FBI Leaks May Be Part Of An Even Bigger Conspiracy

The FBI’s reputation has taken a major hit this past year.

Not one, but two major FBI leaders have been fired over accusations of misconduct—but the conspiracy may not stop there.

There have also been a slew of leaks from the Bureau this year, and now a larger conspiracy is starting to take shape.

A bombshell Inspector General report that was just released revealed that several FBI agents actually received gifts from reporters, which could land the Bureau in the middle of another investigation.

Critics point out that journalists bribing sources for information is a massive scandal and the identities of the guilty parties should be made public.

They also argue that a broad investigation is necessary because FBI agents accepting these perks may be in violation of federal gift-giving rules.

The gifts in question included anything from tickets to sporting events, elaborate outings, drinks and meals, and special treatment.

The Inspector General’s report reads:

We will separately report on those investigations as they are concluded, consistent with the Inspector General Act, other applicable federal statutes, and OIG policy.”

There are special rules for giving gifts to government officials that must be followed – particularly those in the executive branch.

These rules must be followed exactly – and failure to do so is not an option.

The U.S. Office of Government Ethics cites:

Executive branch employees may not solicit or accept gifts that are given because of their official positions or that come from certain interested sources (‘prohibited sources’).

Those prohibited sources are defined as people who are either interested in getting special treatment or special favors in return for gifts — gifts that could be considered a form of bribery.

The government officials involved certainly fall under these regulations, but it is unknown whether or not the reporters involved will be held accountable as well.

Violations of both the gift-giving regulations and anti-corruption laws may result in convictions related to fraud for these agents.

Criminal charges aside, the fact that media correspondents provided these unauthorized exchanges of gifts means they too should be held accountable.

Former FBI Director James Comey was eventually held accountable by President Trump after he led a disaster of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email misconducts but was not held accountable for far too many issues in the Bureau before that under Obama.

Similarly, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was caught lying to federal officials and during testimonies on several occasions—destroying not only his credibility but the credibility of the agency as well.

While President Trump has been cracking down on misconduct found in any Executive Branch agencies, it seems the FBI has been one of the most mismanaged and troublesome to regulate.

These newfound breaches in protocol are seemingly just the tip of the iceberg, and clearly, a more strict regulation is in order—and new leadership for the Bureau.

What do you think of the possible breach of federal gift-giving regulations in relation to leaked information on the part of the FBI?  Leave us your thoughts in the comments.






27 thoughts on “FBI Leaks May Be Part Of An Even Bigger Conspiracy

  1. EnochWas

    Without a doubt all this nonsense cannot be tolerated. Those guilty should receive severe penalties and prison time. This is our TOP LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY and those responsible should be held to the HIGHEST level of ACCOUNTABILITY.

    1. autrypma

      Double Absolutely…This must be stopped. It has gone on for years. We need accountability, honesty, integrity. If not there, get out. Go to Kenya, or Australia…We need new leadership in the FBI, Justice System, get rid of Rosenstein, Sessions is a huge disappointment, afraid of his own shadow.
      Rosenstein was the Clinton’s attorney for years…enough said. There are a few more really GOOD men out there, and we should be recommending them…Clean House, and the Swamp. There are many crooks in our legislature…Don’t know how to rid them, except DO NOT VOTE THEM BACK IN. Mitch McConnell has been in long enough…President Trump is doing an incredible job, in spite of the FAKE NEWS, DISHONEST PRESS, CRAZY LIBERALS in Hollywood (who ever listens to them anyway) I hope not even 12 year olds…

  2. Ron

    “IG Horowitz says no political bias…” Nothing to see here, people. Move along now. I think we got Comey’d again!

  3. bluidevil

    Maybe the practice of hiring graduates from extreme leftist, universities must cease.

    Are we hiring the good Patriotic Americans or military veterans from earlier years ?
    Wonder how many resumes are received from pro-communist, social justice warriors and malcontent leftist that really want to harm the nation ?

    Get serious on who is allowed to work at this very select group of our most trusted
    men and women.

  4. Ginger

    It’s just shocking to me how corrupt the FBI became under the Obama Administration. Taking bribes from reporters to leak sensitive information, some possibly classified. Corrupting investigations for political purposes to try to affect the outcome of an election. Wow. In other countries I think this would warrant very severe penalties, even considered traitorous. It’s time someone be held accountable. We can’t have a set of laws for the general public, and no laws for the elites.

  5. Allen Lord

    “Accepting Gifts” when there is a quid pro quo, is de facto, and de jure, bribery. Both the recipient and the offering party are guilty of crimes. Justice requires these reporters and FBI agents to be charged appropriately.

  6. CCblogging

    The IG report does expose corruption and election interference but then the IG said there was no bias. What? We got the same treatment from James Comey with his exoneration of Hillary.

  7. Gabby Johnson

    Until people are frog marched into prison, I will not allow myself to become even partially placated.

    Trump has my support. For now.

  8. ter334

    The IG whitewash is front page news in DC. What are they so determined to cover up? Perhaps it is that Obama is not a valid president because he was not born in he US? Would that destroy the United States? No, all laws probably get broken? Would it destroy the democrat/RINO political party? Who knows but they seem to still be operating as outlaws with cover ups, white washing with PC reports by the investigators of the investigators. And sealed records! This does not instill confidence in the fed govt. and the FBI, fed bureau of intent. I suppose it is reasonable to say every democrat and RINO that works for the govt is suspect of participating in all this. Many of course did so just to save their jobs. The new FBI director seems seems to be willing to fall on his sword for those who need to be taken to court to find out if they are guilty of some crime. Perhaps the server was the only crime but now many more have become outlaws and are obstructing justice? This whole stinking mess is like denial of a number of people acting like parents in denial that their son/daughter is a criminal. Is Obama a favorite son of the democrat party? Are they willing to throw the rule of law under the bus, destroy confidence in the govt to save someone’s skin? Unless they clean this mess up through appropriate legal action instead of whitewashing they all will forever be as outlaws! And they have been on Trump with such vengeance they have essentially exonerated him as they try to push the blame on blaming him for what they may have done.. In all honesty this PC political scheme to blame Trump as a way to wiggle out of their own bad doings seems so much like Obama and the democrat/RINO party . Why doesn’t someone throw themselves on the mercy of American citizens and the rule of law and turn states evidence It will clear the air and I doubt the outcome will result in any beheaded. After all this isn’t Islam despite some high lever people wanting it to be an islamic state. ..

    1. ter334

      Why doesn’t the IG investigate Mule-er’s operation? Are they actually an unbiased group looking or justice, or just a different phase of whatever they are trying to hide in obfuscation, weasel words, and having a SC operate like a open ended grand jury dedicated “to get” Trump no matter how or what it takes. There is little doubt in my mind that Obama would throw the nation, the legal system under the bus to save his skin? As the progressive party’s boss he, like others in the past rule the party with an iron fist? By controlling the flow of campaign funds to screened hacks. No diversity of opinion allowed in the party of blame! The boss of the democrat/RINO party is pretty much like a Stalin, Saddam , etc .. Maybe even an ayatollah or two?

      1. ter334

        Where will this all end? Will Obama end up being the one that exposed the communist/socialist attitude of the democrat/RINO party by thinking he is more important than the office of the president? Now is the time for all good Americans, regardless of their race, or party affiliation, to come to the aid of their country, not the aid of their party or race!

  9. jjw

    What a dissappointment the FBI and DOJ have become. Obama and the Dems have done an outstanding job at weaponizing these federal agencies against the people of the US. There needs to be a clean sweep of both agencies of all the un-American, un-patriotic, law-breaking, treasonous pieces of crap that have infected these once noble institutions.

  10. Babsan

    FBI SWAMP Slugs are doing what the Muslim FRAUD directed them to do.Destroy America which was called Fundamentally change America so the STUPID voters could swallow it

  11. johnnywoods

    None of this surprises me since the entire Obummer Administration was corrupt as hell. I have read that the average US Government employee receives $100,000 in pay and benefits which is twice what Americans who hold real jobs earn. Therefore no government “puke” should be allowed to receive any gifts from anyone for information about any government operation, especially the FBI and DOJ. Investigate all of those bottom feeders and prosecute any who traded info for gifts of any kind.

  12. dprato

    This statement may not be directly related to this particular
    commentary but it is important for all Trump supporters to consider.

    If most reasonable thinking people would think
    about their observations of the Left, Liberals and Democrats over the
    last two years they would see a group of people among them that are
    totally unhinged, irrational, hypocritical, liars, cheats, and their
    credibility is zero. We have been subjected to violent behavior,
    attacks on the Constitution, Religion, and the laws of the land. When
    people protect individuals who come here illegally and commit heinous
    crimes against other non citizens and citizens you have to know there is
    something wrong with the way they think. How can any American Citizen
    be against employing American Citizens, enforcing the laws of the land,
    and giving priority to American Citizens rather than Illegal’s, who we
    spend 135 billion dollars a year to support, as well as the tax break
    that has enabled business to flourish?

    Everyone needs to think seriously about the
    direction you want this Country to take prior to voting in the 2018
    elections. In 2016 despite all the projections we elected a President
    who has not only kept many of his promises against a stream of constant
    harassment but has actually turned things around in this Country for the

    It is essential that we give President Trump a
    significant majority in the House and the Senate with people who will
    support him not continually try to undermine him. If you are pleased
    with the direction of the Country and tired of the continual assaults on
    our traditional values by the Left, Liberals and Democrats then it is
    essential that We The People get out and cast our votes for folks who
    will advance the Trump agenda. We will have only ourselves to blame if
    we fail to do this by thinking others will carry the day for us. Vote
    Republican for a better Country and allow the President to do the job he
    wants to do for us, the American People.

    If you agree with my position here feel free to pass this on..

  13. Kenneth Bailey

    They should arrest the people that offer the gifts and prosecute them to the full extent of the law. Makes one wonder how many crooks have escape justice by paying these FBI agents for information. I’ll never trust the FBI again.

  14. Retired Marine

    A hitlery win would have assured another revolution, and a damn bloody one.
    Take heed any of you communist bastards in this country, citizen or not, a takeover will NOT be EASY or BLOODLESS. I guarantee you will not survive the attempt.
    You should thank your lucky stars that President Trump won.

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