Fake News Came Back to Haunt Robert Mueller

Fake news is currently a pandemic across our nation and has been for nearly a decade since former President Obama took office.

While liberals typically revel in their news stories in the hopes it will cripple the Republican-run government, more often than not it simply causes more issues.

Robert Mueller nearly lost his job due to a fake news outbreak.

In December 2017, President Donald Trump considered firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller after the publication of certain fake news stories.

Trump told his advisors to fire Mueller following reports the special counsel’s office subpoenaed Trump’s bank records from Deutsche Bank, according to the New York Times.

Trump believed Mueller crossed a major red line he had set for the Mueller probe, which originally started as an investigation into the Trump campaign and Russian government interference.

But that wasn’t the end of Mueller’s trouble.

The Daily Caller reported:

Trump ordered Mueller’s firing at least one other time. Trump demanded White House counsel Don McGahn fire Mueller in June 2017 because the president believed the special counsel’s prosecutors and investigators were politically biased, The Times previously reported. But Trump backed down after McGahn threatened to resign.

The stories about the Deutsche Bank subpoenas, which appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Bloomberg on Dec. 5, turned out to be inaccurate. The outlets issued a correction noting the subpoenas were for bank records of Trump associates.

As The Times reports:

In the hours that followed Mr. Trump’s initial anger over the Deutsche Bank reports, his lawyers and advisers worked quickly to learn about the subpoenas and ultimately were told by Mr. Mueller’s office that the reports were not accurate, leading the president to back down.

The new report about the attempt to fire Mueller is surfacing as the president is fuming over the FBI raid on the office and home of Michael Cohen, the longtime Trump attorney. Agents seized documents related to payments Cohen made to two women who claim to have been paid hush money to cover up affairs with Trump.

Mueller referred the matter to the U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing Mueller’s investigation, signed off on the search warrant.

“It’s a disgrace,” Trump told reporters when responding to news of the raid.

“We’ll see what happens,” Trump added when asked whether he plans to fire Mueller.

“I think it’s disgraceful and so does a lot of other people. This is a pure and simple witch-hunt.”

After Mueller’s disgraceful raid of Michael Cohen’s house, Trump’s attorney, Mueller may have crossed another line with the president–and his patience may be running out.

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22 thoughts on “Fake News Came Back to Haunt Robert Mueller

  1. Craig Vandertie

    For 1 thing, why does Donald have money invested in foreign banks any way, to the Common person that would smack of tax evasion, now if it is due to overseas business ventures and if the IRS and New York and any other state where Donald owns resorts could monitor withdrawals from that German bank account and what that money was going to fund business investments fine.

    No, I am not picking on Mr. Trump, but as POTUS knowledge of his wealth needs to accessible to the general public especially when it has to due with income.

    1. Craig Vandertie

      Trump associates, European associates, they seriously know how to omit vital information.

      My statement still holds though, unless it can be established that money invested in foreign banks is strictly being used for foreign business invesinvestments there is only 1 reason that remains for the money being kept in a foreign bank and that is to hide said money from tax collectors.

      1. Larry5469

        Do you mean that all of the democrats who have money in offshore, foreign accounts should reveal that also?

        1. Craig Vandertie

          Yes Larry, Socialists and Republicans alike, just as that illegal alien who ruled and dictated over our nation for 8 tragic years.

    2. Tom Dooley

      It isn’t your business how much money he has. Publish your tax returns. And it isn’t tax evasion it is tax avoidance. Tax evasion is intentional deceit on tax filings.

    3. rodstew

      ….notice you didn’t include all of your financial records. So, obviously, you must have something to hide or be ashamed of. You are a voter and therefore influence America. obummer went into office worth about 2 million and today is worth 20 million. …..making 400 thousand a year for 8 years. 400,000 x 8 = 3,200,000. where does the other 17 million come from, genius?

      1. Craig Vandertie

        I receive a pittance of $853.78/mo. in Disability Entitlement benefits, not only does the IRS know exactly how much I am making so does the SSA, so get a grasp on reality, unless it can be verified that the money is strictly for business no U.S. citizen should have money in a foreign bank.

        1. Peter Ondrasek

          Why are you crying? If you lived someplace else you would get $0.00. Besides under disability can’t you work part time to earn a partial amount.

      1. Craig Vandertie

        It has absolutely nothing to do with Donald colluding with the Russian government to fix the election results, and I am certain that he has a perfectly legitimate and legal reason for having money in a German bank account.

        Another perfect example of Mueller overstepping his legal authority is abusing the law pertaining to attorney/client confidentiality, what a Nazi time to put him on trial for war crimes, because this is a battle we are in to defend our Constitutional rights especially in allowing 100s of 1,000s of foreigners to enter or stay our nation illegally.

  2. CNKIV

    I think Mueller is trying to get fired so he can lie and feed Trump Haters inuendo. He has terribly exceeeded his mandate, and become a completely loose cannon. I object strenuously to this swamp rat being financed by my tax monies.

  3. Bill Slocum

    Mueller is a conniving Clinton BASTARD and should be fired immediately. His involvement in the Uranium deal, prosecuting innocent people and letting proven terrorists go free are only a few of the examples of his crooked behavior.

  4. Peter Ondrasek

    Muller is no different than Adolf Hitler. Who gave him authorization beyond the scope of Russian Colusion. Whom ever did needs to hold accountable as well there do different than criminals. If it was up to me I would hang them all.

  5. [email protected]

    I don’t believe in lIars and I don’t trust lIars and I personally don’t want anything to do with them period. They are no good and will always tell lies, but you folks can do what you want to do and or your faith in lIars but eventually Muller will end up in prison along with his buddies Comey and Rosenstien.

  6. Ilene Richman

    Mueller is the KGB. What right does he have to come into someone’s home as Paul Manafort with the FBI. This was not part of the scope of his investigation. He barged into Manafort’s house early in the morning, frightened his wife to death, barged into Michael Cohen’s office, home, hotel room, safety deposit box. Is this the Gestapo or the KGB? I would like someone to get a warrant for this liar Mueller who worked with Whitey Bulger, gangster, in Boston and had people murdered-yet that is Robert Mueller-gangster and murderer. The Republican Congress should immediately shut down his investigation. Write to your representative and Senator to indict Mueller for his tactics, approving the Uranium One sale, is a bold faced liar and accuses a 30 year general veteran as General Flynn of lying when Mueller is the liar. Making up a false case against our elected President. Throw him in jail for his gangster tactics which are illegal.

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