Even The Liberal Media Knows Democrats Are Done For — Here’s Why

Democrats have been fighting to keep support from their voters for a long time.

But now, Democrats are even losing the support of their own party members.

And even the liberal media knows they are doomed.

The Democratic Party is Failing.

The New York Times just wrote an article which tore down Democrats.

The story involved former Attorney General Eric Holder and claimed that Democrats are failing.

It read that Democrats are failing because they promote themselves as being righteous.

But in reality, they are only righteously aggressive.

The title of the article was, “Michelle Obama Wanted Democrats to ‘Go High.’ Now They Aren’t So Sure.”

The subtitle read, “that some Democrats find appealing — showing strength and fighting back.”

The Times article backed their claims by quoting the Democrats golden child, Michelle Obama, and even Stormy Daniels’ Attorney.

Michelle Obama’s famous saying was manipulated as fuel in the article too.

When they go low, we kick them,” the story listed as Michelle’s new mantra.

Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Micheal Avenatti,  was another avid supporter of this new push for Democrats.

It is one thing for Mr. Avenatti, the party’s telegenic anti-Trump id, to seize this kind of rhetorical real estate,” The NYT news story read. “But increasingly, much of the Democratic establishment seems to be marching that way, too, channeling the righteous anger of the progressive base.”

A Timeless Tradition in the Democratic Party.

Even former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has fallen into this sense of false civility.

She has even been quoted as saying Democrats could never be civil.

You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for,” Clinton said Tuesday. “If we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

The New York Times article also ripped into her for her “toughness like a man against adversary” and her “2016 campaign as a stateswoman and grandmother.”

In contrast, Republican Representative Steve Scalise was quoted after an assassination attempt, and he only spoke of peace.

After his hospitalization in 2017 due to an assassination attempt, Scalise said there was never any room for violence or anger in politics.

The New York Times Answered the Big Question.

 The New York Times answered the big question.

Why are Democrats failing?

 The final section of the article pointed out that many Democrats are down in the polls.

This is because Democrats are the unfavorable party.

They push for hate and violence while preaching for peace and love.

Republicans are trying to solve problems in this country.

The solutions are not always fair.

And when Democrats do not get their way, they resort to violence and angry rhetoric.

Do you believe that the New York Times was ripping into the Democratic Party?

Do you think Democrats are failing for a reason?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.



22 thoughts on “Even The Liberal Media Knows Democrats Are Done For — Here’s Why

  1. roboteq

    The Democrat Party, under the leadership of Progressive Socialists, is edging toward a civil war in the U.S. between Progressive Leftists and those who voted them down in recent elections. Because Progressive Leftists did not continue to get their way after having eight years of control under the Obama regime, they are resorting to typical third world nation tactics; violent mob rule.
    This is not going to work in the U.S., and as has already happened; people are going to get hurt. With less government support, Progressive Leftists are physically attacking those who do not comply with them. This sort of intimidation left undeterred can only lead to a defensive retaliation by those being attacked. We either need to use existing legal means to stop these hateful attacks or face the consequences of escalating violence.

      1. roboteq

        LOL! I often state that if those who think they deserve everything for free push too hard on those of us who provide most every free thing, we are eventually going to push back, and it is not going to be pretty.

    1. Autumn Cote

      Insightful comment. Please consider sharing some of your wisdom (as a commenter or author) on the platform: WriterBeat com

      I even went as far as to create a free author account for you. The following is your access information:

      email: roboteq at writerbeat com
      password: writerbeat

          1. Autumn(at)WriterBeat(dot)com

            I think Disqus blocked my effort to thank you and send you a link. Articles are sorted by recent recommendations and your article is currently in the #6 spot and you have 5 comments. However, between now and when you read this message, it may move around a bit.

  2. Force Recon

    LIEberals have tilted so far left they are about to fall over. Power is their drug of choice and since they no longer have power they are in severe withdrawals Some of them realize this yet cannot help themselves because they are in need of their drug and much the same as any addict, will do anything and at any cost to satisfy their cravings!! If it weren’t so sad it would be comical. No wait it IS COMICAL for they are about to go the way of the Do-Do or Henry Clay’s Whig Party !!!

    1. roboteq

      I know many honest and respectful, liberal minded folk. It is the far leftist, Progressive Socialists who are causing all of the trouble. Yes, the Progressive Leftists do deceive honest and rational liberals into following and supporting them by believing the Progressive lies, deceits and manipulations, but many of those honest liberals are willing to #walkaway from the Progressive Socialist led Democrat Party and even support Republicans. That is how Donald Trump became president. By the numbers, Trump could not have won without the support of at least some Democrats.

      1. Force Recon

        I do not know of one honest or moral democrat. If the vote for anyone who supports their idiot-ology e.g. abortion gun control etc. they are not good folks but anti-American

        Those who have walked away their is hope for the rest are even though they might be moderate still vote the party ticket and in the same quagmire as the extremists.

        The Democrat party is no longer the party of your fathers!! Lieberals are now 100% Anti-American By adding Anti-Free Speech 100% Anti–Freedom 100% Anti–Life 100% Anti-Religion 100% Anti-Family 100% Anti-Truth 100% Anti-Business 100% Anti-Growth 100% Anti-Free Enterprise 100% Anti-Gun 100% Anti-Constitution 100% Anti-Patriotic 100% Anti-Responsibility 100% Anti-Morality 100% Anti-Liberty 100% Anti-God 100% Anti-Character 100% Anti-Energy

        1. roboteq

          I do understand your feelings and frustrations. I just don’t want to live in a world without liberal minded folk keeping the extreme right field fascists from doing what the extreme left field fascists are currently doing. We can afford to give the liberal minded folk a little leeway as long as rational minded, dedicated Americans are in public offices. Just don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water, or; the babies out with the draining of the swamp.

          1. Force Recon

            Perhaps you would be best served conducting some research on those so called right wing fascists.

            I support the TEA Party Movement (Far right
            according to some) because I am a fiscal conservative and Constitutionalist, everyone should realize that I am a Patriotic American. I along with my fellow patriots support and defend our right to peacefully assemble.

            We are not afraid to peacefully petition our government. We are not afraid to exercise our right to free speech and we don’t understand why the Lieberal left wants to try to stop us.

            We are not here as serfs or vassals. We’re not begging our lords for mercy. We are born free American citizens and we’re telling our Leftopathic Deep State government that they’ve forgotten their place. It’s not their or anyone else’s responsibility to look out for our well being and monitor our speech. It’s not their or anyone’s right to assert their agenda. The post that they might occupy exists only to preserve American liberty. Those who hold office have sworn to perform that duty and have failed !!!

            No one but God can dictate policy to me and my family and I will do whatever it takes to secure my liberty and the liberty of my fellow patriots. Stand in my way, try and usurp my rights or otherwise enslave me, you should be prepared to back your actions up with your life as I am prepared to do likewise!!
            As I am a Legal immigrant and a naturalized Citizen. I take my liberty and OUR Constitution Seriously and don’t understand why others are so eager to give up their constitutionally guaranteed rights to a Leftopathic, Corruptocratic Tyrannical Lieberal government who obviously doesn’t care for its people but only for themselves !! It is time to stand up to what is right or die one usureptive statute at a time Once our they manage to remove our rights we will NEVER get them back!!

            Libertas inaestimabilis res est
            Et non cessaverunt. Quieti, ad deditionem non est reddere.
            Celer, Silens, Mortalis

          2. roboteq

            I’m more of a just right of center kind of a guy who is socially liberal in a lot of aspects. As long as my rights are not denied and I am not forced to be responsible for what others want, I’m good. I work toward supporting the least amount of government we can safely get by with and the most amount of free capitalist attitude for businesses. We have a long way to go to get back to where I’d be content, but with President Trump, we are at least headed more in the right direction.

          3. Force Recon

            We are pretty much in agreement. However those who tend to be irresponsible are more inclined to demand the rest of us to agree with them those of us who do not agree they try and force their agenda onto the rest of us.

            These are the same people , if given the chance will usurp our God given rights because they don’t want us to enjoy rights they do not wish to exercise.

            I am always at odds with people on the left who argue they don’t want to infringe on my second amendment rights while supporting a party or candidates that do.

            They will argue they don’t but the proof is in the pudding it’s like being “a little pregnant” as there is no such condition. They say one thing and by proxy perform the opposite.

            I am a pro-life individual however I will not stand in anyone’s way if they want to murder babies. I will not have such people in my life. The crux of the matter is I am not the least bit happy these amoral individuals INSIST that I assist in then abominable behavior by having MY tax dollars fund this depravity.

            When I was young I was taught that every action there are consequences and if I wanted to engage in a particular behavior then I had to face these consequences. In a “liberal society” there are no consequences only political correctness that is employed to silence dissent. I feel obligated to inform you that I am the least politically correct person in America!!!!

            I have conducted extensive research and have observed what motivates liberals to adopt and their attempts to implement their agenda. Most people or those who do not know, especially young people, I am compelled to inform you of the generally unknown truth that the word “Liberal” used to have a proud heritage and was originally a word that described men who were the political opposites of modern “Liberals.”

            The word “Liberal” was forcibly stolen and corrupted by evil men who intentionally perverted the use and meaning of the word. (a Politically Correct act) In the long forgotten past, the word “Liberal” described honorable and principled men who held to a philosophy of government that advocated Constitutional Republicanism.

            Constitutional Republicanism is a type of government almost unknown to most of the world. America was originally a Constitutional Republic. A Constitutional Republic defined is characterized by a very small government with limits on its powers of taxation and whose other powers are strictly limited by rigorously enforced Constitutional edicts. With a Constitutional Republic EVERYONE is supposed to have a voice yet under the system of Lieberal Democracy we have today individual voices are for only a select few.

            Modern Liberals are nothing more and nothing less than Communists, Socialists and Dictators. Modern Liberals promote, advocate and enforce the centralization of all political power into an all powerful central government.

            The honorable old Liberals of the 19th century must be spinning in their graves over the outrageous corruption and modern use of the word “Liberal.”

            Following are 60 Truisms about Liberals:

  3. ahrcshaw

    Maybe they are realizing what the true facts are, but I would not say the NY Times is changing anything. When the NY Times subscriptions really start to fall we will see a change maybe? But i will give them credit, the once great democrat party is on its way out, they seem to have totally lost their minds.

  4. Bryce Thompson

    The damned Democrats murdered the water to hydrogen auto inventor just think what free energy would do for our economy, fill your tank up with water, they are murdering doctors healing people with natural cures, I hope you aren’t one taking the poisonous pills, and doing the chemo poison, 98 people out of every 100 are murdered by chemo. we the people need to vote out all murdering Demon-rat politicians

    1. roboteq

      When it comes to big bucks, the evil comes out in persons of all ideologies. The oil industry is most likely spending billions to suppress the idea that oil may not be fossil fuel at all, but may be abiotic oil created perpetually by the Earth.

  5. donald540

    Those DEMONrats are too self centered to look out for anybody else other than themselves and they are trying to just make their lives better because like I said they are so VERY SELF CENTERED to look out for others that might be in trouble, because they followed their leaders into the troubles that those DEMONrats lead them into.

  6. John J. Mulhall

    Preach “Peace” and “Love” and push hate and violence…
    They have learned (‘Arkancide’) from Bill & HRC and from the muslims ‘religion of peace’ while throwing gays off buildings and beheading Christians. And people wonder why more and more of us aren’t democrats???

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