Did Obama Allow These Terrorists To Sneak Into America?

During the debate over accepting Syrian refugees, Democrats always claim they go through the strictest of vetting procedures.

But is this true?

A shocking new report indicates the Obama administration’s vetting procedures had significant issues, and it may have allowed terrorists to sneak into America.

A “glitch” was discovered in the Obama administration’s vetting process that allowed dozens of Syrian refugees to enter America who may have significant red flags in their backgrounds.

One “refugee” failed a lie detector test when trying to obtain work at a U.S. military installation in a foreign country.

Another had contact with an ISIS commander.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Federal agents are reinvestigating the backgrounds of dozens of Syrian refugees already in the United States after discovering a lapse in vetting that allowed some who had potentially negative information in their files to enter the country, two U.S. law enforcement officials said.


Agents have not concluded that any of the refugees should have been rejected for entry, but the apparent glitch — which was discovered in late 2015 and corrected last year — prevented U.S. officials who conducted background checks on the refugees from learning about possible “derogatory” information about them, the two officials said. At a minimum, the intelligence would have triggered further investigation that could have led some asylum applications to be rejected.


The refugees whose cases are under review include one who failed a polygraph test when he applied to work at a U.S. military installation overseas and another who may have been in communication with an Islamic State leader, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter.

Donald Trump signed an executive order indefinitely pausing the Syrian refugee program out of concern that there was no way to properly vet the refugees.

He referred to the refugee program as a “great Trojan Horse” that ISIS could use to infiltrate terrorists into America.

Obama and other Democrats argued that wasn’t the case because of the strict vetting procedures that were in place.

But that obviously wasn’t the case.

The vetting failed, and now dozens of potential terrorists or high-risk individuals could have gained entry into America.

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