump’s remarks.

But when Ryan attended a campaign rally in Wisconsin – after disinviting Trump – the crowd sent a shocking message.

Establishment Republicans in Wisconsin attended the Fall Fest to rally voters for Senator Ron Johnson’s re-election.

However, the crowd quickly turned on the establishment Republicans because of their cowardly betrayal of Donald Trump.

Speaker Ryan himself was heckled and booed for his role in trying to sabotage Donald Trump’s campaign with just a little over one month before Election Day.

Conservatives in the crowd made it known their loyalty was with the GOP nominee and not with Paul Ryan and his globalist establishment.

Buzzfeed reports:

“By the time it was Ryan’s turn to speak, the mood had grown indisputably hostile. He took the stage to scattered boos, and shouts of, “What about Donald Trump?” and, “Shame on you!”


“Look, let me just start out by saying: There’s a bit of an elephant in the room,” Ryan told the crowd. “And it’s a troubling situation … but that is not what we are here to talk about today. You know what we do here at Fall Fest? We talk about our ideas, we talk about our solutions, we talk about our conservative principles.”


Trump supporters greeted the message with a chorus of boos and abuse.


“Trump for president!”


“Mention Trump!”


“You turned your back on him!”


Ryan soldiered on with a spiel about the need to repeal Obamacare, but the audience seemed largely uninterested. “This is just a bunch of bullshit,” one Trump supporter grumbled. Elsewhere, a woman carrying a Paul Ryan sign chided a young pro-Trump heckler who was proudly showing reporters his t-shirt — a parody of the famous Obama campaign poster that displayed Bill Clinton’s visage above the word, “RAPE.”


When Ryan finished his speech and invited the other Republican officeholders to join him on stage, a Trump supporter shouted, “See ya Paul — jackass!”

You can watch the video of the angry crowd’s response below:

Trump took note of the outpouring of support from rank-and-file Republicans on Twitter.