EpiPen Price Spike Linked To Democrat Senator And Hillary Clinton Supporter

Many people have become outraged recently over a pharmaceutical company’s decision to drastically increase the price of one of their drugs.

The drug is the EpiPen, which is an anti-allergy medication used as a shot to save lives when minutes count.

So who owns EpiPen?  Why did they jack up prices?  And who are they connected to?

The company behind EpiPen is Mylan Pharmaceuticals, and they’ve received an onslaught of criticism for their decision to jack up prices by 500 percent.

Upon closer inspection of the Mylan Pharmaceuticals company, it has become known that the CEO is the daughter of a powerful billionaire and Democrat U.S. Senator who is connected to Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. Senator is Joe Manchin from West Virginia, a staunch opponent of Second Amendment rights and one of President Obama’s loudest advocates for gun control in the U.S. Senate.

Manchin’s colleagues are beginning to put the heat on him over his daughter making a drug unaffordable to those who depend on it to save their lives.

This puts him in a predicament:  does he stick up for his daughter — or should he play politics and throw her under the bus?

The Democrat Senator recently responded to criticism of his daughter’s company and told reporters he was “aware” of the situation.

“I am aware of the questions my colleagues and many parents are asking, and frankly, I share their concerns about the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs,” Sen. Joe Manchin, (D-WV) said. “Today I heard Mylan’s initial response, and I am sure Mylan will have a more comprehensive and formal response to those questions.”

He added that, “I look forward to reviewing their response in detail and working with my colleagues and all interested parties to lower the price of prescription drugs and to continue to improve our healthcare system.”

Manchin’s daughter is Heather Bresch.  She is the chief executive officer of the company that makes EpiPen, the most popular epinephrine injection in the country.

The drug is directly used to combat life-threatening allergic reactions.

Since 2009, the price of EpiPen has risen steeply by over 500 percent, which has sparked outrage among the public.

The company has since come under fire from Congress and medical associations for raising the cost of the drug.  They released a statement attempting to cool down the public backlash by announcing they were reducing the cost for uninsured or underinsured users.

“We recognize the significant burden on patients from continued, rising insurance premiums and being forced increasingly to pay the full list price for medicines at the pharmacy counter. Patients deserve increased price transparency and affordable care, particularly as the system shifts significant costs to them. However, price is only one part of the problem that we are addressing with today’s actions,” Bresch said in the statement.


“All involved must also take steps to help meaningfully address the U.S. healthcare crisis, and we are committed to do our part to drive change in collaboration with policymakers, payers, patients and healthcare professionals,” she continued.

The company blamed the price increase on ObamaCare “as a consequence of more people joining high-deductible health plans.”

One thing is certain: the price of EpiPen could drop if there was more competition in the marketplace, but thanks to government regulations, EpiPen has a near monopoly.

Bresch’s father, Senator Joe Manchin, is also a supporter of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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