Father of US Train Hero Schools Left on PC BS

msnbc-fatherIt inspiring to see acts of bravery. It’s even more inspiring to see politically IN-correct comments surrounding acts of bravery. Case in point, the recent incident in France when US servicemen prevented mass bloodshed by subduing an Islamist Fundamentalist before he could reek havoc onboard the train.

The father of one of the US servicemen involved was being interviewed by liberal mouthpiece MSNBC when he snuck in a very UN-PC comment at the end of the interview. According to The Gateway Pundit:

Today Emanuel Skarlatos, father of US train hero Alek Skarlatos, went on MSNBC to talk about his son after the events in France on Friday.


Alek, and his childhood friends, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, beat an Islamic terrorist unconscious and then hogtied him on a train to Paris.


Today Emanual Skalatos called out the PC crowd:

“Could I say one last thing? It’s better to die like a lion than to be slaughtered like a sheep. And, this terrorist coward deserved what he got. And the PC crowd needs to recognize terrorism for what it is. I thank you very much for having me on.”

You can watch here:

What do you think? Does this father accurately capture the mindset of a warrior? Leave a comment with your thoughts below.