Even The New York Times Reporting Tight Race

One of the most liberal institutions in the United States officially recognized that  Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump, has significantly closed the gap between himself and the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.  They even headlined the piece “Polls Show Tight Race.”

The polls were conducted by The New York Times and CBS between September 9th and 13th, so many of those polled were aware of the recent controversies thus far.

The New York Times piece, written by Giovanni Russonello, reported:

Mrs. Clinton, the Democratic nominee, has the support of 46 percent of likely voters nationwide, to 44 percent for Mr. Trump, the Republican, including those who said they were leaning toward a candidate. Looking more broadly at all registered voters, Mrs. Clinton holds a wider edge, 46 to 41 percent.


In a four-way race, Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are tied at 42 percent each. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, has the support of 8 percent of likely voters, and the Green Party nominee, Jill Stein, takes 4 percent.

The third-party candidates have become a bigger problem than the Democrats foresaw because they draw their strongest support from young voters.

Apparently, 26% of voters between the ages of 18-29 say that they plan to vote for Libertarian Johnson, while another 10% plan on voting for Stein.

This is reminiscent of former presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who ran several times for the Green Party ticket but was begged by Democrats, particularly in 2000 and 2004, not to run because he would swing the election for the Republicans and steal Democrats’ votes.

Alarmingly, the new polls suggest that voters who are supporting their candidates harbor reservations about them. Russonello wrote:

Discontent with the major party candidates is widespread. Among those who say they intend to vote for Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton, slightly more than half express strong support.  The rest say that they harbor reservations about their candidate, or that they are simply voting to thwart the other nominee.


Overall, just 43 percent of likely voters describe themselves as very enthusiastic about casting a ballot in November.  Fifty-one percent of Mr. Trump’s supporters say they are very enthusiastic about voting; 43 percent of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters say they are very enthusiastic.

Donald Trump may be closing the lead with Hillary because he has been more disciplined when addressing the media.  Hillary’s health concerns have also spread panic, not just with Democratic leadership, but with their voters as well.

And in light of not revealing her medical records, Hillary called Trump’s supporters “deplorables” for just wanting to know the truth.  Both Clintons have become more untrustworthy than ever.

Russonello also wrote:

The race has clearly grown tighter in recent weeks. National polling averages show that Mrs. Clinton’s margin over Mr. Trump has narrowed from eight points in early August to two points today.


Polls in a number of key swing states have narrowed in the past week as well. Mr. Trump now leads in polling averages in Ohio and Florida, for example, reversing leads that Mrs. Clinton had held for months.  Projections of Mrs. Clinton’s Electoral College advantage have also shown a tightening based on recent polls.

This is also the first Times/CBS poll of this election that included a measure of likely voters.  It was a nationwide telephone survey that reached 1,433 registered voters and was concluded as having a small sampling error of plus or minus 3%.

Finally, Russonello offered a redaction after the article was published, which said:

An earlier version of this article misstated Donald J. Trump’s support among white voters.  He leads Hillary Clinton among white voters by 51 to 40 percent, not by 57 to 33 percent.  He leads among white men by a 57 to 33 percent margin.

That is reassuring, to say the least.

What do you think of these new polls and The New York Times’ and CBS’ seemingly honest reporting?

  • Cobranut

    If the NYT is reporting this, you can bet that the actual numbers swing somewhat further in Mr. Trumps favor. 🙂

    And check out this unexpected bit of honesty from the NYT as well: 🙂

    “And in light of not revealing her medical records, Hillary called Trump’s supporters “deplorables” for just wanting to know the truth. Both Clintons have become more untrustworthy than ever.”

  • Arimathean

    The liberal media have been going easy on Trump so far because it is in their interest to keep the race close so that Americans will continue reading/listening with interest. Next month they will begin releasing all of the anti-Trump stories they have compiled. By early November, it will no longer be close.