The FBI Let This Terrorist Slip Though Their Grasp

Last year, a Democratic scandal rocked the House of Representatives.

In early 2017, several IT staffers were accused of hacking and selling private government information.

While some were convicted, the FBI let others slip through their grasp.

In March 2017, FBI agents detained Hina Alvi, wife of convicted hacker Imran Awan, but allowed her to go free after a few hours.

Though Hina refuses to let anyone speak to her or speak in return, she was caught carrying an illegal amount of cash.

The FBI claimed her paperwork said she would return to the US once she had boarded her plane—and let her go.

The Daily Caller reported:

For nearly a year since, the case has lingered despite the House Office of Inspector General (OIG) determining that the family of Pakistanis made “unauthorized access” to Congress’s data shortly before the election.

Following revelations about the FBI’s actions in the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server and Department of Justice officials’ handling of the Trump dossier, attention has turned to the agencies’ apparently lax attitude toward the congressional cyber breach case as perhaps the most jarring failure to enforce laws in cases that overlap politics.

The OIG alleged Imran Awan and his family members logged into servers of congressmen for whom they did not work, logged in using members’ personal usernames, covered their tracks, and continued to access data after they’d been fired.

Though the findings place the case squarely into the category of political cyber-crimes that have otherwise been high-profile priorities, the lead FBI agent assigned to the Awan case was a first-year agent, and not from one of the FBI’s big-guns divisions. The charges brought by prosecutors are so minor that Awan’s own lawyer speculated they could be a “placeholder” for future charges.

Server logs of government computers backed up the OIG’s findings. Yet six months after the initial charges, no additional counts have been brought, raising the question of whether the DOJ is seriously investigating the potential national security breach.

Under former Director James Comey, the integrity of the FBI decreased greatly.

Several members of the Federal Bureau have been accused of being biased against President Trump and allowing it to affect their decision.

In this case, it seems their decision was made “in good faith” that Hani would return to the United States—despite her husband’s conviction.

Their official report reads:

On March 5, 2017, your Affiant, along with agents from the FBI and U.S. Capitol Police, approached Alvi at Dulles International Airport, in Dulles, Virginia. Alvi was about to board Qatar Airlines, Flight 708, to Doha, Qatar, on her way to Lahore, Pakistan. Alvi was with her three children, who your Affiant later learned were abruptly taken out of school without notifying the Fairfax County Public School System.

Alvi had numerous pieces of luggage with her, including cardboard boxes. A secondary search of those items revealed that the boxes contained household goods, clothing, and food items. US Customs and Border Protection conducted a search of Alvi’s bags immediately prior to boarding the plane and located a total of $12,400 in US cash inside. Alvi was permitted to board the flight to Qatar and she and her daughters have not returned to the United States. Alvi has a return flight booked for a date in September 2017.

Do you believe the FBI can be trusted anymore?

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2 thoughts on “The FBI Let This Terrorist Slip Though Their Grasp

  1. Dawn Street

    Nope, I don’t trust the FBI not after Obama, Comey,Clinton, McCabe and McAuliffe, and this case with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz weighing in. So I don’t trust any DemonRats either.

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