FBI Claims Clinton Case Will End In Indictment

Barring any sort of obstruction, federal agents have claimed that the recently reopened Hillary Clinton email case will end in an indictment of some sort.

During a broadcast of “On the Record” with Brit Hume, Fox News anchor Bret Baier made the claim that his source from the FBI had substantial evidence that had been found to indict Clinton in some way.

The new evidence was information collected off of the laptop of Anthony Weiner, and made indictment of the presidential candidate very likely, even if elected.

The Daily Caller reports:

“I pressed, again and again, on this very issue,” Baier told Hume. “These sources said, yes, the investigations will continues [sic], there’s a lot of evidence, and barring some obstruction in some way, they believe they’ll continue to, likely, an indictment.”

Citing another FBI source, it has also been discovered with 99% certainty that at least five foreign intelligence agencies hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

When FBI Director James Comey originally announced there would be no indictment in the case, he claimed it was due to the fact that no proof could be found that the server was, in fact, hacked.

The Daily Caller reports:

Clinton’s presidential campaign aggressively downplayed the severity of the renewed investigation into her private email server, and criticized the judgment of Comey for publicly announcing it.

Reports have been confirmed that the Clinton investigation is not only active, but that it has been ongoing for over a year.

While politically-motivated officials at the Department of Justice have actively been trying to shut the case down, evidence is being compiled daily to support the case remaining open.

The Department of Justice’s official oversight of the case is dominated by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Deputy Director Andrew McCabe of the FBI reported that the case would not be shut down, calling it a “validly predicated investigation.”

Breitbart News reports:

Today’s reports that the FBI has an open investigation into the Clinton Foundation shows the true extent of the corrupt Clinton cash machine. Even more concerning than that is the fact that the Obama Department of Justice is refusing to allow an overt investigation until after the election. Not only is it completely disqualifying for a candidate for president to be facing two separate FBI investigations less than a week before the election, but the fact that the Obama Administration is so blatantly trying to tip the scales of justice toward Clinton should give every American pause.

The federal investigation of the Clinton Foundation is ongoing, as well, though the two remain separate entities.

Overall, knowing that a candidate has not just one, but two open and active federal investigations against her and her company should be grounds for removal as a presidential candidate.

Regardless of whether she is elected or not, there is one place Hillary is almost sure to end up: jail.

What are your thoughts? Should the FBI keep pushing to indict in the investigation? Or should they wait for substantial evidence for indictment in both cases?

Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.



116 thoughts on “FBI Claims Clinton Case Will End In Indictment

  1. Rani

    It appears to me that the FBI has sufficient and incriminating evidence against Hillary Clinton regarding the unauthorized server and her emails that have jeopardized the security of the United States. The FBI also has enough incriminating evidence against Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton regarding their pay to play scheme resulting in millions and millions of dollars that have gone into the Clinton Foundation from foreign heads of states and other big money contributors both here and in the Middle East regions. The FBI must press forward to get an Independent Prosecutor appointed, press for a grand jury and get an indictment against the Clintons for all their wrong doings and illegal money laundering through the Clinton Foundation. The American people deserve answer into Clinton corruption. This woman should not have been allowed to run for the highest office in the U.S. and she should not be shielded by Obama, Loretta Lynch, or anyone else and if she is found guilty, she should be punished according the laws of the United States. No one is above the law and neither are the Clintons.

    1. Jake319

      “It appears to you”. Have you seen this mysterious evidence? No one has. Even the payroll riding FBI agents haven’t seen it.
      After 6 years of investigation of hillary Clinton. Your right wing FBI agents can’t find enough to convict. Mmmmm . Admit it your politics of attack are not working. The FBI is a joke. They have not stopped a terrorist attack in this country. They are responsible for 9/11 attack. They also assisted GW Bush in aiding those that supported these terrorist to leave the country.
      ” The American people deserve answers to Clinton corruption”. Sounds like after 6 years of investigation by 5 independent government agencies. They can’t even prosecute. Why don’t we investigate Cheney’s private email server? Or Colin Powell’s? You and your ilk are a stain on democracy. If you don’t have any faith in the truth. Move to Russia they love sellouts like you…

      1. Rani

        You should move to Russia or one of the Islamic States if you love Hillary Clinton so much. She’s protected by all her cronies, the media, and right up to Obama. This is why you haven’t heard from the FBI and their investigation into her and her sexual predator husband. It’s called STONEWALLING. There is enough evidence to indict her,especially with the pay for play Clinton Foundation, but it’s going to be up to Congress since Loretta Lynch won’t allow the FBI to appoint an Independent Prosecutor, a grand jury to hear the evidence, call a hearing, and get an indictment against her. If it doesn’t happen before Election Day, then IF she’s elected, it WILL HAPPEN immediately when she takes office (God forbid she doesn’t get anywhere near the WH). She’s as guilty as can be for Organized Crimes and Racketeering alone among all her other felonies, and the only thing that MIGHT get her elected is the stupid Latina women who don’t even speak English. Hillary has given them a false sense of importance. Obama will go down in history as the worst President this country has ever had. We now have a war going on where 10 Americans have already been killed. Do you like the fact that with Obamacare premiums are going to go so high that the American people won’t be able to afford medical insurance? You’d better get educated buddy because you seem to be totally unaware of what’s happening in this country. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton should lose by a landslide and then go to jail for the rest of their lives. We’ve been making the Clintons rich for much too long and it’s time for her to go. You are a stupid idiot and that’s what she’s hoping will get her elected – the idiots like you that don’t know what’s going on around them.

        1. Jake319

          lol lol…your nuts. Really your nuts
          All the crazy shit you have in. Your rant are unproven. Paranoid Delusions repeated to you by your masters. I can tell you have very little human contact or friends for that matter. You are the perfect trump scumbag. Your masters are driving you to this madness….and ..your letting them. Grow a pair for gods sake..

        2. Jake319

          The FBI is an incompetent agency. They have brought us great failures like 9/11 the Sacramento killings and a all the movie theather massacres . “We had them on our radar” said the incompetent FBI agent.
          You only believe what your told by the right wing media machine. Have no opinion of your own which translates to zero personality and no sex life.

      2. notanobamaliar

        Are part of the Clinton Crime Mob or are you just another one of the moochers who elect looters to steal from producers?

        1. Jake319

          All I have seen you produce is whinining that needs a shovel and a wheelbarrow to remove. Go back to your AM radio they will tell you what to think..

          1. notanobamaliar

            Obviously spelling is not of your acquired skills in life is it? Do you also breathe through your mouth and have one continuous eyebrow? Sorry that I am not into amplitude modulation radio to fit your little mold. Do you still hear strange voices in your head that tell you what to think and post or do you torment everyone for the thrill of receiving the 15 cents for each post which explains why you have many more comments than up votes or brain cells? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d014684906d4717728559f6fbde2dafa1f444f4773714b720eb7a0fba80bd4f.jpg

          2. Jake319

            Spare me your passive agressive blathering!
            You seem to know a lot about pycho symantics symptoms. Only conclusion is you must experience them on an daily basis
            Up votes? That type of thinking only confirms the presents of a pycho symatic alternative personality. You could be a danger to yourself or others.
            What is striking about your post in the level of narsisim. I like to add that anger you display in your posts. You could not possibly function normally in job, or a sexual relationship.

          3. notanobamaliar

            I was happy in my life before, being quite comfortable with my successful financial status, love life and retiring early to enjoy the free time to pursue even more happiness in life. You faux concern is so touching. I am even happier today knowing Hillary Clinton’s selfish ambitions and quest for power has been crushed and liberals like you are going through the 5 stages of grief. Your anger and hostility amuses me as it is quite childish and so unbecoming as a person. Do you hear laughter? Are you pounding your fist on your desk now or feeling your blood pressure skyrocket? Sorry that you will only have yourself for company with your misery for the next 4 long years. Get a hobby. Learn to spell and make something of yourself. Have a nice day!

          4. Jake319

            Lol. You had to have inherited any money you claim to have . Plus where do you dream up these ideas of what I’m doing? Is it while your masterbating?

      3. nicholsda

        Private servers of Powell or Cheney? Don’t you just mean private e-mail accounts like on g-mail or yahoo? Which by the way, 99% of the Clinton camp also have accounts on. At least those servers do have someone watching for hacking full time. Unlike clintonemail.com’s server. As to why they can’t prosecute, try getting something past the political hack called Loretta Lynch. Backed by her boss, BO. The evidence was there to indict but the DOJ put a block on it. Just like the DOJ tried to tell Comey not to do his duty and tell Congress about reopening the investigation into her e-mails.

        1. Jake319

          No Cheney didn’t have an email account..lol. He had three separate servers that contained top secret communications between CIA operatives and supervisors. Remember yellow cake? How about conduit pipes Cheny claimed were evidence of bomb making equipment.
          Cheney and his staff gleaned these from top secret. Data bases without knowledge of the agencies……then leaked them to the media to justify the invasion of Iraq. His aid Scooter exposed a CIA agent identity.
          Congress figured this out 2 years later and the link he had unlawfully used to promote a war we lost and still losing. Clinton didn’t get 6000 troops killed with her emails
          Cheney did just that. But your a good little rightwinger who does not question their sellout leaders….when you look in the mirror do you see dead American soldiers?
          You probly would blame them…..not Cheney .

  2. Marie 1 of Many Deplorables

    Greetings to all CONSERVATIVE REVIVALISTS here and everywhere,
    I am on a quest.


    1. Jake319

      Only conservatives? That’s what republicans always claim to do when real help is praying for you.
      Well , Marie it’s to late for praying. The evil is you bigots on the right who claim to know the word of god instead of practicing the teachings of all gods. You want to remove evil start with your selves

          1. notanobamaliar

            The Democrats usually support a higher minimum wage for trolls instead of the usual 7 to 10 cents per posting. 🙂

          2. Jake319

            I would not take a dime. I enjoy laughing at your bigoted rants against my facts. But I wonder how you get WiFI at your trailers .lol

          3. nicholsda

            You lack facts. You go on what you are fed by the MSM without looking at the laws themselves. Find anywhere in the law that says there has to be criminal intent. When you find it, pass it along to the military personnel that have been charged recently so they can have their charges thrown out.
            I’ll even make it simple for you. “(d)

            Whoever, lawfully having
            possession of, access to, control over, or being entrusted with any
            document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph,
            photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument,
            appliance, or note relating to the national defense, or information
            relating to the national defense which information the possessor has
            reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to
            the advantage of any foreign nation, willfully communicates, delivers,
            transmits or causes to be communicated, delivered, or transmitted or
            attempts to communicate, deliver, transmit or cause to be communicated,
            delivered or transmitted the same to any person not entitled to receive
            it, or willfully retains the same and fails to deliver it on demand to
            the officer or employee of the United States entitled to receive it; or


            Whoever having unauthorized
            possession of, access to, or control over any document, writing, code
            book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint,
            plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, or note relating to the
            national defense, or information relating to the national defense which
            information the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the
            injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation,
            willfully communicates, delivers, transmits or causes to be
            communicated, delivered, or transmitted, or attempts to communicate,
            deliver, transmit or cause to be communicated, delivered, or transmitted
            the same to any person not entitled to receive it, or willfully retains
            the same and fails to deliver it to the officer or employee of the
            United States entitled to receive it; or


            Whoever, being entrusted with
            or having lawful possession or control of any document, writing, code
            book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint,
            plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, note, or information, relating
            to the national defense, (1) through gross negligence permits the same
            to be removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in
            violation of his trust, or to be lost, stolen, abstracted, or
            destroyed, or (2) having knowledge that the same has been illegally
            removed from its proper place of custody or delivered to anyone in
            violation of its trust, or lost, or stolen, abstracted, or destroyed,
            and fails to make prompt report of such loss, theft, abstraction, or
            destruction to his superior officer—

            Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.


            If two or more persons
            conspire to violate any of the foregoing provisions of this section, and
            one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the
            conspiracy, each of the parties to such conspiracy shall be subject to
            the punishment provided for the offense which is the object of such

            HilLIARy told an underling to strip the headers off of classified materials and send it to her by insecure means. She did not turn over materials when she left the office of SOS as required. That is all that needs to be proven for both the sender and the receiver to be guilty. (G) stand separately from the rest of 793 because they do not have have continuation words such as “and, or” in the end of the paragraph F.

          4. Donaldo

            Let me see if I can write this so you will understand. In da first plase I don’t got a sisture. Secondly I ken reed preety good and saw and herd Mr Comie on mi telivisun say that Hiliray did not tel da trute.

          5. Jake319

            If you can’t speak and write English trumps going throw you in jail.. Ya have a sister your dead beat father never told you about his other white trash families..

          6. Donaldo

            Having a real hard time accepting defeat aren’t you a$$hole ! Remember in a democracy the majority rules and they have spoken. If you don’t like it why don’t you move to some Middle East country which is more in line with your agenda.

          7. Jake319

            Lol”.. Your boy won by .28%. That’s not a majority. You remember in a democracy there are two parties. The protests in 35 cities in the US yeasterday were only the beginning. The south tried to tell Americans how they wanted it in 1861.
            By 1864 we burned there cities and ran there leaders smooth out of the country.
            You think for a minute more then half this nation is going to continue with the republicans bs? Your betting on the wrong horse sonny boy.

          8. Donaldo

            To bad the Democrats didn’t realize there are two parties and try at unification. If you take out the dead people and illegals that voted, some many times, and the bs that took place in Philadelphia and Texas it would be a hell of a lot more than .28 percent. The people finally decided enough is enough of us hard working class feeding the bums that want to suck off the system.

          9. JYuma

            Damn, your history is as cockeyed as you are.
            Do you have a Green card to be here, if you live in a Democracy, you are in the wrong country.
            What are you talking about? Burning, running, 1861, 1864???

  3. notrig

    To anyone claiming to STILL support Hillary……Please ask yourself……….
    WHY would the FBI spend so much time and manpower on ONE/TWO case(s)?
    I think they have a lot more they could be doing if they did not think laws were broken. She screwed up……accept it and……… Vote for Trump.

    1. Jake319

      Seriously? The fact that they have spent all this time on harassing Clinton and found nothing says it all. Screw Trump.
      I saw the video of trump skittering from the stage in Reno like a wet rat . A vote for trump is a vote for the Kremlin.

      1. notrig

        Jake319……We’ll see how big of a waste this has been when we find out WHY Hillary wanted 33,000 emails about the wedding and her mother erased. 33,000? 33,000? 33,000 emails?
        And…..You should be ashamed!!
        The secret service skittled Trump off the stage.
        That is their JOB.
        You can go back to la la land now.
        Your friends miss their story hour.

          1. Rani

            OMG – she looks just like him – he came here as her. She’s the devil all right and she has sold her soul to the Devil as long as she can get into the WH again. I didn’t know the (s) was for sarcasm but then nicholsda posted the meaning. Now I know. This picture is priceless. I have to send it to my niece.

          2. Rani

            I’m still laughing over this one – That’s her – talks out of both sides of her mouth. You’re right we need some humor after getting aggravated watching her use every trick in the book to beat Trump. I’m just hoping Connecticut turns red tomorrow. We don’t have a lot of Electoral Votes (7), but it’s the principal of this whole thing because CT is a die-hard blue State. For some reason people here are afraid to go Republican, but I’m a Republican and so is my family and many friends. I’d get a lot of satisfaction of this State could turn red.

          3. notanobamaliar

            It took 150 years to happen here in Arkansas but it finally happened as we never gave up and things are much better here now. The former “first lady” of Arkansas Hillary Clinton only got 33% here compared to almost 61% for Trump at last count of the vote today so far. Here is a bonus pic for you as this describes accurately how she feels after getting blown out last night. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bbc07ea792d00827c6c663eda4b03dce50de55e2a99d3b3a2dd930216c106d84.jpg

          4. Rani

            Perfect and this is what she deserved. I was hoping that the State of Arkansas wouldn’t support her and was happy to see that Arkansas didn’t. You guys were loud and clear as to what you thought about the two faced liars Hillary and Bill Clinton. It must have told them a lot about what was going to happen in the end in this election. I hope they go away now and we never have to see or hear them again. I’m still laughing about the picture. Thank you for sharing.

        1. Jake319

          What are you 10 years old? Trump ran so fast he beat the SS around the corner…lol. He’s scares easy for 75 year old drunken pervert..

          1. Rani

            That’s how much you know about what’s going on – Trump is 70 and looks damn good for his age, has great stamina and you can see how hard he’s working campaigning. The Secret Service had to push him off stage. He then returned to the podium again after they caught the protester who admitted that he voted for Hillary Clinton. Another dirty trick by her paid thugs, just like when they burned the GOP office.

        2. Rani

          I agree notrig. Everyone on the Clinton team had taken the 5th when they had the hearing back in July. If they didn’t have something to hide, taking the 5th Amendment is an admission of guilt. HRC has Obama and almost everyone who holds a powerful position in government protecting her – from AG Lynch, Pelosi, Reid, Kadzik, and weak Director Comey who now continues to give Hillary a pass for being careless. Never mind that she told her maid (who doesn’t have a security clearance, to print her confidential emails, and send them out to whomever they were addressed to). This is laughable and shows the corruption of this woman who thinks she’s above the law. She’s a danger to our security and if she’s elected, we’re going to find out just how dangerous she is. It’s frightening.

          1. notrig

            Rani…….You are so right. Taking the 5th only means if the truth comes out serving time wearing an orange jumpsuit can not be far behind. This Jake guy is unreal……I keep thinking he has just been kidding. Oh well it takes all kinds.

          2. Rani

            You got it. This Jake is comical. Either he’s really stupid or he’s joking. He so far out in left field he can’t see his hand if it slapped him in the face. You’re right – it does take all kinds. I guess that’s what makes the world go round.

      2. Rani

        You sound like a terrorist who has a big gripe against the United States. You’d better see a psychiatrist because you’re out of your head. The Clintons and their machine are big time crooks so face it. You’re a loser.

        1. Jake319

          Really you run that innuendu out there about terrorist. Yet you claim an American should be in jail with no proof. What you should face rani is your fear of other people. Trump Will be the loser on nov 9. He will cry a bucket of tears and America will rejoice that fascism has been avoided…

          1. Rani

            A “corrupt” American should be in jail and she’s as corrupt as the “Teflon Don”. She’s well protected and right now we don’t have an FBI – we have no laws that will convict this criminal of her racketeering and organized crimes, perjury, collusion, bribery, etc. Fascism or some form of socialism is what comes with HRC. I don’t like it because the freedoms we once had, will be chipped away as they are starting to be now with this swamp of crooked career Democrat politicians. Wait until she opens the borders – what a mess that will be coming into our country. So, anyone voting for this corrupt woman will have you and themselves to thank. So we’ll see and maybe we can chat again when I say “I told you so”.

      3. nicholsda

        Hey Jake, why does HilLIARy need a set of handrails to walk down off of a podium? And have to use it to steady herself?

        1. Jake319

          Lol….either one of your comparisons is better then being a punk azz like you. Go and be afraid somewhere hillbilly.

      4. Nancy Newcomb Fuller

        NO ONE said they “found nothing” on the Hillary investigation….they SAID SHE LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING….AND CAN PROVE IT! She is a traitor….and I bet you would stand on that STAGE IN RENO AND WAIT TO BE SHOT… after all someone did yell out that the ‘protester had a gun”…even though a gun was not found, the threat was there. And Trump did come back out to finish his speech. Now you might want to reconsider the fact that the same day, Hillary left the stage, mid speech, because she got a few sprinkles of rain on her….which only lasted about 30 seconds….and she was gone….did not even bother to finish her speech…..She is a Witch that would melt if she got wet….she herself proves it because there have been many ‘staffers’ that say she STINKS…and rarely even takes a shower. SHE IS AFRAID OF MELTING!!!

        1. Sara Brauer

          Jake, just got your reply, it was great. I will say You’re quick. have a great day and be good (You still should have voted for Trump tho.) lol

  4. HittingTheTarget

    Obama should be impeached & charged for his role in trying to conceal Clinton’s treasonous acts, for allowing Lynch to disregard her duty as AG and try to shield Clinton from charges that should be brought against her, Bill, Huma Abedin, Weiner Boy, Podesta and on & on & on. The Clinton Foundation is a front and a fraud, built specifically to fund pay-to-play and terrorist networks to assist Hillary in her takeover of this country. Those tens of thousands of refugees who mostly seem to be military age men? Watch as they are recruited & used against us. Why do you think Hillary’s first order of the day will be to kill off the 2nd amendment? She wants to make sure the citizens aren’t armed while she heavily arms her new terrorist army here in this country. Sounds crazy right? Well she is insanely and inherently hateful of this country. It’s the whole reason her foundation has been amassing billions. She needs it to continue to “fundamentally change America” from a free nation to a nation on its knees. She needs to be in prison, convicted of treason and given the ultimate sentence for it. Obama needs his own cell in the men’s wing, across from George Soros & Weiner. Michelle can share with Hillary & Huma, like a girls club – they can do each other’s claws lol …

    1. Jake319

      Omg……where is your proof?? Like I said you extremist republicans have ignored the facts that 6 years of investigations by several independent agencies have found nothing on the level of wrong doing. Millions $ and time wasted on you right wing congressional hearings.
      I see you only criminalize democrates. You might think your tough…lol. But the left impeached a republican president in the matter of months with real evidence. Nixon was his name… Fact is your behavior similar to the lynchings in the south? Innuendu ,accusations, hear say…..to justify your ignorant rant.
      Another fact is you are more treasonous then any one you mentioned in you pycho rant. Do America a favor and move to Russia where they only have one political party. No burden of proof. The trick there is you could be lynched without due process. That would be ashame..not!

      1. HittingTheTarget

        Hahahaha… Omg indeed. You are ridiculously ignorant. Did I say Republicans are any better? No. I mentioned the people involved in the situation being discussed. Do you even KNOW what party I’m affiliated with? No you do not, but I’m sure you ASSUME I’m Republican. You think my behavior is similar to the lynchings in the south?…lmao…. My don’t you stretch and exaggerate your emotional outbursts. You should write fiction (but not until you learn to spell).
        Assume nothing about me little boy. You’ll likely be wrong and therefore wasting your time.
        I have every right to believe what I want, what I see and your silly babbling rants won’t change that. And I love how you berate my behavior as being like lynchings, then you wish it on me lol…Pot, may I introduce you to the Kettle? Moron.
        And as for it being only democrats I don’t like, you’d be wrong. 99% of politicians suck because they get into politics for money, fame and power instead of to serve their country. It’s practically a qualification to be totally dishonest, greedy and a lying sack of s#*t in order to run for office.
        No need to reply, I won’t be responding to your ridiculous mumblings. It’s a waste of my time after this.

        1. NannyB

          It should be obvious to everyone that as Trump says…we need to drain the swamp. Nobody owes him a thing and those Elitist in DC are shivering in their boots that Trump could be POTUS. With Gods will…he will be despite all the garbage and illegals voting ( did you see THAT article? )

        2. Jake319

          I am replying because you need to know that You wasted your time replying to me.
          How do you function with zero personality. It must be lonely in your grandmothers trailer only having your cats ato talk too.

      2. Ian Mackenzie

        are you just stupid or is your head so far up your rear end you cant see the woman/thing should be in a jail cell along with all of her cronies

        1. Jake319

          I’m stupid? Where is your evidence of all these wrong doings? You have none. You just repeat what some pundent tells you. I guess it makes you feel smart huh!
          If you say these things in public people are laughing behind your back. What a sap you must be in person.

      3. NannyB

        So you have not heard that Bill and Hill took about 7 young girls from Haiti…to their Pedophile Island? And they BOTH have flown on the Lolita together and alone. Did you see the tax report for the Clinton Foundation..about 6 percent of the money went to charity. The rest went to travel, vacations and the like i.e. the Clinton’s pockets. Oh yes, the foundation also paid for Chelsea’s wedding. Ah, lucky girl!! Hillary has lied repeatedly about this on the campaign trail. That odd little man with the very sad looking wife who was holding a copy of our Constitution has admited he got it when he arrived at the DNC Convention…and he has a law firm that brings in Muslim Brotherhood young men and the Clinton foundation pays him to do it. He removed his website immediately after walking off the stage BTW! Hey this crap goes on and on and evidently you have been asleep for quite a few years because you could have witnessed all this for yourself. If you want to live in a Hillary country…go to Russia. She is the one with the Russian links…already proven by our NSA. Wake up…get a job…do something but do not just flap your jaws because you know how to type. Trump for POTUS 2016

        1. Jake319

          No I missed those lies
          .I guess the voices in your head told you about that. Huh.
          Trump won’t be president long. The republican congress will impeach him so there bitch pence can be president. Fact is neither one of these sellouts wil be mine or the other 200 million Americans president.
          Tell me,,when you hear those voices in your head did you fall asleep near an AM radio or when you took to much meth?

          1. NannyB

            Hey snowflake…it’ over. Trump is POTUS. Maybe you should move to Canada…I bet they won’t take you. But you can find someplace I am sure.

          2. Jake319

            You never bet anything in your pathetic life.
            Iam staying here,we are going to give trump the same treatment you gave Obama.
            He won’t last two years. He has no experience in anything but bankruptcy .

        1. Jake319

          i see quite well. That you see nothing you feel even less. So your condition is much worse, because it’s akin to not having a personality. As trump says”sad”

      4. bigred1

        are you freaking blind??? jfc………even a blind person can see the criminality on clinton! and i’m not even a trump fan, but i am a fan of the law!!! and clinton has never followed the law, ever!!!

        1. Jake319

          Seriously? Why are her crime so much more important then any of the hundreds republican criminals?
          It’s because your deranged by the propaganda you consume on a daily basis. Turn off voices in your head How does a blind person see anyway? You must have got excited during your rant that you lost your focus. Very common among children with ADD. Sad

      5. JYuma

        Your Complete Lack of historical Knowledge is Amazing, truly Amazing.
        Nixon was NOT impeached, the Lynchings in the South were committed by Democrats.
        We soon will be free of your o’bozo, your Indonesian Citizen o’bozo., Barry.
        Any person that believes as you do is Truly the one that is Pycho.

        1. Jake319

          No Nixon was about to be impeached but we let the republican criminal walk. Seriously, your deranged. The southern bigots democrats of the 1870 to 1960’s are now republicans bigots. Yeah the last 10 years would also include GW bushes wars in middle east. $7 trillion in debt and a us military that was defeated by Muslims.
          The KKK. Gave money to demarcates? Your making things up. So my observation stands your a pycho. Trumps not my president never will be!

          1. JYuma

            If you can read. Look at and read some history.
            You ever wonder what could happen if you actually ever called a pyhco a phyco? I wood suggest that you don’t.
            Tends to upset them a bit.
            Your correct in one aspect howsoever. Trump is and never will be your President.
            Yours is about to walk out the White House door, for the Last time. It is by the way is Usually the Backdoor, as not to bother the Celebrations of their leaving.
            No, YOUR president will be out of office in about 70 days. By the End of the year , he will have No Legacy. His O’bozo Care will be gone, it FAILED. Most of his illegal Pres. edicts will be repealed, most of his regulations will be repealed.
            Al you, people like you will have for having him for a President will be History will record him as President from 2008 until 2016. With No LEGACY.
            You? You will still have your Illiterate MOUTH.
            As you have never done anything [living in Mommy’s basement] doesn’t count. you will have NO LEGACY either.

          2. Jake319

            Lol…I hope you didn’t intend your rant to be clever….lol. My legacy is to laugh in your face hillbilly.. You have no idea of history.
            Left wing movements through history of man have defeated right wing authority governmennts every time. The left is intelgent and have actual religious values unlike the white entitlement conservatives..
            Right wingers have worshiped demigods like bush and trump. Yet they have nothing to show for it. Suckers,,,what are you thinking?

      6. Rap Scallion

        Hey Jake…..it is Wed Morning and YOU LOST! Stop the liberal BS lines……get your head on straight and decide whether you want to live in the USA or N Korea!

        1. notanobamaliar

          It is a wonderful day isn’t it? I blocked that fool troll as he is having an emotional meltdown today with his liberal agenda vanishing in a puff of smoke as his candidate imploded last night. Anytime the citizens grab torches and pitchforks to throw the bums out, the political elite ruling class gets bent out of shape and huffy.

        2. Jake319

          I’m here slick. Im not going anywhere hillbilly….. What you going to do about that? Here’s a hint. Nothing is what your going to do sissy..lol

      7. katjan68

        No what you see is a myriad of investigations being shut down by blackmail. Hillary has been pulling crap for all of her adult life, starting with her involvement in the Nixon impeachment hearings. She was found to be inserting false papers into the hearings and discharged. Her own mentor said he would never hire her for anything, and that is what should have happened to her from the beginning. Just because she and Bubba (who was impeached) have never been charged doesn’t mean they didn’t deserve it!

        1. Jake319

          Omg! The conspricy. Your are just like all trump stooges. No proof, no experience of justice, just a bigot. Who is afraid to compete in the real world. Your sad as trump would say

          1. katjan68

            Try reading her own e-mails. Not to mention, how would you like to explain how a woman who has been in public service all her life has amassed over $500 million dollars, and that is a minor estimate.

          2. JYuma

            when you find out what happen to that $500 mil.
            Maybe you will find the $600 Bil. That disappeared from State when she was De Leader Der.

          3. katjan68

            Check out all her houses and investments and the 1.8 billion she just shifted to Qatar from the Clinton Foundation. If you don’t know what you are talking about don’t bother me with your silliness. There was also 600 million missing from the WH when she left, it is probably in the same place as the money from the state dept.

          4. JYuma

            Your kind of sweet aren’t you ? Get off your High Horse, Twit. I was adding more information to the Conversation.
            As your such an fount of information. What plane does she leave on next week when she runs from prosecution?
            Name the Flight.

          5. Jake319

            Lol… Your the silly one. Where did you get all that ? Did the voices in your head whisper them to you? Or maybe one of your stuffed animals confided in you. At any rate your diluted to about 83% crazy.
            No wonder you dont have any friends.

          6. Jake319

            Your paranoia can’t be explained either.
            Your both making up these conspiracies none of this exsists. Clinton released her tax returns for 26 years during the election the highest income was $2.7 million in 2004. Back your lies up or step on crazy people .

    1. Jake319

      Pat ryott is a bigot….in 24 years of crazy stories by the right wing corporate media….and you still can’t prove any of your paranoid ramplings about Clinton
      . You bigots are going to be crazy after the orange man is defeated by the Americans you hate so much…

  5. Mike

    This is really funny since Comey just announced today that he will NOT change his position, Clinton will NOT face an INDICTMENT. This is an absolute joke, never with so much information can someone get AWAY with crimes against AMERICA. If Comey himself had committed just 1/100th of what he is letting Clinton get away with would be in PRISON for at least 20 yrs. One thing is for certain, Clinton has interest in US secrets or who gets them as a matter of fact she will probably give them away for DONATIONS to the foundation. She is not just guilty of TREASON but also lying to CONGRESS, killing 4 people at Benghazi, selling weaponry to ISIS and Syrian rebels, obstruction of justice, fraud, corruption, accepting donations from Countries supporting terrorism and on and on. This is a joke and a clear indication of CORRUPTION in DC.

    1. Jake319

      What don’t you understand there is no there there……the left ran Nixon out of office in 7 months. You bigots have hammered your fairy tales for 24 years against this woman…..and still nothing. Simple you got nothing the FBI never could prove she lied or they indited her. That’s there job… Your a lynch mob. You don’t need any proof your ignorance is your truth.

      1. nicholsda

        No the left did not run Nixon out of office. The Republicans did it. But we know that the Dems condone murder. Just look at Drunk Ted as an example.

  6. bigred1

    well, i hope this is true, but i have also seen where there was an email sent, saying that they haven’t found anything on the new emails off of the “dicks” computer! who the hell is telling the truth??? lord knows, we need all the dirt to come out on hitlary, before tuesday!!!

  7. Robert F

    Comey’s comments yesterday did one positive thing. He saved his job with a Clinton Administration. Do the math on the 64,000 e-mails. If 200 FBI agents worked 8 10-hour days reviewing them, that works out to 40 e-mails per hour. Probably some short and others long messages. Need time to eat, go the the restroom, sleep and meetings to go over the info collected. Doesn’t compute to me.

  8. cathylovesyou

    If Hillary becomes President all hope is gone for America. I will be over run with illegals and undesirables hiding in Sanctuary cities. The FBI will lose all legs to a dishonest Attorney General, coupled with a very dishonest Democratic Party.

  9. David Stewart

    Laughable; in less than 24 hours, the Demoncrat Party found enough pressure to reverse the topic of this story! Poor Comey; can’t decide what threatens him most!

  10. katjan68

    Works for me! She should have been indicted a long long time ago, and not for just some little misdemeanor charge either.

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