Do Some Hillary Supporters Regret Their Vote?

The Pew Research Center is one of the top research centers for scientific polls.

Just recently, one of their polls revealed the top voting issues of the 2016 election — and the two top issues are a clear indicator as to why Donald Trump won the presidency.

Those two issues were the economy and terrorism.

80 percent of registered voters said terrorism would be very important in their vote, which was up from 68 percent in 2008.

President Obama didn’t do his job.

Given what has happened with the Syrian refugee crisis and ISIS terrorizing Europe countless times, Americans have spoken that they didn’t feel safe under Obama’s administration.

It goes without saying that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would have been up to more of the same antics as Obama.

Those same antics, compounded with President-elect Donald Trump’s successful actions since Nov. 8th – and also the established media’s blatant incomprehension and misconception of middle class America – are why a new poll revealed some astounding numbers.

The newest Pew Research poll shows erosion among Hillary’s voters, even after the election.

The post-election poll found that only a few Trump voters have come to regret their vote for the President-elect, but nearly 4 percent of Hillary Clinton voters said they wish they hadn’t voted for the Democrat nominee.

The New York Post reported that the poll found that over 99 percent of Trump’s voters would cast their vote for him if the election were today instead of a month ago, meaning Trump has only lost one percent of support in the six weeks since Election Day.

But Hillary’s support has eroded faster.

Pew found that only 96 percent of Hillary’s supporters say they’d still vote for her today.

The New York Post also noted that some Democrat Trump voters are angry and annoyed over how they are being portrayed by the media.

A middle-aged married couple from Virginia, who are Democrats but voted for Trump, said they were sick and tired of it.

Robert from Virginia said:

“On Nov. 8th I went from a responsible, hard-working, upstanding citizen to an uninformed bigot who gleefully supports Russian interference in our elections and the destruction of our republic.  At least that’s what I have read in the newspaper or seen on television.”

And there was frustration in another noted conversation from a Pennsylvania Democrat named Elizabeth who also voted for Trump.

Elizabeth said:

“It astounds me that the press still doesn’t get it, that my party (Democrats) are blaming everyone but themselves for a poor message, poor messenger and the responsibility she bears for placing her email security in jeopardy. It’s not Comey’s fault.  It’s [Hillary’s].”

A writer from The New York Post, Salena Zito, was one of the first writers who tried telling people that Trump’s support was a whole lot deeper in Pennsylvania than the polls were indicating.

Trump supporters were closeted, and the present state of the media is exactly why.

Pennsylvania was a state Trump badly needed to beat Hillary.

Trump won Pennsylvania with over 40,000 more votes than Hilary in a state most in the media thought she couldn’t lose.

Were you a closeted Trump supporter or did you wear it proudly on your sleeve?  Let us know in the comments below!

  • Sheileagh

    Anyone who voted for Hillary needs to rethink their facts of the Clinton’s shenanigans… among other practical aspects…!

  • Ragweed Handgun

    I hope no one forgets what Nancy Puglosi said when all the democRATs in the House voted to pass Obamacare. She famously said that they had to pass the bill in order to find out what’s in it…DemocRATs can’t read obviously…

  • Rick D.

    Only those who can bring themselves to admit that they were duped by her lack of character and elitist attitude would regret voting for her.

  • Countrysunrise

    When the people understand that Hillary had a home brew server, and the Country’s innermost secrets were hacked to other Countries when she was traveling the World as Secretary of State, while Hillary doesn’t get it, there is a problem. When Hillary decides to use her position as a pay-to-play front, and wants to use everything else as an excuse for not winning the election but herself, there is a problem. In the beginning of her campaign, nobody liked her. She came across as bitchy, so she had to change her personality – for lack of a better word. She became friendlier, but the messages were more or less the same, and then she started to promise the moon and the stars to her voters. Who was going to pay for it all??? The voters, of course!! The problem with all of this was the server, the pay-to-play, the hacking, the message of her campaign, but most of all, the messenger!! When she topped it off with the Hollywood stars, she turned off the people on the fence, and a few she had just got to come to her side. They had just had enough of her games!! It wasn’t James Comey, or the Russians that they made up, or Podesta, which wasn’t a bad reason. It was HER, but she won’t take the fall, just like Obama blames Bush for everything!! If she EVER took the blame, she might have gained some credibility, but then she lives by her own set of laws!!