Experts Say Voter Fraud Is Confirmed: Multiple Cases Creep Up Nationwide Before Election Day

Voter fraud is no longer a possibility, it’s a reality.

Although it’s not yet Election Day, multiple cities across the U.S. are reporting cases of illegal voting, with no sign of slowing down.

While Democrats and leftist groups balk at the idea of legitimate voter fraud, and instead attempt to spin it to a narrative of Trump’s “panicked losing campaign”, reports are coming in across the country revealing Trump is right to suspect foul play during this campaign season.

In fact, Independent Journal Review (IJR) reports 14 cases of voter fraud this year alone.

The 14 voter fraud cases span over 12 states which include Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

And those are just the reported cases.

Major themes include registering the dead and ineligible voters.

In Florida, a local woman was charged with five felonies for voter fraud.

IJR reports:

“33-year-old Tomika Curgil was charged with five felony counts of filling out voter registration for non-existent or dead people while working for the group People United for Medical Marijuana.


Also, in Seminole County, mail-in ballots of several voters, including this couple, were stolen and fraudulently cast:


“Lawrence Halperin called the Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Office to find out what was going on. He was stunned to learn their ballots had already been cast. Someone had stolen the Halperins’ ballots, faked their signatures and voted.”


Another victim, Joy McGahey, told the Orlando Sentinel that she’s learned a valuable lesson:


“I don’t think I’ll vote by absentee ballot again. I think I will go to the precinct from now on.

Florida officials are investigating these cases.”

Even with the proven cases of voter fraud, some people still doubt it exists.

An Arizona man (who is a non-citizen) was skeptical and wanted to see if voter fraud was true or merely hype.

The Arizona man decided to make a bet with his coworker to see if he could actually register to vote, naturally expecting to be flagged.

IJR reports while the man did lie about being a U.S. citizen, he used his real driver’s license and social security number.

And shockingly enough, he was approved to vote, even though he is not a citizen.

IJR reports the man’s confession:

“It makes me really think the system is rigged. Not towards a political party but that the system is broken. How can it be 2016 and all these departments can’t catch that I lied on my registration?”

Many groups have investigated the ongoing voter fraud and their results are startling.

As Conservative Revival recently reported, a report by the Public Legal Interest Foundation revealed illegals and felons have been voting in key crucial swing states for years, and the only way they’ve been removed off the voter books is when they’ve notified the authorities themselves.

And a Foundation attorney admitted it’s only the “tip of the iceberg” on just how many illegals are registered to vote.

Only time will tell how many more voter fraud cases will emerge before the polls close on Election Day.

Do you think voter fraud will be a problem at your polling location? What do you think should be done to stop illegals and other non-eligible people from voting?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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