Did This Couple Really Do THIS Right Before Giving Themselves Up to Police?

standoffSWAT Teams prepare for a lot of contingencies but no amount of training could prepare them for the request made by Leanne Hunn before giving herself up to police. She wanted to have sex with her partner-in-crime, 34-year-old Ryan Patrick Bautista “one last time.”

It appears the SWAT Team allowed time to pass after the request, but then had enough and choose to take action. According to The Blaze:

It’s unclear how much time transpired between the phone call and when the SWAT team forced its way into the trailer at about 4 a.m., the Florida Times-Union reported.

Police arrested Bautista and Hunn on charges of false imprisonment and resisting law enforcement without violence, and they were jailed, WFGA said.

More from WFGA:

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, SWAT negotiators resolved the situation peacefully about 4 a.m. after police first received a call about a man who was wanted on several warrants, including armed burglary, at a mobile home in the 9700 block of Noroad about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.


Police say when they arrived to the home and knocked on the front door, the porch light was immediately turned off. Officers continued to try to make contact with the people inside. About 45 minutes later, a woman came out the door and moments later, another women came outside. Police say both were taken into custody.


According to the incident report, one of the women told police she went to the home to celebrate a birthday. The report says she told police they were watching TV when police arrived and Bautista grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to the back bedroom.


Bautista and Hunn told her she would not be allowed to go outside because they were scared he would be arrested for a warrant, police said.


Police say the woman then started to scream but Bautista covered her mouth with his hand and held her down. Seconds later, he let her off the ground but would not let her leave until she began to cry, the report said.


The other woman told police she was also allowed to leave after the first woman walked outside. The second woman said they were celebrating her birthday at the trailer.

Ms. Hunn’s request presents a certain dilemma to law enforcement, do we allow perpetrators of crimes set conditions for their surrender? In one hand, it could give power to the perpetrator. On the other hand, it could put the criminals in a more relaxed and willing state to give themselves up.

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