Dems Whispering About Hillary Stepping Aside

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was abruptly whisked away from a 9/11 memorial service in New York City due to a “medical episode” in which she appeared to faint.

For some time following the episode, the campaign kept the press in the dark about the nominee’s whereabouts and condition.  It was released that she “overheated” during the event, even though it was an overcast 82-degree day.

Then an announcement was made that Clinton was recovering from a bout of pneumonia. Clinton has since admitted to ignoring her doctor’s advice to rest for five days when he diagnosed her with pneumonia.

There have been questions and concerns expressed regarding Clinton’s health issues, but questions have been met with resistance.

In one case, Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson, Nick Merrill, told a Breitbart News reporter to “get a life” after being asked about a recent Reuters news report regarding Clinton’s lack of memory on briefings during her time as Secretary of State.

Finally – after a video clearly showed Hillary Clinton’s knees buckle, her head bobbing, falling face-first, being dragged on the pavement, losing a shoe, and then her body being whisked into a car – establishment Democrats are getting nervous.

The state of Hillary Clinton’s health is very obviously in trouble.

During an appearance on NPR’s “Morning Edition”, ABC’s Cokie Roberts confirmed that Hillary’s health issues have establishment Democrats worried.  She said:

It has them very nervously beginning to whisper about her stepping aside and finding another candidate.

In fact, Ohio’s former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, at an event in Dayton, Ohio, introduced running mate Tim Kaine as “ready to become the president” if necessary – which has raised eyebrows.

There are also rumors that Joe Biden is being groomed to step in should the need arise.

For months, there have been concerns about whether Hillary Clinton is physically and mentally fit to hold the highest office in the land.  Her past health issues have been numerous.

In addition to deep vein thrombosis or DVT (blood clots) in 1998, 2009, and 2012, she has taken to slipping, falling, and having other serious health problems.

In 2012, she fainted, fell and hit her head, suffering a traumatic brain injury and subdural hematoma which husband Bill Clinton said took her six months to recover from.

During Hillary Clinton’s FBI interview regarding her use of a personal email server as Secretary of State, she blamed her memory lapses on the concussion.

Following the traumatic brain injury and subdural hematoma in 2012, Clinton was seen several times wearing glasses with Fresnel prisms, used to correct double vision.

People have questioned the recorded incidents of “brain freeze” – where she appears to have difficulty completing sentences, the multitude of times she has “misspoken”, and a recent odd instance of head bobbing during an interview which looked similar to a seizure.

Clinton’s many severe and uncontrollable coughing fits are becoming a challenge to keep track of, as well.  In 2016 alone, there were 8 known recorded incidences of coughing where she had to stop speaking in the middle of a speech to gain control.

While it is obvious Hillary Clinton is not in excellent health, it will be interesting to see how well she will handle the upcoming stress of being on the campaign trail, or if she will choose to step aside – or be asked to step aside – to give a healthier candidate a crack at it.



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