The Establishment Is Not Going To Like Trump’s Decision On Syria

The political establishment in both parties is pushing for war in Syria.

But will President Donald Trump cave in to them?

A recent interview gave a big hint, and it’s not one the establishment will like.

Donald Trump ordered a missile strike on a Syrian runway after the U.S. government accused the Assad regime of killing 100 civilians – including 20 children – with a chemical gas attack.

Many Trump supporters were concerned the President was abandoning his “America First” foreign policy and preparing the U.S. for a costly war in Syria.

Meanwhile, Senators Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham all criticized Trump’s response as not going far enough.

They would like to see a regime change and the removal of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Graham even called for an invasion force of 5,000 to 7,000 American troops.

But the Trump administration is not seeking further military action.

In fact, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stated the Trump administration is not seeking a regime change.

Real Clear Politics reported on what the Secretary of State declared on ABC’s This Week:

“STEPHANOPOULOS: So it sounds like from what you’re saying right now, there is no real change in the United States’ military stance towards Syria from what it was last week.

TILLERSON: That’s correct, George. This strike — I think the president was very clear in his message to the American people that this strike was related solely to the most recent horrific use of chemical weapons against women, children, and as the president said, even small babies, so the strike was a message to Bashar al-Assad that your multiple violations of your agreements at the UN, your agreements under the chemical weapons charter back in 2013 that those would not go without a response in the future and we are asking Russia to fulfill its commitment and we’re asking and calling on Bashar al-Assad to cease the use of these weapons. Other than that, there is no change to our military posture.”

Former Presidential candidate and conservative leader Pat Buchanan reacted to the developments and stated he believes Trump will keep us out of the war in Syria.

Breitbart reported on his comments made on the Laura Ingraham radio show:

“It’s McCain and Graham and Marco Rubio — the war party,” Buchanan said. “But let me say this, Laura — my view is they’re not going to get the war they want. If Donald Trump the president takes us into Syria’s civil war and he’s already made the first strike — it will consume his presidency. And the sense I get this morning and listening to some of these folks on yesterday’s show is that, ‘Don’t worry, this is just a one-off. We’re not going into Syria. The enemy is still ISIS, as indeed it is if you take a look at what happened in Egypt yesterday, 47 dead and 100 injured.”

“So I think the war party is going to be frustrated because I cannot believe that Donald Trump on second thought is going to plunge us into Syria, which he told us again and again and again would be an act of folly — that our enemy is ISIS and our enemy is al-Qaeda and that we should finish them off,” he added. “Then we’re necessarily going to have to work with the folks who did most of the heavy lifting in finishing them off.”

Both establishments in Washington are pro-war.

The elites in both parties preferred Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump during the campaign.

She ran on a no-fly zone over Syria – which could have escalated the conflict into a world war since Russian jets operate over Syrian airspace – as well as military intervention in the Syrian civil war.

Trump’s “America First” foreign policy was hated by the powers that be, but was cheered by the American people.

And while Trump gave some cause for concern with his airstrike in Syria, his overall policy remains to not engage in a military conflict to remove Assad from power.

Warmongers like McCain, Rubio, and Graham may agitate for a wider war in Syria, but Trump is sticking to his “America First” promise.

  • HMan570

    AJT I sure hope President Trump keeps us out of another war that can’t be won. Bring all our troops home and to hell with the Arab world.

  • ReaperHD

    Let the ARAB STATES decide who stays and who goes and start making these ARAB STATES take care of these refugees.

  • Kenny Albert

    We have all witnessed what a regime change has done in many countries in the last 2 decades. More war and utter collapse.

  • Trump has gathered some of the best and toughest minds as advisers. America has never won a war being weak or with a “Milk toast” policy. Weak policies like the former President and Jimmy Carter had just breeds trouble. Don’t forget the past.


    Way too many have fell victims to these no win wars, lives lost on both sides, trillions of wasted dollars with no benefits means no more foolishness. Why strike Syria for crimes against babies when in America we allow murder of unborn babies by the millions.?