Did Hillary Clinton Do Something Unthinkable To A Political Rival?

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange has become a major thorn in the side of Hillary Clinton.

He has continually leaked emails which have exposed her as a two-faced liar who is presiding over a corrupt media-political complex to rig the election.

And many feared the worst when Assange dropped out of contact.

When WikiLeaks’ Twitter account put out mysterious tweets, many believed it was the protocol to release everything if Assange was killed.

Many feared Assange was the latest victim of the so-called “Clinton body count” since it had been reported that Hillary advocated for his assassination in 2010 by asking if a drone could be deployed to bomb him.

And Democrat strategist Bob Beckel went on national TV and demanded for someone to kill Assange after WikiLeaks released emails revealing how the Democrat National Committee colluded with the Clinton campaign to rig the primary against Bernie Sanders.

WikiLeaks later revealed that a “state party” had cut Assange’s internet connection.

WikiLeaks later confirmed it was Ecuador that cut off Assange’s internet access.

But were they pressured by the Obama administration – acting on behalf of the Clinton campaign – to block more damaging email leaks in the final three weeks before Election Day.

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