FBI Investigates Muslim Terrorist Scheme On Election Day

Online chatter on known terrorist- linked websites relayed news of potential attacks in major cities on Election Day.

Attacks in Texas, New York, and Virginia were being planned on the websites.

Investigations are being carried out around many states, but are specifically centered in Northern Texas.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations reported the FBI began their investigations over the weekend to prepare for the potential attacks.

Breitbart News reports:

Alia Salem posted a PSA on her Facebook page saying, “Happy to see the first video about what to do if the FBI contacts you is going viral and raising awareness. The community is understandably nervous but I say to you this, DON’T BE! This is a great opportunity to understand your rights!”

The Islamic communities in those areas were reportedly very cooperative with the investigations.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations reported that around 70 phone calls were made, with approximately 14 personal visits by the FBI in North Texas alone.

The persons interviewed were mostly of Pakistani or Afghani origin.

Most were asked solely about their relationship to others in their home countries, as well as their recent travels.

Breitbart News reports:

Salem, the executive director for CAIR in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area added, “It’s important for us to cooperate with law enforcement for legitimate needs that make our community safer but while we do so and assert our rights to protect ourselves and family in the process. This is why we have these rights.”

Of some concern was the fact many individuals were considering not voting due to the potential threats.

GOPUSA reports:

“The unintended consequence of this is voter suppression,” Salem said.

With many concerned about their potential safety when deciding whether or not to vote, the Governor of Texas issued a statement encouraging people not to dwell on the threats, and to vote as planned.

GOPUSA reports:

On Friday, Gov. Greg Abbott released a statement saying his office is working with law enforcement and the Texas Department of Public Safety to monitor the potential terrorist threat. He said residents “should go about their daily lives as usual,” but should report suspicious activity.

Garland, Texas was one city specifically mentioned as a possible target.

In May of 2015, the city was the site of a terrorist attack by two Islamic extremists, who were eventually killed by a police officer when they charged out of their car with grenades and assault rifles.

What are your thoughts?  Were these potential threats enough to deter voting on Election Day?

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  • Jake319

    Psssh….more scare tactics by the right. The FBI investigated the 9/11 hijackers too and several other unstable Americans that shoot up movie theathers and schools. Conclusion is the FBI is incompetent government employees that are nothing more then a political spy agency.