Fake Anti-Trump Hate Crimes Sweep The Nation

Waves of fake reports of “hate crimes” committed by supporters of President-elect Donald Trump swept the nation last week.

These fake reports consisted of beatings, racist graffiti, and anti-Semitic tributes to the Third Reich.

A Gay Canadian filmmaker, Chris Ball, was one who claimed to be severely beaten in Santa Monica, California by pro-Trump supporters shortly after the election.

The story posted on social media:

“Trump supporters shouted slurs at a gay man from Canada who was in a Santa Monica, CA bar Tuesday night watching Trump win the Presidential election, and upon leaving the bar, the man says, these supporters attacked him.


Calgary filmmaker Chris Ball said that he was watching the election results when supporters of the Republican candidate began to lob epithets.


When Ball left the bar alone later in the night, Trump supporters followed him to an alleyway and assaulted him, Ball said.


The last thing he remembers before awaking bloody on the pavement was having a beer bottle smashed over his head.  Friends took him to the hospital.”

Ball’s friend posted a picture of him with five staples in his head and blood streaming down his face in the emergency room of a hospital.

Except the problem was that when people who were suspicious of the story did some checking, they found he had fabricated the entire incident.  Ball claimed to have made a police statement regarding the incident, but the Santa Monica police department denied anyone by that name and with those circumstances had made a report that night.

Another fake “hate crime” involved a Muslim woman at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette who claimed she was wearing her hijab when it was torn off by two white males.

Lafayette police now report she admitted to fabricating the story.

Other incidents are being reported as “crimes” that are not crimes at all.  CNN published a list of “hate crimes” on Saturday which included an incident where a group of middle school students chanted “Build the wall!” in a cafeteria.

Another “crime” on CNN’s list came from a university where “somebody chalked the words ‘Trump,’ ‘Build wall’ and ‘[Expletive deleted] your safe space’” in front of the library.

That’s right: they used actual chalk.

Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) documented three men showing up at a Veterans Day parade with Confederate flags.  Offensive?  Yes, to most.  Hate crime?  Nope.

And yet Huffman blamed Donald Trump,

“We need to prepare for more of this because the Trump campaign has legitimized and given public space to some shadowy groups that used to hide from public view.”

Breitbart noted:

“Meanwhile, thousands of people flood city centers in Los Angeles, Portland, New York and elsewhere, in some cases setting fires, smashing windows and vandalizing anything they can.


Night after night, the protests have continued, organized by radical left-wing organizations such as MoveOn.org and ANSWER, in rejection of the results of a democratic election.


And some of the rhetoric of the protests has been bigoted, and violent.  One sign at a Los Angeles protest Saturday read, “This Machine Kills Fascists.”


Some of the protests have resulted in violent attacks on police, and dozens of arrests.

And there have been real hate crimes against Trump supporters, including a videotaped beating of a white man who was targeted because he was accused of voting for Trump.


The narrative about a wave of “hate crimes” inspired by Trump is a deliberate fabrication, meant to tarnish the Donald Trump.  It is a continuation of false accusations, during the campaign that the President-elect represented the second coming of Hitler.


It is an attempt to organize a new opposition, based on lies, and the deliberate sowing of mistrust at a time when Americans have been called – by both presidential candidates – need come together.”

Don’t believe all of the racist and homophobic hoopla that’s currently being fabricated, because it’s probably not true.

  • HittingTheTarget

    This is all the sweet little Alinsky-ites following the lead of Clinton, who admits Saul Alinsky was, and still is even after his death, her mentor. His book Rules for Radicals is her “bible”. She did her term paper on the guy. He’s her biggest hero. He’s a communist nut job. Surprised? I’m not. She and her cronies have used his tactics to worm their way into the schools and colleges and universities to instill Alinsky’s bullsh*t into their minds.
    They’ve all been fed the lie and they live by it. They just don’t call it what it is. Communism.

  • Countrysunrise

    The good thing is that by Hillary not being elected, we were able to stop George Soros, and his plan to turn the United States into North America, by taking away the borders!! Now he’s trying an underhanded way of discrediting Mr. Trump, through a secret organization, which buses in “professional protesters” to rile up the local protesters, so that they will riot, set fires, loot, and harm other people. This is not right, and that man and his people need to be stopped!! He is wanted in other Countries for destroying their economies. Someone needs to deliver him to those Countries, so they can finally charge him for his crimes!!