Could This Finally Land Bill Clinton Behind Bars?

Former President Bill Clinton is making headlines once more.

Bill and his wife Hillary are already in a heap of trouble for their scandalous business operations.

But now, new accusations are arising against the former president, ones which may finally land him behind bars.

New allegations of sexual misconduct are arising against Bill Clinton.

Four women have come forward claiming that sexual advances were made to them by Bill after leaving the White House in 2001.

Reportedly, four lawsuits are being compiled by the victims, which has been confirmed by Clinton’s legal team.

Breitbart reports:

Clinton’s history of sexual misconduct both before and during his presidency returned to the spotlight in 2016 and again in 2017 during his wife Hillary’s failed presidential bid and more recently amid new allegations of sexual misconduct against a plethora of politicians, journalists, and Hollywood celebrities.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said last week that Clinton should have resigned the presidency in the wake of his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. It forms part of a broader re-evaluation of Clinton’s conduct by Democrats and left-wing media pundits.

Klein, who has written a number of sensationalist books including All Out War: The Plot to Destroy Trump, reports that the women were employed in “low-level positions” at an organization owned by playboy billionaire Ron Burkle. Clinton was hired by Burkle and flew around the world on Burkle’s private jet — which Klein says was known as “Air Fuck One.”

Klein says there is no evidence that Burkle knew anything about the alleged assaults by Clinton.

Bill Clinton has a lengthy history of sexual misconduct.

After his affair with 21 year old intern Monica Lewinsky in 1995, two articles of impeachment were approved against him in the House of Representatives.

Another report claimed that Hillary was “furious” with her husband for being the center of yet another sexual scandal— and that Hillary is willing to play dirty to cover up her husband’s promiscuity.

Breitbart continued:

 [Burke]  also reports that Hillary Clinton is “furious” with Bill for getting stuck in another scandal and offered to hire private detectives to dig up dirt on the women — but Clinton’s attorneys said no.

Sources tell Klein that if they are not given substantial payouts for their silence, the accusers are prepared to hold a joint press conference to air their stories.

In the midst of many sexual predators being revealed in recent times, it is unsurprising Bill Clinton has become yet another name on the list.

Do you believe that Clinton’s sexual harassment and advancements should land him behind bars?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



16 thoughts on “Could This Finally Land Bill Clinton Behind Bars?


    Jail not in the Clinton’s vocabulary or future—the sexual felony rape has been ignored since his political positions in Arkansas—he is not called the TEFLON KID FOR NOTHING–if Justice is not achieved on earth maybe the hereafter will have a special place for SLICK WILLY may even be a bit too warm for him or maybe he is really sorry for breaking the comandment and repenting—you think???.

  2. GO GO (Cynthia)

    YES’-He should DEFINITELY be behind bars. Punishment has to start somewhere, but it still just goes on and on. MONEY TALKS’–and then, the S walks. That is the way it is for most all that have the ‘pay off’ funds of power. Look at all the sex scandals that are going on, and all the women that have been scared to death to come out ant tell anyone. Shouldn’t the scum’-bags have to pay (not financially)for their raping women! Another of examples….; “Just don’t get caught”. Too many children learn what to do, by this way of teachings, and too many are serving time, for what their environment-parents taught them…..”JUST DON’T GET CAUGHT”. tHEY CAN ONLY DO WHAT THEY ARE TAUGHT. More should watch the movie “BABY DRIVER’-, perfect example of many today.–

    1. pateboo

      It’s not being a Democrat, we have plenty of Democrats in prison from the Chicago area alone, the problem is the body count with Hillary, Bill, and Obama. No one wants to be an addition to the death list, the suicide by bullet to the back of the head group.

  3. SirWilhelm

    “Bill and his wife Hillary are already in a heap of trouble for their scandalous business operations.” Oh yeah? Then why aren’t they under arrest, or on trial, already? Why are they still giving speeches, signing books, and making TV appearances, and making lots of money while they’re at it? There’a a whole lot of people that would love to be in that kind of trouble. The Clintons sure seem to be enjoying it!

    1. Angelika G

      YEP, they are Bonnie & Clyde on steroids WITHOUT the PUNISHMENT of DEATH that they are so, so deserving of…!!! The CRIMINALS in Washington make sure of that because it’s the so called Democrats who hold the REAL power, NOT the GOP, as they are NOT interested in using the powers that they actually have, due to last year’s voting….!!! STRANGE isn’t it…??? But NOT surprising at all when you think of all of the SOROS money they have available now, $18 BILLION, AND it shows that ONLY money RULES America and the rest of the world, because with money one can BUY the WILL, the HEARTLESSNESS of those who are NOT “human”, rather MONSTERS, set out to DESTROY the world through Globalism, so that ONLY a FEW will hold ALL the POWER and the MONEY, and if they WIN, it is going to be Soros, Obama, the Clintons and some of their MINIONS at the TOP of it all…!! This is the PLAN, their plan, to conquer the world WITHOUT military actions, they are using mainly RADICAL ISLAM for their DIRTY deed, as we have seen already, and that is why they are so set on SPREADING them around the world…!!!

  4. gobrien

    “Sources tell Klein that if they are not given substantial payouts for their silence, the accusers are prepared to hold a joint press conference to air their stories.”
    So it all comes down to $$$’s — not morals, not principle, not stopping a sexual abuser before he ruins the life of any other women/young girls. How about reporting these incidents when they occur and get the offenders arrested? This waiting 20 yrs, 30 yrs, etc., is BS. Don’t suggest that it’s because of shame or fear. Show that you’re tough and strong or women will always be considered weak and stupid. And I speak as a woman.

  5. George T Horvat

    Of course “both” Clinton’s belong behind bars but these women are nothing more than opportunist. Where were they when these things actually happened? Now they finally come forward when they see money at the end of their rainbow. Their character is just as questionable as Penis Bill’s.

  6. Derek McGowan

    The Clintons will never face Prison. They live under another set of rules with certain other Politicians, which simply means they are above the Law.

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