Even Democrats Want To See Clinton’s Medical Records

Republicans are still inquiring about Hillary Clinton’s health, while Democrats continue to insist that Donald Trump release his tax returns.

But you may be genuinely surprised that Democrats also want to see Hillary Clinton’s medical records.

Most voters still believe major White House hopefuls should make public recent tax returns, but now most also think they should release their medical records, as well.

Rasmussen Reports — a national telephone and online survey — found that 67% of likely U.S. voters think all presidential candidates should release at least their most recent tax returns to the public, although that’s down slightly from 73% who felt that way a year ago.  Only 23% disagree.

In July 2012, during the last presidential race, only 6% thought the release of the most recent year’s tax return was enough.

29% felt returns from the most recent two years were necessary, while 60% wanted to see more than that.  Skepticism and concern are growing and that is a reasonably fair sign.  Apparently, Donald Trump plans to reveal his tax returns when the moment is right.

But 59% of voters also now believe all major presidential candidates should release at least their most recent medical records to the public. That’s up dramatically from 38% in May 2014, when questions about Clinton’s health were first being raised.

And with the polls evenly matched (depending on the poll), this means that even Democrats want to know the state of Hillary Clinton’s health — which is completely reasonable.  No clear-minded voter will put the United States’ domestic and foreign policy in the hands of a president who is not cognitively available 24 hours a day.

Although, 30% don’t think candidates should have to release their recent medical records, while 11% are undecided.  That 30% is a preposterous figure that is clearly comprised of Hillary Clinton “die-hards.”

How could you risk the country’s health in spite of a candidate lying about their health?  Selfish.

According to a Rasmussen Report:

“Surprisingly, Democrats (62%) believe even more strongly than Republicans (58%) and voters not affiliated with either major party (57%) that presidential candidates should release their recent medical records.  Most Republicans (59%) favor release of the most recent tax returns, but they’re less supportive than Democrats (77%) and unaffiliated (63%).”

The Rasmussen Reports’ survey of 1,000 likely voters was conducted on August 9-10, 2016.

This an extremely strong poll because the margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, conducts fieldwork for all Rasmussen Reports surveys.

Rasmussen Reports’ latest weekly White House Watch survey finds Clinton with 43% support to Trump’s 40%.  Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson picks up 8% of the vote, while Green Party nominee Jill Stein trails with two percent 2%.

Just 49% of voters who support Trump for president think the candidates should release their most recent tax returns, compared to 82% of voters who support Clinton.

Voters who support Clinton (63%) are more supportive of candidates releasing their medical records compared to Trump supporters (58%).  That is a surprising statistic.

And young voters feel less strongly than their elders do that candidates should release their recent medical records and tax returns.

Last year’s Rasmussen Report survey revealed that 80% of all voters think it is likely that a candidate is hiding something of significance if he or she refuses to release tax returns, including 47% who say it’s very likely.

To be fair, most voters believe Clinton and Trump are less honest than most politicians, but Republicans have a lot more confidence in Trump’s honesty than Democrats do in the honesty of Clinton.  This is especially due to the fact that Clinton is a proven liar.

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan wrote earlier this year that,

“the only person who can beat Trump is Trump himself, and so far voters think that’s exactly what he’s doing.”

  • richard hutchinson

    youll get her recd as fast as hell freesis over

  • Diacro

    Get “Tax Free, Debt Free, Don – Don Trump’s” testimony record from a 2007 law suit. He was caught in red faced lies 30 times Under oath. Yes, that thirty times.

    • drbhelthi

      That´s too little to seriously consider, in comparison to Hillary Clinton´s lies, that began with her treason against Nixon and Americans in 1974, and havent stopped. There´s also a major difference in motives. Trump was practicing std business techniques; Hillary Clinton committed treason.

      • Diacro

        Did you mean it with this:: “Trump was practicing std business techniques” ? So anything goes under the rubicon of std business techniques?? Even the mafia is doing only std business techniques!! Sounds like Roger Ailes is also guilt free. Thus FOX entertainment & propaganda news merely doing business.

        Thank you for dating the beginning assault date from the vast right wing conspiracy = Dirty Dick’s wastewater treatment 1974. Shame on that quasi-nazi group of anti-trueAmericanship.

        • drbhelthi

          I disagree with your 2nd, 3rd, 4th sentences.
          The term, “right wing conspiracy” means different things to different people, so, I cannot agree or disagree, not knowing what it means to you.
          The OSS, with assistance of NS membership that developed the 1947 National Security Act, CIA and Operation Paper Clip is well-documented.
          A detailed acquaintanceship with Richard Cheney´s evil places him in a different religious family than George H. W. Bush. Yet Cheney has partnered with Bush Sr. in child and female abuse, and general treason against the USA, especially the attack on Iraq and collaboration on 9-11.

  • As American voters, we all have a right to know the health issues with any candidate that wants our votes to do the job applied for! I am increasingly concerned and will not cast a vote until a clean bill of health is issued to my comfort level!!

  • drbhelthi

    – acquiring her medical records will alter neither her behavior nor the goal of her supernumeraries. She will continue as currently functioning until she keels over – either spontaneously – or with assistance, as in the case of the CIA station chief of Benghazi, Libya, CIA agent Chris Stevens. In both cases, the CIA-MOSSAD is the supernumerary.