New Information Just Proved This Democrat Lied About The Trump Probe

James WolfeThe Russia probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller continued for over a year.

Mueller led a witch hunt against Trump and his former campaign team over allegations of collusion before the 2016 election.

And now new evidence has led to a surprising source and his involvement in media leaks.

This Senate Staffer Had a Secret

Evidence points to former Director of Security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, James Wolfe.

In 2017, a story broke about surveillance warrants against Trump’s campaign adviser, Carter Page, in the Russia investigation.

But who was the source of this report?

The documents released proved that James Wolfe lied to the FBI about having contact with at least three reporters.

Justice Department documents released this week do not identify any reporters by name, but one or more were responsible for pointing fingers at Wolfe.

The Justice Department and their Part

The story that broke revealed that the government had a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant against Page.

The documents from the Justice Department prove that Wolfe was in contact with reporters.

The Justice Department referred the FBI to Wolfe, who interviewed him in December of 2017.

He lied to the FBI when he denied having contact with the media.

Wolfe told the Justice Department he didn’t do it.

He even pled not guilty, but now he is changing his story.

Wolfe Quickly Changed His Tune

Wolfe handled classified information in his role as Director of Security for the Senate Intelligence Committee.

This included classified documents about the FISA warrant issued against Carter Page.

Wolfe was not accused of leaking classified information, nor has he been indicted for doing so.

But he was caught red-handed in lying to the FBI.

And now he has changed his tune.

The Justice Department report proves that Wolfe had contact with several reporters via email.

He was also in a relationship at the time with Ali Watkins, a BuzzFeed reporter, who wrote about the investigation into Page.

He is even quoted as saying, “always tried to give you as much information that I could and to do, the right thing with it so you could get that scoop before anyone else.”

The Justice Department proved that Wolfe lied during his interview with the FBI in December of 2017.

There are government documents proving that he did have contact with reporters as far back as late-2015.

Wolfe was indicted in June of three counts of lying to the FBI.

It remains to be seen how he will be punished for his leaks to the media.

But one thing is clear – reporters gained insight into the case because of their contact with Wolfe.

Read more about who was really colluding during the investigation on Conservative Revival.

Do you think Wolfe is guilty of lying to the FBI?

What role do you think his contact with reporters had in media leaks about a FISA warrant against Carter Page?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



37 thoughts on “New Information Just Proved This Democrat Lied About The Trump Probe

  1. Sandy

    Yes its a confusing account unless you’ve followed this scandal closely.
    Bottom line is that there are many players in the ‘resist’ movement that orchestrated the Special Council investigation. And yes, its all about making Trump’s MAGA job harder.

      1. safari1024

        This was public before now but this is why in this day and age you have to search for your news in multiple locations.

        1. mrpoohead

          Ever wonder why Muslims hate America? History!

          Prior to 1947 the Middle East, comparatively, was a peaceful place – issues were nationalistic not religious. All three religions got on, inter-marriage, all three were recognized and the government was secular. The military had both Muslim and Christian regiments and all Sabbaths were observed – very handy as it meant somewhere was always open. Old houses in Jerusalem have signs above their entrances telling folk what religion the household was, people respected the customs of the household.

          In 1947 America stuck its big fat nose into affairs that were none of its business. They bullied and bribed nations to get the Israeli State Mandate passed in the UN, no Middle East country supported this.

          Israel’s, or what was Palestine, natives are Palestinian Arabs – some are Jews, Christians and others are Muslim. Jerusalem is holy to all three religions. Having got what they wanted America has had to fund despots and dictators in the region to maintain the status quo. So the Saddam’s, the Shah, Mubarak and Assad’s are America’s fault!

          And you wonder why oppressed folk blame America – really? It’s just another in a long line of idiotic foreign policies – Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. So moving the embassy to Jerusalem is just another dumb move which previous Presidents had the good sense to realise. So if they come over and bomb the White House next Friday I really can’t blame them.

          The interesting thing is America is now bankrupt, can’t justify the funding and its clout in the UN has seriously faded. We’ve had Arab Spring’s and the people are mostly evolving into democracies albeit with a few hiccups. The best foreign policy America ever had was “isolationism”.

          If you can refute any of this with a reputable reference I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice. No Israel does not belong to one religion, God may have promised on his return to give it to them but he’s not returned and America is not God. Nor is it the fault of the British, they had long abandoned the Balfour Declaration and didn’t support the Mandate.

          Real history – not revisionist!!!!!!!

        2. mrpoohead

          News is news.
          Opinion is not.
          The sites you visit are far right opinion sites, they even have disclaimers.
          Funny as!

      2. james mcninch

        because the justice department before sesson came in , will didnt and wont give the information and or documents to get to the bottom of this feasco. this has been and still going on since 2016..

    1. james mcninch

      Hi sandy, as i have said , i have followed this from the beginning, for the most part i do not know what programs are on tv, my attention is on the news, i watch fox news , for straight reporting and no bullshit cnn msnbc nbc abc etc, take a look at any one of them and remember what they say, abuslutly nothing possitive to our president .. who has done what he promissed , i cant remember any other president that has done what he has done in less then 2 years, JFK, was the only real one. iam 67 ive been here..

        1. John Donohue

          Don’t bother posting if you have nothing that resembles anything intelligent to post ! Bob, you must be a Clinton/Sanders supporter a.k.a. LOSER !

  2. W. Dennis Hodges

    What about the 4500 plus lies and deceptions this president has espoused to the American people over the months since taking office? Conservatives want to look beyond the fact that this country has an immoral, corrupt and narcissistic egotist dividing us and bringing shame on the United States. This “Apprentice” actor has mesmerized you to a point of being his puppets believing in all that he erroneously says. Snap out of it.

    1. safari1024

      What I focus on is the incredible job this President is doing for our country despite unprecedented resistance from the opposing party, the media, the never Trump people, and the entrenched bureaucracy. I have never seen a President who doesn’t lie in my life,and I have not seen a President so committed to keep his campaign promises since Reagan.

      1. mrpoohead

        Yes, debt now growing faster than under Obama. Go Trump!
        Under Obama debt grew 74%
        Under Reagan 186%
        Trump already on target to surpass Obama!

        1. james mcninch

          how about, you have to pass the bill to see whats in it, in my 67 years i have never heard that statement before. obama raised it 10 trillion in less than one year, the president had to buckel down and except what the democrates wanted to get the money to keep our military equipted,or do you want to fight our enamies on your own??, if you ever listen to the news, you will find the president said he will never sign this kind of bill ever again. so if you want to place blame, blam your democrat’s. even when they got over a million more grants to daca , the dems didnt want it ,what they wanted in the first place. so shut up unless you have all the facts…

          1. mrpoohead

            Actually nobody said that – it was taken out of context by far right groups.

            The President is in charge of squat – Congress makes law and policy. Debt grew 74$ under Obama, 186% under Reagan.

            What enemies? The only issues in the world today are a few loonies and they’re dealt with by investigation and stealth. Fancy weapons not required.

            DACA – both parties funded it. Get over it!

            Trump says a lot of things, most of it is garbage and tomorrow he’ll change his mind or contradict himself. He’s a moron!

    2. Olive Gustafson

      Yes, Trump is such a big fat liar, but don’t forget, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor and your costs will go down, and Benghazi was about a YouTube video, oh, and I’m a United States citizen

      1. james mcninch

        the president trump did not say what you just said , you can keep your doctor, if you like your health care you can keep it, that my dumb friend was your late president obama. get the facts beofre you open your mouth….

        1. Olive Gustafson

          It’s called sarcasm genius. I know trump didn’t say it. The saviour said it several times. That’s Obama in case you couldn’t figure it out.

    3. james mcninch

      you must be a democrat, who in any given day of news anywhere do you see president trump saying and doing what the democrats are doing and saying, from day one november 2017. all i have seen since is damnation and the call to viloence , mazein waters holder and many others , hell if you dont like what someone said or the policies ,vote not cause and do violence. this will get someone lilled, one was shot just playing baseball….

  3. james mcninch

    someone has to place charges for everything that began this farse, indightments , i have followed this thing from the beginning, and if you or i being regular people ever did what these people, we would be in jail by now , in the higher positions in the fbi justice department ,and a few other places , the main reason , the democratic party just can not get over that a non politician would become the president of america…. sad isnt the word..

  4. James Grey

    Have you heard about some well known Democrats are receiving Pipe Bombs?
    Think about it, How many Addresses of any Democrat do you have? NONE? I don’t have any, so I think this is just another BS deal set up by Democrats inside our Government. Either Senators r members in the House have planed this and hired people to do it. Democrat’s have not one Program SO THIS WILL BE IT THROUGH ELECTION? IT IS SO BAD A VERY SAD THEY R EVEN LIKE THIS.

  5. John R. Bloxson Jr.

    There were multiple Democrat leakers but the worst was the D. N. C. Which payed millions for the False Steele Dossier. The same people who sabotaged Bernie Sanders Campaign. The same schemmers trying to sobatage the American Political System today.

    1. Bama Bill

      You may feel sick after you do some research on who funds the DNC? I found Mr. Soros founded the “Open Borders Foundation” back in 1985. He has “Donated” almost $40 Billion to it since. In turn it funds over 2,300 liberal groups here in the U.S. The Dems now preach for “Open Borders”. And abortion on demand, etc. The Foundation funds Planned Parenthood by the way. Where was Chelsea Clinton married, and to who? In Mr. Soros home, to his nephew! Bill and Hillary stayed in his home during the wedding. I should have warned you to take some Pepto-Bismol first?
      Hope you hadn’t just eaten? Check this out for yourself, I’ve gotten some additional info that way.

  6. h8aliar

    In light of the unprecedented actions of the leaders of the DOJ, FBI and CIA, it occurs to me the people best positioned to cause disruption by the appearance of these amateur looking bombs is one of these agencies. They are all investigating. Want to bet no one is ever discovered as the perpetrators of these acts. It is no secret powerful people in these agencies need the dims to win so the exposure of them stops. They are desperate to stop the exposure and will stop at nothing to ensure it does not continue. I would have never suspected this an administration ago but today after 8 years of the subversive former administration you have to wonder. Tools of the spider from the last administration are scattered all over these agencies and every other agency of the federal government a vast evil web.

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