Federal Employees Should Stay Home When It’s Hot

Federal employees have been told they can now just stay home when it’s too hot outside.

Obama’s Office of Personnel Management has decided that hot summer days pose a danger to the health and well-being of government bureaucrats and their families.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The Obama administration’s Office of Personnel Management is encouraging federal workers to work from home if it’s too hot to go to the office.


OPM Acting Director, Beth Cobert, released a memo late last week warning that the severe heat and humidity seen so far this summer makes it “necessary for us all to take precautions and protect ourselves and our family’s health and well-being.”


OPM, which serves as the government’s HR department, said it was reminding agencies about “what they can do to protect all federal workers during potentially dangerous heat waves.” One of those actions is to let workers stay home.

Government employees must either get permission from their supervisor to telework, utilize approved flexible work hour policies, or ask for annual leave, earned compensatory time or credit hours in order to stay home on hot days.

The OPM also advises federal workers to use common sense measures to survive these heat waves — including drinking lots of water, staying indoors as much as possible, and wearing light-colored clothing.

Since government offices are air conditioned, as well as most vehicles, it seems that OPM Director Cobert is primarily worried about the walk from one’s car to the front door.

It’s long been acceptable for a commuter to remain at home when the roads are compromised by snow or ice. Even severe rain storms or winds can justify delaying or canceling driving.

But never before has heat been given as a safety reason to stay off the roads.

The OPM doesn’t provide any explanation as to why heat and humidity make driving dangerous — other than describing it as an air quality issue.

It’s possible this new policy is yet another attempt by the Obama administration to push the myth of Global Warming — pretending the heat in Maryland and Virginia has suddenly reached lethal levels.

Director Cobert closes her memo by assuring herself and anyone reading that the new policy will not be abused by federal employees because “all federal employees are dedicated and committed” to their jobs.

This opinion conflicts with the notorious reputation of federal bureaucrats towards inefficiency and waste.

No clear guideline is given as to what temperature is “too hot” to brave when driving into the office.

This leaves the door wide open to bureaucratic interpretation, which will undoubtedly lend itself towards misuse and abuse.

No further explanation was given as to how this new heat policy will protect the health and well-being of employee’s families.