FBI Makes A Stand In Clinton Case

The FBI recently made a stand against Clinton as the Bureau publicly released documentation and information pertaining to her recently re-opened investigation.

The investigation of the Clinton Foundation was focused around a pay-to-play scheme which involved both Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill, as well as the Foundation itself.

Dictionary.com reports:

(Pay to play) is a practice in which a politician encourages monetary contributions in exchange for benefits for an individual or company. Paying to play may involve outright bribery, but it usually refers to more subtle payments. For example, an insurance company may make large contributions to a politician re-election war chest and the politician may then be inclined to vote in the insurance company’s interest.

The investigation centered on a Presidential pardon issued by Bill Clinton in 2001 when he was still President of the United States.

The FBI released the documents on Tuesday, and although they were heavily redacted, they did contain some insight into Bill Clinton’s last minute pardon of Marc Rich, a billionaire who was on the run in the United States for tax evasion.

Yahoo News reports:

The 129 pages of heavily censored material were published Monday on the FBI’s Freedom of Information Act webpage and noted by one of the bureau’s Twitter accounts Tuesday. Earlier in October, the FBI unit published historical files as far back as 1966 about Donald Trump’s father, Fred Trump.


An FBI official said the documents had been requested under the federal records law,

The pardon was the last controversy noted in the already incredibly scandal-ridden Clinton family.

Not surprisingly, the ex-wife of the excused, Denise Rich, donated over $1 million to various Clinton and Democratic entities, including the Democratic National Committee, Hillary Clinton’s personal campaign, and the Clinton Foundation.

Though the release of the documentation provides little insight into matters of the investigation not already released, it is important to note that the FBI allegedly dumped the documents in order to make a stand against Clinton and her political hold.

It serves to remind voters about the corrupt force which will be in power if elected next week.

It also reminds voters the Clinton Foundation was investigated on heavy pay-to-play charges and that a Clinton White House would not be a safe option for our country after this kind of scandal and corruption has occurred.

Finally, this serves to remind the Clinton family that not all are immune from the law.

Reportedly, the Clinton campaign questioned why the documents were released so close to Election Day.

The Clinton Foundation is still being investigated by the FBI in numerous FBI field offices across the nation.

The Foundation has been accused of many more accounts of pay-to-play schemes, bribery, fraud, and more.

Do you think the FBI did the right thing in releasing the documentation so close to Election Day?

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