Establishment Republicans Just Surrendered To Hillary Clinton

Establishment Republicans are doing what they do best — surrendering.

With less than 35 days to Election Day, and Donald Trump still within striking distance in the polls and Electoral College, party elites in Washington are throwing in the towel and conceding that they will support Hillary Clinton’s legislative agenda if she wins the election.

Major Republicans are on record promising to help her pass amnesty —  and virtually everything else she desires.

Republican voters were enraged that after handing their party control of both houses of Congress in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, that the party refused to lift a finger to fight a single Obama initiative.

ObamaCare, the dangerous Syrian refugee program, Planned Parenthood and the illegal executive amnesty program were funded with the stamp of approval of Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and John Boehner.

And should Hillary Clinton win, 2017 is looking like a repeat where Republicans march in lockstep with a Democrat president.

The Hill reports Republican Senators are already sending a message they are ready to play the role of willing partner in enacting Hillary’s policy agenda:

Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) is predicting that congressional Republicans will be more willing to work with Hillary Clinton than they have been with President Obama, should she be elected president.  


Barack Obama was somewhat of an unknown – he was a Senator, but only for a year-and-a-half before he was elected president. She is a known commodity, and I think there’ll be more camaraderie in terms of working together, than there might have been in the early days of Obama,” Isakson told the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


Isakson, who is running for re-election and has endorsed GOP nominee Donald Trump, added, “I don’t think it will be like the post-Obama election at all…”


…The Georgia Republican isn’t the only one who is open to collaborating with a hypothetical Clinton administration, even though multiple congressional committees are still probing her time atop the State Department.


Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Clinton would find a “willing partner” on immigration reform, bolstering the military and a Simpson-Bowles-type of initiative to improve federal spending, should she win.


“I can do two things at once. I can criticize and I can cooperate,” he told The Hill last month. “I don’t see that they’re inconsistent.”


Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas)—while stressing that he doesn’t believe Clinton will win in November—said Americans expect GOP Senators to work with whoever is in the White House.


“We’ll do our duty, you know, regardless of who is president,” the Senate’s No. 2 Republican told The Hill last week. “The people we serve want us to work together for their benefit so that’s certainly my posture.”

Many rank-and-file Republicans are wondering if these Senators are living in a different universe than they do.

Trump’s strong stand against amnesty and illegal immigration is what catapulted him to the nomination.

And in response, Republicans are claiming what their voters really want is more amnesty and more illegal immigration.

The others are surrendering before a single legislative fight with Clinton has been launched.

Conservatives note that when establishment Republicans toss around terms like “governing” and “doing our duty,” what they really mean is enacting the Democrats’ agenda of higher taxes, greater spending and throwing every conservative principle they claim to support overboard.

Should Republicans pursue a policy of appeasement and surrender with Hillary in the White House, experts believe the internal fight the Republican Party has engaged in since 2008 will only increase in intensity and depress conservative enthusiasm ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

  • tomatodon

    What is there to say. Predictable for RINOs.

  • DonaldCaliion

    The establishment RINOs could care less about what’s good for America….All they’re interested in is maintaining the status quo so that they and their buddies across the aisle can milk this country for all its worth….The Clinton’s became millionaires many times over by selling access to government secrets and by granting favors to wealthy donors both foreign and domestic…..Now they want another shot at the WH because their greed knows no bounds…Pathetic…..

  • yennikcm


  • Joyce White

    What a bunch of wimps!. With Republicans like them we could do away with Democrats altogether and still have a two party system. They don’t give a damn about this country. They are willing to hand it over to Hillary who will continue and escalate the Obama agenda.Hang on folks. Thanks to the yellow stripe hoard, we are in for a rough ride.

    • Bill Moore

      Hello Joyce White,

      With Hillary as President and a RINO congress, it looks as though the USA may be finished.

      With Hillary doubling the 20 trillion in debt, millions of Africans and Mexicans pouring in, and Hillary’s other crazy ideas, a quick death to the USA might be the best we can hope for.

      Then, a decade of civil war before the NEW USA rises out of the ashes, with about half of the population dead or on the run. The survivors will own the NEW USA, and perhaps we can do a re-boot.

      Stand by folks, we’re headed into some interesting times.

      Guns and ammo, food and water, warm clothing, and lots of blankets.

      Trump in 2016,
      Bill Moore

    • Tony Rowell

      then they can watch hillary build camps like the nazi’s did,and the old and disabled will all have new homes

      • ricktenny

        I am one of those old and disabled types. Deplorable and unredeemable too! The day they start building second retirement homes for us is the day my Airborne Ass will be out slowing down their efforts. I imagine with plenty of help too. I may be old, shot up and sore, but I ain’t dead yet.

  • David Stewart

    The two-partysystem can only work when there are two distinct parties; not regular-strength and Bud-lite! Need a party of the people, badly!

  • BJ

    Scum! Good riddance!

  • Hillyard Hellraiser

    I warned my congresswoman a year ago that because her and her fellow republicans didn’t even try to stop obama, and voted in favor of a really horrible trade bill {TPP} that me and my friends wouldn’t be supporting her. I wish more Americans would have done the same thing with their republican congress members. I guess she didn’t believe me. I think the people are just as mad at republicans as they are the democrats.

    • Gnowark

      No, when my “friends” stab me in the back, I am more angry at them than when my enemies engage me from the front, directly.

    • Tony Rowell

      any gop rhat doesn’t back trump will never get my vote again, I don’t care if they are family

      • concern4us

        God bless! I feel the same way!

  • generalJed

    If you want to change the Republican Party, you have to join your local (County) Central Committee. Believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms and you WILL be influential. That is how the Tea Party took over the Nevada Republican Party and kicked the stodginess and walnut paneled room mentality out!

  • dave3200 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    We must get our families and friends out to vote for the Donald. We can win this!

  • Gnowark

    Actually the RINOs are correct, IF hitlery wins, then serving the “voters” that elected her is their responsibility. However, hitlery hasn’t won yet, and signalling that they will roll over on us is premature. Term Limits can, and should, be imposed by voters who now know (before the election) what the identities of legislators “worried only about being (re?)elected.”

  • ToniStimmel

    Even IF Trump loses to Hellery he will have done us a valuable service in sucker punching the leadership of both the Demoncrat and GOP parties into showing their total corruption.

    If Trump wins the leadership of the GOP is toast, if Hellery wins the USA is toast because she hates America just as much as the Obozos do.

  • BoBo Blood

    This Is a perfect example of why we need a presidential candidate who Is not part of the establishment. It doesn’t matter If they’re democrat or republican, they’re all globalist who are secretly working together to destroy this country, and they don’t give a rats ass about the American people, the republican presidential candidate Is suppose to be chosen by the American voter not the establishment, their all Incompetent buffoons who need to be exterminated….

  • concern4us

    All, this
    should be a flag for all of us to vote Democrat on Congress and Senate to get
    rid of these lifers who hasn’t done their jobs for the voters in the pass, and
    now for the future. Need new blood that is will to stand up for the right
    thing for this country, not to give in to the politicians who have aimed at
    destroying our way of life. I’m tired of this and all we here is excuses
    that if they don’t support the liberals agenda they want get re-elected and
    hold the houses. What the hell, if they keep on doing what the liberals
    want why not let the liberals lead? All
    of us should vote these “Establishment Republicans”
    out on their behinds and start over, we don’t have time to allow them to
    support those Bill’s that we know isn’t for the people, just for them to
    complain that there hands are tied, Bull S—!

  • annarose13

    This is the final straw, why don’t they just admit the are Far Left Liberals, backstabbing deserters. Next donation letter I receive will go right back to them I AM NO LONGER A REPUBLICAN, LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!!!

  • ricktenny

    I can’t wait to see what Donald comes out with now. I think he is very aware of the state of the Republican Party and has been waitng for whatever was going to happen, to set this off. All I can say is he has been my guy from early on in the Primaries and that’s not going to change. He has said, this election is a battle for the future of The United States. He’s right.

  • Diane Jones

    We know Congress has taken bribes to pass legislation from the big corps. We vote or sign petitions saying NO and they do it anyway. So I agree, they don’t give a damn about We the People, Trump seems to care about the people and this country. They are just so scared and wimpy that they are running away.
    Status Quo may never be the same again. We need another party that listens to the People and does our bidding that they are elected to do. We need term limits and we get to vote on all their benefits. Corporations are made up of many people who have the right to think for themselves and vote how they choose. They do not get a vote as a Corp. Congress is elected By the People, For the People to SERVE their nation just like the Armed Forces SERVES our country in another way. They think it is to enrich their pockets.

  • Mark Stevanus

    Seeing what McConnell and Boehner and Wimpy Graham and now even Paul Ryan have done, it is time for all good Republicans to UNITE, REVOLT, IMPEACH and REPLACE these hellish relics.

  • Mark Stevanus