Did This Candidate Just Destroy Their Chances Of Being Named Trump’s VP?

Retired Lt. General Mike Flynn has been mentioned as a possible Republican Vice President nominee.

The tough-talking former officer has built a reputation as a critic of Obama’s national security and immigration policies.

But a recent interview may have ended his chances of being selected as Trump’s running mate.

While Flynn’s positions on foreign policy were well known, not many knew his opinions on domestic policies or social issues.

In an appearance on ABC’s This Week, Flynn answered questions from Martha Raddatz which included his thoughts on social issues.

But his views have likely ended any chance of him rounding-out the GOP ticket.

In the ABC interview, Flynn shrugged his shoulders at the consequences of homosexual marriage and as reported by Politco, said:

“What people do in their private lives, these are not big issues that our country is dealing with that will cause our country to collapse,” Flynn told ABC’s Martha Raddatz on “This Week.” “I’m more concerned that our country could collapse because we are not dealing with education issues, immigration issues.”

Later during his appearance, Flynn also stated his unequivocal support for abortion.

Politico also reports:

On abortion, he said, “I think it’s a — I think for women — and these are difficult issues, but I think women have to be able to choose what they — you know, sort of the right of choice, but I think that that’s a difficult legal decision that — and I think that women are so important in that decision-making process.”

 “They are the ones that have to make the decision, because they’re the ones that are going to decide to bring up that child or not,” Flynn said.

These comments come on the heels of numerous press reports stating Flynn was high on the list of potential running mates.

During the primaries, Trump was defeated in the caucuses of Iowa, Kansas, and Utah where social conservatives made up a large portion of the electorate.

While Trump won evangelicals overall, the staunch evangelicals rejected his candidacy in favor of Ted Cruz.

These voters have been among the most resistant to support his campaign since wrapping up the GOP nomination.

It’s clear that selecting Flynn as a running mate would severely undermine Trump’s efforts to unite the party and defeat Hillary Clinton in the fall.

Trump has actively supported pro-Life policies and opposed homosexual marriage.

The GOP platform that will be approved at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland will reaffirm the party’s support for traditional values.

Having Flynn on the ticket would cause unnecessary headaches for Trump, because the liberal media – who hate social conservatives – would use it as an opportunity to drive the night-and-day comparisons between Flynn and Trump’s evangelical Christian base of the Republican Party.

Do you think retired Lt. General Mike Flynn’s support for abortion and homosexual marriage should disqualify him from being selected as Trump’s running mate?

Let us know in the comment section.

  • Lauretta A Tate

    I have great respect for General Flynn in military matters. But I don’t feel he is the right choice for VP. Maybe National Security Advisor, NSA Director something along those line would be in line with his expertise. Robert Tate

    • taylor2535

      no he is Pence who TRump wants