DNC In Chaos Over Leaked Emails, New Hillary Corruption

WikiLeaks has released 20,000 emails purportedly taken from the Democratic National Committee’s internal communications.

These emails are causing quite a scandal within the DNC, as they paint a picture of bias during the presidential primary season against Senator Bernie Sanders, and in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Following the release of these emails, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was first removed from the program for the Democratic National Convention, then lost her position as the Chairwoman of the DNC.

Foxnews.com reports:

Following the release of this and numerous other emails in a WikiLeaks document dump, Fox News confirmed Sunday that Wasserman Schultz will not preside over the Democratic convention. The decision was reached amid pressure from the White House and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.


The rapid-fire set of developments ahead of the Philadelphia convention kick-off indicate a party in crisis management mode as officials try to prevent anger over the email leak controversy and other issues from disrupting proceedings. The emails only bolstered claims from Sanders – and Republican nominee Donald Trump – that the system was rigged against the Vermont senator.


The fallout was swift, as even more emails surfaced Sunday showing Schultz personally blasting the Vermont independent senator’s insurgent primary presidential bid against Hillary Clinton. In one, she practically laughed off Sanders after he vowed to replace her as DNC chairwoman if elected. “This is a silly story. He isn’t going to be president,” she wrote in the May 21st email.

The removal of Wasserman Schultz comes amidst cries of corruption from the Sanders camp.

The Vermont senator himself called for her resignation, even after she was removed from the convention’s program. In his view, the emails released prove that Wasserman Schultz is completely unfit to lead the Democratic Party.

During the campaign, Sanders and his supporters often accused the DNC of working against them and their far-left platform. However, Sen. Sanders accepted his defeat, and earned a spot speaking on the first night of the convention, when he formally endorsed Hillary.

But he has not forgiven the former chairwoman for her efforts against him during the primary season.

The reaction of the Democrats to the emails released serves to legitimize the authenticity of the email dump.

Wasserman Schultz has accepted the disciplinary measures, rather than deny the allegations.

The leaks, which include emails from January 2015 to May 2016, purportedly came from the accounts of seven DNC officials. In a May 5th email, a DNC employee asked a colleague to collect information on his [Sanders’] religious beliefs – claiming it might sway voters in West Virginia and Kentucky. In that particular email, Sanders’ name was not mentioned, but he was the only other candidate in the race at that time against Clinton.

The emails showcase a pattern of preference from the supposedly neutral central committee for Hillary Clinton, and a deep distaste for Bernie Sanders.

One email went so far as to suggest the DNC use a reporter to challenge Bernie Sanders’ religious practices — a rather ironic point for the Democrats to attack on.

Congresswoman Marcia Fudge — former Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus — is replacing Debbie Wasserman Schultz as the presiding officer of the Democratic National Convention.

A Democratic source informed Fox News that Wasserman Schultz was being “quarantined” over the embarrassment.

As soon as Wasserman Schultz resigned from the DNC, she accepted a high-ranking position in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.