Could Election Be Suspended?

The general election is panning out like a Greek tragedy where Hillary is a Medea-like character. It’s as if she’s the vengeful princess who refuses to stop until she achieves the highest office in the land – even going so far as to sabotage a fellow party candidate to reach her goals.

Hillary Clinton is still strong enough to step on – or over – anybody, regardless of how mainstream the news is about her health.

Previously, she had emphatically dismissed all observations made regarding her health, calling the “conspiracy theories” ridiculous and not worthy of her campaign staff’s attention.

Now, after a video went viral showing Hillary Clinton suddenly fainting in New York City, her staff has finally been forced to address her health issue, recently admitting she had been suffering from pneumonia.

At first, Hillary’s campaign lied about the incident, saying she had “overheated”. But ironically – now that they had to come clean – they’re claiming Hillary’s health condition is totally normal because, “everyone gets sick.”

However, Clinton’s own Secret Service agents are terrified by her recent medical complications.  One undisclosed agent confessed, “Hillary’s campaign will be forced into making a big announcement soon regarding her medical condition.”

The agent also claimed that the van used to transport Hillary had to be specially fitted with disabled access and boosted by video surveillance which showed Hillary having to be helped into the vehicle by her aides.

Now the Democratic National Committee’s top strategists are holding secret crisis meetings about whether or not to replace Hillary with another candidate.  Bernie Sanders name has been thrown around, although Joe Biden seems to be the leading contender.

But one plausible tactic the DNC could implement is suspending the election altogether.

HeatSt reported:

“The Democratic National Committee reserves the right to replace a candidate who dies or drops out, and it doesn’t provide additional details in its by-laws.  So presumably the Democrats would have to make up the process up as they go along.”

This may also mean a possible – yet temporary – third term for President Obama.

The U.S. News & World Report noted about the possibility of an Obama third term:

“The presidential election could be delayed or scrapped altogether if conspiracy theories become predictive and a candidate dies or drops out before Nov. 8.”

Another possibility is President Obama could enforce martial law to suspend the election date:

“On October 17, 2006, President Bush signed into law, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, which affords the president (any president) the ability to declare a ‘public emergency’ at his own discretion, and place federal troops anywhere throughout the United States.


Under this law, the president also now has the authority to federalize National Guard troops without the consent of state governors, in order to restore ‘public order.’  The President can now deploy federal troops to U.S. cities, at will, which eliminates the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act.”

And then, in December 2011, Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law, which allows an indefinite detention amongst United States citizens without charge by the military.

Another possible outcome is that the Electoral College could choose the next president without public voting at all.

Congress could postpone the election date and make Speaker of the House Paul Ryan as president de facto until such date was set.

On the other hand, the Democrats could refuse the previous mentions and rely on Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, or even Tim Kaine to compete against Donald Trump in a Hail Mary desperate heave.

What do you think?  What is the best possible situation?

  • BJ

    The thought that Electoral College could appoint the next President is the most frightening possibility of all! Congress should take charge and appoint Paul Ryan. Even though I strongly disagree with his Ayn Rand ideals, he’s better than Hillary Clinton ascending to the White House!. It can’t happen again that she should reside there and control as she wishes.

    • OldPa57

      obozo should be given the chance to stay any longer than January, either. That could continue to cause more pain & damage to this nation. He has caused enough, already.

    • Hillyard Hellraiser

      He’s a globalist through and through. He’s all for open borders because you can’t have a one-world government with closed borders.

  • Bonnie

    The logical replacement for Hillary Clinton would be Bernie Sanders since he came in right behind her, or (ahem) ahead of her if you count popular votes. The electoral college should be scrapped!

  • Puddentain

    Not going to happen. Uprising would be HUGE. People are EXTREMELY tired of government officials and their BS. Try and pull something like any of these options it would get REAL ugly.

    • Hillyard Hellraiser

      Maybe the martial law scenario looks like the best option to the establishment.

      • Puddentain

        Maybe. But I remember a similar proposition posed during the last election so I tend to believe this type of fear mongering is something that will propagate itself in future elections.

        What would happen if the martial law scenario ‘did’ play out. Well, for one, I see an internal battle with the military because not all military leadership will go along with it (regardless of Obamas purge and alleged litmus tests during the last 8 years). I see militia’s & lone wolves rising up and literally ‘hunting’ politicians/key officials. I see many riots because the military & National Guard can’t be everywhere. I basically see all citizens pissed off at a certain level because of there would be a major disruption of everyday life.

        So,,,from my perspective,,,it’s not really a plausible argument. Let’s say that only 1/3 of the U.S. is capable of pushing back. That’s 106 million people. The U.S. military has 1.3 million. There are 1.4 million National Guard. Not all Governors are going to let their Guard participate and the Guards loyalty would most likely side with the Governor.

        So,,,if someone really attempted martial law it really could start a “Civil War” of sort. I just don’t believe it’s a rational solution for even a crazed dictator to attempt. That’s when you would find out that Obama’s approval rating is really like a $50 bill wrapped on top of a stack of $1.00 bills. It’s hollow and all for show. There would be a HUGE uprising and there’s a likely chance that politicians would be the focal point of the eventual anger. Nobody wants that. Especially “them”.

        • Richard Bagenstose

          you are 100% right , they declare martial law and all laws are voided and it will be open season on democrats and anyone who sides with them, why do you think guns are flying off the selves , everyone sees what is coming , and the muslum nigger still thinks he can get away with it

  • David Stewart

    Never heard of a horse race being cancelled because one horse threw a shoe! If she can’t toe the mark, she loses!

  • Barb McFadden

    OMG – my biggest fear is that Obama declares martial law and keeps himself in office. TOTAL destruction of America.

  • 2behonest

    Tree of Liberty needs watering if that happens. enough liberal garbage transgender this sickos.

  • combdyn

    The DNC should be able to replace their candidate at any time before the general
    election, The Trump landslide (provided the fraud is not overwhelming),
    being voided by this administration because of “computer hacking by the
    Russians”, is my fear. THAT might precipitate martial law because of t he uprising.

    And Trump needs to keep HIS security force in charge of his security.
    The number of people planted by Hill & Bill is legendary!

  • Allen Wood

    I have been saying for years that Obama is not going anywhere. He is taking the same path as the others who have ultimately become dictators. He and Soros (who is ultimately pulling the strings) will never let the “progress” they have made in making America a Socialist dictatorship go to waste.

  • Ektor

    The slime-o-crats know the true condition of Witch Hillary. They have had plenty of time to make changes. The fact that she refuses to give up running is her fault if she cannot make it through the elections. The facist dems have no real reason to suspend the elections knowing that they have had time to take control of the situation. It is their failure to face the cold hard facts. Liberals never do.

  • Richard Bagenstose

    well they tried to say trump and putin were poisoning her , more like oboma is poisoning her , so she drops dead the day after the election, then he can stay a while longer