Could It Be The End for CNN?

Throughout the presidential campaign, and even into the first months of Trump’s presidency, CNN has been a verbal enemy of the American people.

From disregarding Trump as a legitimate candidate, to spreading fake news about many in his administration, CNN has much to answer for.

And their brand is now taking a huge hit as a result, and it may lead to the end of CNN.

CNN’s ratings have plummeted significantly in recent months, especially due to their push of “fake news” during the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

The Daily Caller reports:

CNN’s brand has continued to struggle.


CNN, which President Trump has referred to as the “Clinton News Network,” now trails both MSNBC and Fox News in brand perception, according to findings from YouGov. Both MSNBC and CNN have fallen far behind Fox News in recent months.

A new poll shows just how much damage CNN has retained.

The poll contains information regarding how much Americans are paying attention to liberal media sites – and the results are not in favor of the left.

The Daily Caller reports:

Respondents were asked, “If you’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?”


Of the three cable networks, only Fox News scored a neutral brand perception. Both CNN and MSNBC were well in the negatives.

The decline of CNN has been studied and proven to be directly related to their constant lack of support and consequential bashing of President Trump and those in his direct vicinity.

The Daily Caller reports:

“CNN’s negative acceleration point happened in mid-October 2016, around the time Anderson Cooper interviewed Melania Trump, notably discussing her husband’s famous ‘Access Hollywood’ tape,” YouGov’s Ted Marzilli notes.


“Also at that time, a local North Carolina Republican office was firebombed, causing conservative-leaning media to pounce on CNN for suggesting Trump’s rhetoric spurred the incident.”


He concludes: “The big picture — going back to early 2016 — shows the possible toll particular news events, and being the recipient of incessant Trump bashing, may have taken on CNN.”

President Trump, in response, has been extremely vocal about his distrust of the liberal organization.

One thing is certain – CNN has definitely taken a large credibility hit, and one they may not be able to bounce back from.

What are your thoughts?

Do you typically follow CNN?

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23 thoughts on “Could It Be The End for CNN?

  1. Countrysunrise

    On the day that President Trump was being Inaugurated, I caught part of a story that CNN ran, showing what would happen if President Trump and Vice President Pence were assassinated. What type of news station would even THINK of concocting, let alone AIRING, a story like this??? A demented, damaging station like CNN, which comes up with any type of story that will throw barbs at the President and anyone associated with his Cabinet or the President at all!! It used to be halfway decent when Ted Turner was running it, and now it runs in the gutter!! Even THAT is too good of an expression for that station!! Anderson Cooper used to be a pretty good reporter, and he got used by the station. So did Wolf Blitzer, after the Gulf War. I don’t know the rest of them, and really don’t want to know the rest of the reporters!! That shows you that I don’t even bother to put their station on. Same goes with MSNBC.

    1. Frank Krzesowiak

      Couldn’t agree more. Imagine if Fox did that to Obama. They would be called every name in the book the least of which would be Racist. They’ve turned into a trash magazine.Hope they die a thousand deaths.

  2. SouthernPatriot

    CNN has transformed itself over the past decades. First it was known as the “Blame America First Channel” known as the Communist News Network. Then as the Clintons began to gain footing, CNN was transformed into the Clinton News Network, which they continued to be through the Bush years and substituted Obama as their idol during his reign. Now as they are the champions of faux news, twisting as many news stories as possible against Trump and when they cannot they make one up and lie. Now, CNN is known as Corrupt News Network.

    I hope their ratings plummet even more to the gutter and a conservative investor picks up the network for pennies on the dollar and appoints conservative administrators and hires similar reporters and news readers.

  3. barbarakelly

    It will be a cold day that I ever watch CNN or the other blasted liberal channels. I want honesty and truth above all from the news and I DONT get it from these liberal channels. That also goes to the Radio.!!!!!!

  4. MrsVL

    CNN is now called, Crap News Network and I never watch it because I am sick and tired of the Pres.Trump bashing, they do on a daily, minute by minute basis!! They deserve to go away and be dissolved but I highly doubt they will. Van Jones even said that Pres Trump’s speech to Congress last Tuesday made him look Presidential and was a great speech. They better stop the rhetoric or they will find themselves in the dustbin of networks! People are sick and tired of their negativity and FAKE NEWS put out about our President!

    1. boccagalupe

      The other day, I found my wife watching cnn,..a little later, she watched msnbc…But I understand and forgive. She may not realize what she’s seeing/ hearing after all she’s blonde.

  5. Daniel Spickard

    They brought it all on themselves! The conservative party didn’t egg them on! So what ever happens it’s all on their heads!

  6. generalJed

    I think that Pres. Trump was being kind in calling them the “Clinton News Network”. I call them the “Communist News Network!

  7. Joyce Kroff

    On election night I turned to CNN by accident. The expression on all their faces when Donald Trump won was priceless but it says it all about how biased they are. I can’t stand them and will NEVER watch CNN for anything. My preference would be that they just go out of existence quietly. I don’t trust them and know they make up fake news and distort real stories regarding President Trump and his administration. It is people like them that have made me and 50 million others diehard Trump fans. At least he can look you in the face and tell you he was wrong and made a mistake. I believe and trust him to do what he promised during the campaign. He is very wealthy in his own right and possibly the only one that was strong enough to stand up to Clinton and Obama’s corrupt empire. He didn’t need the money and couldn’t be bought and He loved America enough to give up his lifestyle and put up with all the BS the libs have thrown his way.
    Donald Trump is very smart and can usually anticipate their next move. And as he has mentioned several times he was one of them before so he knows how they think and work. I don’t trust the MSM, trying to force us through untruths and intimidation, to share their liberal views and beliefs. I don’t care about any of their sex lives and don’t want to hear about it either. And believe it or not I do have gay friends and relatives. CNN and all your journalist can go to hell. I feel this way about all the MSM and the so called Elite of Hollywood too. The journalist do not report fair and unbiased news about the Republican Party. If they can’t leave their personal feeling out of it I have no interest in seeing it. I just want the truth from the news and to be entertained by the entertainers. If they don’t want to provide these simple services then we don’t need them. We don’t want or care about their freaking opinions. It is totally disgusting that they try to intimidate and force other entertainers or anyone associated with the Trump Administration to do what they want. It has come to the time we need to see this stopped one way or another.

  8. Tom George

    I stopped watching CNN several years ago. Their reporting then was totally biased ,though they had not added fake news to their repertoire at that point. Their obvious bias just meant to me that my time could better be used elsewhere. If they deservedly disappear, only the narrow minded, unthinking leftists will miss them.

  9. jimmbbo_the_deplorable

    If it weren’t for airport concourses, hotel lobbies and forced subscriptions thru cable operators, their entire viewership would fit in a high school multipurpose room.

  10. james.m.heller

    CNN lost me months ago, I don’t get any news from their network and I would never ask anyone to stop listening to that despicable no news station not even a network never in my life have I listened to so many people so miss informed. They have taken there own advice to long. Listen to the people!

  11. dennis johnson

    I only switch to CNN to see who the advertisers are so I know who not to buy from. Any company that advertises on that shithole is selling itself to Liberals and I won’t support any Liberal loving business. There is always an alternative company to buy from.

  12. Johnny White

    In the long haul evil never wins. CBS and ABC are changing their tune a little but they only trail CNN by very little. Frankly i wish it was just true news with the truth based on facts. I really don’t want opinions by mouthy people of medium intelligence at best.

  13. oat21

    CNN, the New York Times, the left wing socials democrats, Obama and his minion puppet spies are all done and they’re end is near because of their idiocy and lying. These are criminal organizations fighting to destroy the first amendment through their lying and the destruction of America.

  14. oat21

    CNN, the New York Times, the left wing socials democrats, Obama and his minion puppet spies are all done and they’re end is near because of their idiocy and lying. These are criminal organizations fighting to destroy the first amendment through their lying and the destruction of America.

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