Donald Trump’s Claim The Popular Vote Was Fraudulent Infuriated The Media

Donald Trump decisively defeated Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College needed to win the Presidency.

At the same time, Hillary Clinton is on track for a meaningless three million popular vote margin.

So when President-elect Trump claimed illegal voting handed Hillary her popular vote “win”, the media lost their minds.

And when Clinton announced she would join Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s recount effort in Wisconsin, the President-elect also pointed out the hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign.

During the campaign, Clinton smeared Trump as “horrifying” for claiming he would wait and see the results of the election before conceding.

Now that Clinton is joining a recount – which many believe is an attempt to delegitimize his victory –Trump claims massive voter fraud provided Hillary the popular vote margin.

The claim of three million illegal votes originated with Gregg Phillips – a self described voter fraud specialist.

He claimed on twitter that three million noncitizens voted in the election.

He then said he was joining the group, True the Vote – which is an election integrity watchdog group – to bring legal challenges.

While Phillips has provided no evidence to back up his claim, he did say he would release it in “open form” to the American people, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and anyone else who was interested.

The media lost their minds.

So-called “journalists” largely ignored Hillary’s attempt to undermine democracy by pushing a recount and sowing seeds of doubt that Trump’s win was somehow tainted.

Critics even contend the Clinton team pushed a story in the press to delegitimize President-elect Trump’s win, with experts alleging the Russians had hacked voting machines.

Yet, the liberal press unloaded on the President-elect’s tweets with both barrels of their fake outrage cannons.

Politico ran a headline calling President-elect Trump’s claim “baseless” and “stunning”.

The Washington Post’s so-called “fact checker” revved up its anti-Trump engines and handed Trump a rating of “four Pinocchio’s” for his tweets.

The media’s reaction to President-elect Trump’s tweet, while largely glossing over the Clinton team’s push to discredit the results of the election, is just the latest example of why the biased press has no credibility left with the American people.

  • Jake319

    Trump is a whinner. No american votes matters since 2000 when the corporate supreme court elected bush by 1 vote. The facts are trump did not win the popular vote as tabulated by third party accounting.
    What does it matter? It proves you can lie to the American electorate without any evidence. It’s called post truth. It will linger until the corporate owners who own this country stage there next spectacular post truth. The American culture is infected with the disadvantaged, uneducated,drug addicted , alcoholic, bi polar and paranoid. That is the trumps base.sad to say they make up 36% of American population.

    • Tim Reynolds

      I am surprised that you did not vote for Trump. You clearly are a part of the 36% uneducated electorate class that you reference. BTW dummy, there aren’t two n’s in whiner, whiner! And there is no “h” in winner, which Trump surely is.

      • Jake319

        What are you 10 years old? There are two n in whinner,,,whinner.. Your misspelling officially qualifies you to lick the boots of don trump the not my president elect.
        Name, calling is the first symptom of a impedance
        But you probably experienced that all ready…you can change your name to Tina.. Just trying to help out Tina…

    • nicholsda

      The facts are:
      Jake is a whiner. Spell check spells it that way.
      Jake has no clue as to who voted for Trump. Many with degrees voted for him too.
      We have clues that Jake is a liberal troll.
      Hillary is a no class loser. Proven the night of her defeat.
      The popular vote only counts up to the election of Electoral College Electors. That is how the President is elected.
      Trump gets all 29 of Florida’s electoral votes. And 277 others.

  • Clifton Janney

    It is my opinion – 1. There are very few, Conservative or Liberal that believe or are concerned with the media anymore. So no one cares if “the media lost their minds”. And 2. I am sure the media would go berserk if I was appointed the head of the FCC, which licenses and oversees the media, because there would be very few stations you could find the news. I think the FCC is currently in bed with them or they are not doing their job.

  • Mike

    I do believe that there was extensive voter fraud in Cal and NYC and that has been proven and as far as Clinton winning the popular vote, that is really suspect at this time. Problem is that no recount can take place before the inauguration but I am sure that let an investigation take place after and I would guarantee that there was widespread voter fraud in both Cal and NYC and I am sure that many other states also committed voter fraud but not on the scale of Cal and NYC and the fraud would most likely wipe out any popular vote advantage Clinton may have had. People can say what they like but Clinton was much more unpopular than Trump. Period.

  • 46patrick46

    I worked in Polling places for more than 30 years , often in Hispanic areas where all of the 5 election judges are Democrats. Party bosses have 2 or 3 of the judges “register” as a Republican so that they can be assigned to the Polling place as a “Republican” judge of election while actually they are Democrats.

    Then, acting in concert , these Hispanic judges of election allow illegal aliens to cast a vote ( almost always for a democrat ) as long as they have been registered to vote and their name can be found in the voter registry.

    Obviously their names are in the voter registry as the Democrats constantly hold VOTER REGISTRATION DRIVES that successfully identify and register illegal alien voters and immediately sign them up to vote.

    Voting democrat is in their interest as they desire to remain in the USA where they get free medical service , free education , free food stamps , rent subsidies , free welfare dollars for spending to augment whatever revenue they acquire through work. Naturally they work low wage jobs that qualify them to maintain their welfare benefits as never earn more than 35 K a year.

    Every State with a large illegal alien population has flipped from Republican Red to Democrat Blue… and Broke ! Think California, Illinois etc.
    Trump is right. Millions of illegal aliens vote in our elections. We need a voter registration card that VERIFIES citizenship … via birth certificate.

    Build the Wall … DEPORT THEM ALL… every one is an illegal voter.

    • Disgusted in America

      Don’t forget CT. We have all kinds of illegals here and vote democratic.

  • I don’t think that we will ever know the truth regarding illegal votes because of the various ways of voting fraud: 1. Soros’ voting machines in many states – at least 16 states, 2. the number of illegal aliens who have false social security cards and driver’s licenses, 3. the number of absentee ballots that have been filled out for dead people who died as Republican and somehow voted Democratic, 4. the number of people who have been bused around and voted in multiple districts, 5. the number of people who are registered in more than one state, etc.

    What is needed is a national law to eliminate voter fraud: 1. Eliminate all voting machines because there is risk of tampering or hacking, 2. Require all voters to register at least 1 month in advance, 3. Some approved form of ID with a picture and address which must be shown when voting, 4. A stamp of non-removable ink on the hand when voting in person to prevent multiple votes, 5. National database to verify all absentee ballots prior to counting them to make sure that voters have properly registered and vote only once, 6. Simple ballots similar to the absentee ballots that can be hand counted, 7. All counting must be properly witnessed by certified volunteers by both major parties, 8. A secure room under supervision by certified volunteers from both major parties to prevent ballot tampering and to store paper ballots and counting totals for at least 3 months after the election in case a re-count is ordered by the courts. 9. No harassment or intimidation allowed outside voting areas to prevent any from voting assisted by local police and/or volunteers from both major parties.


    Who can actually think Trump won by a landslide and lost the popular vote? Make any sense?